We have all the time in the world ...
Just not right now.

  1. Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side
  2. Fresno - Uma Musica
  3. Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
  4. LCD Soundsystem - New York I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
  5. Caeteno Veloso, Gilberto Gil - Back in Bahia
  6. Above & Beyond & Justine Suissa ‘Naked’ [Above & Beyond Club Mix]
  7. Magnetic Fields - Three-Way
  8. Los Hermanos - Último Romance
  9. Magnetic Fields - Nun's Litany
  10. Ernest Ranglin - Undecided
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Travels with Friends

It was there - and back again.

Things haven't really let up yet.

  1. River - Ibeyi
  2. Goda tungl - Samaris
  3. Jelita (Feat. Liyana Fizi) - Kyoto Protocol
  4. Flipside - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
  5. Summer - Raf Riley, Etta Bond, Avelino
  6. Rivers in Your Mouth - Ben Howard
  7. Singapore - Tom Waits
  8. Pace Myself - Wen
  9. To the East - Electrelane
  10. Gooey (Gilligan Moss Remix) - Glass Animals
  11. Ghetto Organ - Jackie Mittoo
  12. Camilla - Swaai Boys
  13. Bird Calls #2 - Rudresh Mahanthappa
  14. Fanfare - Magic City Hippies
  15. Funky So-and-So - Sugarman Three & Co.
  16. Source - Fever the Ghost
  17. Ghostwriter - RJd2
  18. Two Brothers - Hanni El Khatib
  19. Superstylin' - Groove Armada
  20. Montreal - Roosevelt
  21. Ominous Cloud - Broadcast
  22. Ice Cream and Bonus Miles - DJ Phono, Solomun
  23. Zombie - Fela Kuti
  24. Corporate Butcher (Solomun Remix) - Tiefschwarz, Mama
  25. Sonsick - San Fermin
  26. Spicy Ice Cream - Way Yes
  27. Bullet - Kill J
  28. Purple Noise - Boris Brejcha
  29. Hourglass - Rodrigo Amarante
  30. Vhf - Uncle Skeleton
  31. The Bird - Kathryn Joseph
  32. Long Way Down - Hidden Charms
  33. Moonwalk Away - Goldfish
  34. Trouble is Real - Huckleberry
  35. Really Love - Body Language
  36. Just Can't Win - Lee Fields & The Expressions
  37. You - Gidge

Image: From Tod

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aways we go!

  1. At the Bottom of Everything - Bright Eyes
  2. Bad Boy Good Man - Tape Five
  3. Light Bright Love Letters - Dfalt
  4. Gray Eyed Bird - Slow Machete
  5. Ring My Bell - Anita Ward
  6. Smile Big, Child - The Silver State
  7. Breadwinner - Bea
  8. Have Some Fun - Speak + Spell, Tosca
  9. Madison - Ricky Eat Acid
  10. Grown Up Blues - Charilift
  11. Avila - The Dylan Group
  12. Timothy - Tennis
  13. Paradise Girls - Deerhoof
  14. Disco Compilation - Serafine Steer
  15. Not the Only One - 16 Bit Lolitas
  16. Lean On (feat. M0 & DJ Snake) - Major Lazer
  17. Stay In - tomemitsu
  18. Violet - The Coup
  19. Bad Situations - Tanlines
  20. Orange Afternoon - Chappo
  21. Forgiveness - MADE IN HEIGHTS
  22. E2mtro - Gift of Gab
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... any second now

packing and unpacking and packing and unpacking, supreme court decisions, conferences in St. Louis and tornado warning alarms, indescribable dinners at Tibetan cafes that still exist, moving Kate to PGH from BKLYN, packing and unpacking and packing and unpacking...

  1. The Day the Listeners Came - DJ Frane
  2. Top of the World - Legs
  3. Cat Food  - Aesop Rock
  4. Dance Hall Music - The Murder City Devils
  5. Double Flute - Monster Rally & RUMTUM
  6. Tangerine Girl - Asther Roth
  7. Tongues - Joywave, KOPPS
  8. Up on the Sun - Meat Puppets
  9. Next Levels - King Geedorah
  10. Oasis (The Legend of Nathaniel Thorne) - Golden Dawn Arkestra
  11. Un Dia - Juana Molina
  12. Gypsy Song - Kera & The Lesbians
  13. Police Brutality (Scene) - Mr. Lif
  14. Gun Fight - Mr. Lif, Metro
  15. Open Eye Signal - Jon Hopkins
  16. Paper Knife - Yppah
  17. Quantum Leap - John Maus
  18. Broke and Hungry - Hop Wilson
  19. Die a Happy Man - Tuka
  20. Nervous Tension - Lemon Jelly
  21. See My Boat (Clas Tuuth Remix)  - Rozi Plain
  22. Like and Animal - Cymbals
  23. La Noche Que Murio Chicago - Banda Macho
  24. Hegira Emigre - Of Montreal
  25. Coat of Shellac - Ava Luna
  26. Mystery - Boxed In
  27. Motion Sickness - Hot Chip
  28. Ginger - Mr. Twin Sister
  29. The Rosetta Barrage - Shark Quest
  30. Gangsta - tUnE-yArDs
  31. Meadow Neck - Helvetia
  32. Black Hills - Gardens & Villa
  33. Flight - Hidden Orchestra



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For The Scientist

This comes from k8face - who, lovingly, listened to me complain for nigh on umpteen weeks about my job and still felt it was a good thing I was doing. Also, that I am an idealist.
Which is, I agree, about the end goal, and not the process. 

(Even more notably, this is the month of the move...)

  1. What's He Building In There - Tom Waits
  2. Revenge of a Nerd - Metaform
  3. Can't Kill Us - The Glitch Mob
  4. Jupiter Shift - The Crystal Method
  5. Dark Doo Wop - MS MR
  6. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skirllex
  7. Major Tom (Vollig Lesgelost) - Peter Schilling
  8. Staring at the Sun - The Offspring
  9. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
  10. Got it - Marian Hill
  11. Outta Here - Lettuce, Neal Evans, Fred Wesley
  12. Life On Mars - Seu Jorge
  13. Film Burn - Yppah, Anomie Belle
  14. Medusa - GEMS
  15. Hunger of the Pine - alt-J
  16. Gretchen Ross - Michael Andrews
  17. The Stranger - Lord Huron
  18. Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon
  19. Let Me In - Grouplove
  20. Your Hand in Mine - Explosions in the Sky
  21. Space Oddity (2009 Remastered Version) - David Bowie

image from: Nature in my blood



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Trains To Boston

Into every life...

I was once trying describe the reasons that a person, in an abject state, may use to hold on to life. By which I mean those little things that become important in the dark of night, that compel in the moment of pain, that consume and focus the mind away from despair.

There are some that are obvious, to surmount pain you make an itemized list, the next entry, the one after that. You focus on the immediate struggle not the impossible goal. When I started to describe tasking one's self to survive the winter by focusing on seeing one last spring I started to cry.

  1. Hard Believer - Fink
  2. The Depths - Frankie Rose
  3. Before the Words - My Brightest Diamond
  4. Daughters - Wild Beasts
  5. Way with Silence - Vogue Dots
  6. The Windfall (Maddlisnky Remix) - Hidden Orchestra
  7. Prayer in C - Lilly Wood and the Prick
  8. Beatcity - Still Corners
  9. Love is to Die - Warpaint
  10. Love on Division - Alagoas
  11. All of Us - Painted Palms
  12. Simple Creatures - Botany
  13. Ain't Me - Armand Margjeka
  14. Perpetually - Daedelus
  15. Magic Step - Sam Prekop
  16. Cut the Reins - Tommy Guerrero
  17. High Road - Cults
  18. Wait for the Summer - Yessayer
  19. Where is all the Money Going - Cody Chesnutt
  20. Sleep in the Park - Solange
  21. Coming Home - Leon Bridges
  22. Bye Bye - Destroyer
  23. Friends - Solomun
  24. Dance of the Diaper Fairy - Per Störby Jutbring

image: Not Ditmas Park, But Real Close

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Ghost Limbs

"... like a little paper boat in the wind..."

  1. Mahk Jchi (Heartbeat Drum Song) - Robbie Robertson & Red Road Ensemble
  2. Mermaid's Wedding Dance - Mo Coulson, Chris Conway
  3. Just Like Heaven - The Watson Twins
  4. Me caí - Pacifika
  5. Ain't No Sunshine - The Watson Twins
  6. Give It Up - Lee Dorsey
  7. Helix - Justice
  8. Deeper into You - Johnny Hazzard
  9. Karagyraa (v) - Hunn-huur-Tu
  10. The Forgotten People - Thievery Corporation
  11. Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee - Indigo Girls
  12. Bones - Little Big Town
  13. Ain't No Grave - Crooked Still
  14. Lullaby - Dixie Chicks
  15. The Golden State - John Doe
  16. Two - Ryan Adams
  17. Hold On - Tom Waits
  18. The Bookhouse Boys (Instrumental) - Twin Peaks Soundtrack
  19. Peyote Healing - Robbie Robertson, Verdell Primeaux, Johnny Mike
  20. Shake and Fingerpop - Junior Walker
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I lost a few months there.

So it goes.


  1. Little Man - Little Dragon
  2. Q.U.E.E.N (feat. Erykah Badu) - Janelle Monáe
  3. Bizarre - Perera Elsewhere
  4. Cuidad Del Swing - Flowering Inferno
  5. Pressure - My Brightest Diamond
  6. Swagger - Beats Antique
  7. Never Catch Me - (feat. Kendrick Lamar) - Flying Lotus
  8. The Code - Devin Townsend, Ché Aimee Dorval
  9. Notes - Christian Löffler
  10. Red Eyes - The War on Drugs
  11. I Like the Things About Me - Mavis Staples
  12. No One is Lost - Stars
  13. Shepards Pie - The Underbelly
  14. Got Love - Thundamentals, Solo
  15. Make a Sentence - Rachel Dadd
  16. Perfect Stranger - Grace Weber
  17. Midnight on the Run - BoomBox
  18. Fight the Power - Public Enemy
  19. No Restricted Signs - The Golden Gate Quartet
  20. Pompeii - Bastille
  21. Make it Up - The Blow
  22. Bury Our Friends - Sleater-Kinney
  23. Without a Clue - The 1978ers (yU & Slimkat
  24. Saint of Impossible Causes - Joseph Arthur
  25. Walk Us UPTOWN - Elvis Costello and the
  26. The Old Gold Shoe - Lambchop
  27. Working Too Hard - The Nerves
  28. Waiting - Alice Boman
  29. My God Called Me This Morning - The Fairfield Four
  30. Tell it to the Volcano - Miniature Tigers
  31. Make Me Lovely - Laura Mvula
  32. The Sea Is Rising - Bliss n Eso
  33. I Do Believe My Time Is Coming - Bo Molasses
  34. Linctus - Aim
  35. Talking Union - Pete Seeger
  36. Own Appeal - Oddisee
  37. BTSTU (Edit) - Jai Paul
  38. Drown - Marika Hackman


Image from: P111Press

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"But data we shall have of round worlds and spindle-shaped world, and world shaped like a wheel; worldes like titanic pruning hooks; worlds linked together by streaming filaments; solitary worlds, and worlds in hordes: tremendous worlds and tiny worlds: some of them made of material like the material of this earth; and worlds that are geometric super-constructions made of iron and steel - "
- Charles Fort, The Book of the Damned.

  1. Incubus - Recoil
  2. Prey - Recoil
  3. The Tennessee Toad - Leo Kottke
  4. Ya Shoulda Killed Me Last Year - Ice T
  5. Hard Time Killin' Floor - Stefan Grossman
  6. Getting Older Every Day - Big Bill Broonzy
  7. 1970's Dictator Chic - Jacknife Lee
  8. Spuzzle Bucket - Opiuo
  9. You Haven't Done Nothin' - Stevie Wonder
  10. Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
  11. N.Y. State of Mind (Commentary) - Nas
  12. N.Y. State of Mind - Nas
  13. Wake Up - Missy Elliot
  14. Glory - Various Artists (OST - Selma)
  15. The Drift - Blackmill
  16. An Ending (Ascent) - Brian Eno
  17. Haunted - Lowkey, Mai Khalil
  18. Hell Hound on my Trail - Robert Johnson
  19. Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground - Blind Willie Johnson


Image From: Edited Cover Image from The Complete Works of Charles Fort

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Our Socks

This month has been two weeks of massive overtime with Rumi putting together the pieces of a paper, followed by a visit home. The next two weeks have seen heartbreak in the hospital and in the family home.

Things are looking up though - wheels keep turning. At least we are aware of all the predatory credit cards now!


  1. Our socks forever more - This Is The Kit
  2. Jibal Alnuba - Debruit, Alsarah
  3. Make You Feel That Way - Blackalicious
  4. Cowboys and Gangsters - Scott M Mutant Disco Edit - Gichy Dan's Beachwood #9
  5. Ocean Death - Baths
  6. Kuar - Henrik Schwarz Remix - Emmanuel Jal, Henrik Scharz
  7. Big Parade - The Lumineers
  8. Calm It Down - Sisyphus
  9. Jesus Rhapsody, Pt 1 - Preacher & The Saints
  10. Goat Shepherd - Mirah
  11. Outta My System - My Morning Jacket
  12. Can't Stop Playing - Oliver Heldens & Gregor Salto Remix Edit
  13. Lolo (feat. Fatoumata Diawara & M.anifest) - Rocket Juice & The Moon, M.anifest
  14. Rainbow Tree - The Lemon Pipers
  15. Thor's Stone - Forest Swords
  16. Silver Timothy - Damien Jurado
  17. State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.) - Robot Toast Remix - Jim James
  18. Sad Days Lonely Nights - Junior Kimbrough
  19. Too Insistent - Trentmøller Remix - The Dø
  20. Rill Rill - Sleigh Bells
  21. Fire - Lizzy Mercier Descloux
  22. Don't Stop Me Now - 2011 Remaster - Queen
  23. Bike Rider - Mungo's Hi Fi, Pupajim
  24. Heavy Seas Of Love - Damon Albarn
  25. You - Gold Panda
  26. New York Story - Lee Douglas
  27. Daylight - Aesop Rock
  28. It's Only Time - The Magnetic Fields
  29. Cirrus - Bonobo


image from: Bobbins

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I'll See You In the Morning

"I'll see you in the morning" is a lot more sinister if you don't know who is saying it or never wanted to hear from them again. 

In this mix k8face explores themes about control, power, and sexuality with more than a coincedental scattering of religious themes.

  1. I'm Afraid of Americans (NIN V1 Mix) - David Bowie
  2. Paranoiattack - The Feint
  3. Just Like You Imagined - Nine Inch Nails
  4. John the Revelator - Depeche Mode
  5. Jezebel - Recoil
  6. POWER - Kanye West
  7. Control Freak - Recoil
  8. Heartbeats - The Knife
  9. They Want Us To Make A Symphony Out Of The Sound Of Women Swallowing Their Own Tongues - Le Tigre
  10. Borderline - Tove Styrke
  11. Get Off the Internet - Le Tigre
  12. They Don't Care About Us (Remastered Version) - Michael Jackson
  13. TKO - Le Tigre
  14. Guerrilla Radio - Rage Against the Machine
  15. Summertime - Angelique Kidjo
  16. M'Baamba (Kenyan Song) - Angelique Kidjo
  17. Maid on the Shore - The Once
  18. Bottom - Zap Mama
  19. Genesis - Justice


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Make the Road By Walking

A mess of a month - things have not only been tough to stay on top off work wise but additional catastrophes have struck close to home with medical conditions and relatives with bad relations. The entirety feels ominously close to falling into despair.

Luckily, I got some help - and I got to help.

Here's to the next year.

  1. Mr. Nichols - Cold Cut, Saul Williams
  2. NEW DORP. NEW YORK - Sbtrkt, Ezra Koenig
  3. Wolf - First Aid Kit
  4. Snatch It Back and Hold It - Junior Well's Chicago Blues Band
  5. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance
  6. Strasbourg / St. Denis - Roy Hargrove
  7. Our Generation (Hope of the World) - John Legend, The Roots, C.L. Smooth
  8. Cloud Dancer - Solomon, Ole Soul
  9. September - Earth, Wind, and Fire
  10. High School Lover - Cayucas
  11. Freight Train - Elizabeth Cotten
  12. Jazz - Mick Jenkins
  13. American Daydream - Electric Guest
  14. Take it Easy my Brother Charles - Jorge Ben Jor
  15. Hard to Say - Jaymay
  16. This Place the Place - Jason Treuting, Grey McMurray
  17. Work Work - clipping, Cocc Pistol Cree
  18. All About that Bass - Meghan Trainor
  19. Crowded City - The Messengers
  20. Cups - Lulu & The Lampshades
  21. Hunga Bulgar - The Destroyers
  22. Witness (1 Hope) - Roots Manuva
  23. Too Insistent (Trentemoller remix) - The Do
  24. Suspended Animation - The Millenium
  25. Attaboy - Edgar Meyer, Stuart Duncan, Chris Thile
  26. Some Kinda Love - The Velvet Underground
  27. My Favorite Mutiny - The Coup
  28. Everything In Between - Human Element
  29. Make the Road By Walking - Menahan Street Band
  30. Eyes - Rogue Wave
  31. Bella Ciao - Chumbawamba


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Passing Through

A short submission from K8face - this month has marked all kinds of hectic things; a small poster presentation at the RRM conference, progress on several papers, my birthday (which featured some hilarious accidents involving duck pins) and a very lovely half-anniversary. It has also featured some serious overtime hours with a four letter friend and some very bad times for some folks I love. So it goes - let's hope it gets better.

  1. Soul Walk - Emily Braden
  2. Mirrors - Justin Timberlake
  3. Origin of Love - from Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  4. To Be Alone With You - Sufjan Stevens
  5. Everlasting Light - The Black Keys
  6. We Only Come Out at Night - The Smashing Pumpkins
  7. Come on up to the House - Tom Waits
  8. Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler

Image from Brandon Graham's Royal Boiler


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Easin' In

Schools in, again.

The downside of perpetual education is the repeatition of that sentiment. It seems like each year the semester starts a bit harder, a bit more madness, a bit more severity. A dance that features the elbows up style of a mosh-pit to juxtapose the circuitous spaciousness given to fire poi at a massive.

And since that is my only complaint then I am a lucky man.


  1. Vibezz - Heloise & The Savior Faire
  2. Easin'In - Edwin Starr
  3. Consumers - Terry Lynn
  4. Atomic Bomb - William Onyeabor
  5. I Love The Sound of Breaking Glass
  6. Pay the Price - Deltron 3030
  7. The Heat - Jungle
  8. Broken Bones - Greta Svabo Bach
  9. Son of a Bitch - Highasakite
  10. O Mexico - Dosh, Andrew Bird, Erik Applewick
  11. Tailor - Julie Doiron
  12. Suku Suku Bam Bam - King Sunny Ade
  13. Forerunner Foray - Shabazz Palaces
  14. Eccentric Ditch - Ruins
  15. Are Animals - Au
  16. I Saw the Light From Heaven - Delaney Davidson
  17. Inquiring Minds - Hamell on Trial
  18. License to Drive - Work Drugs
  19. Left Hand Free - alt-J
  20. Madan (Remixed by Gekko) - Salif Keita
  21. The Pill - Loretta Lynn
  22. Baby Wants to Ride - Frankie Knuckles, Jamie Principle
  23. My Neck, My Back (Live) - Elle King
  24. Sweet Seek (Original Mix) - Riktam Bansi
  25. Ooh Child - The Five Stairsteps
  26. I Wanna Get Married - Nellie McKay
  27. Sincere - Roger Sellers
  28. Whole New Dude - William Tyler


image from Octopus Pie

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Can We Handle It?

Before September arrived the world was awash in the the patter of rain from the late afternoon thunderstorms and the gloaming delight of long summer nights. In those moments before the fracas was re-engaged questions were raised as to what kind of foolhardiness this endeavor was built on and what kinds of fools were we to try for it.

The question still stands.


  1. Pray for Rain - JJ Grey & Mofro
  2. Cold War - Janelle Monae
  3. Heart of Steel (feat. Irma Thomas) - Galactic
  4. Ain't No Easy Way - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  5. Evolution - 311
  6. My Eyes - Neil Patrick Harris & Felicia Day
  7. Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix) - Freestylers feat. Belle Humble
  8. Blue Orchid - The White Stripes
  9. Cineramascope - Galactic
  10. Many moons - Janelle Monae
  11. Remains - Maurissa Tanchareoen & Jed Whedon
  12. Even Matter - Rags & Ribbons
  13. Islands - The xx
  14. Sauvez le monde - Mc Solar


Image from: kukuburi.com

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She Moves

I'm still playing catch up with the things that fell by the way side this summer - including friends and family and duties and work ... I'm even catching up on making a list for those things that were here for a moment and gone before I could act on them. Which is a much longer list than I'd hoped.

Anyways around it - I got to two conferences this summer and did functionally well enough to make me feel like an actual scientist - GODDAMN! I also got to get back to see my folks and friends in Missoula, which was a very good treat indeed. I'd missed my friends Guy and Mike in my visit, which is why previous paragraph has something of a sad timbre.

A higher note was also struck - above and beyond all the rest. I got to have an adventerous tour through Glacier Park with Kate - which was a novelty for us both as, somehow, neither of us had managed to get to that corner of the world just yet.

There's other things too - I should write on the meditations of revisiting Seattle and pnodering the trajectory of one's life ... but those are words for other days - my time tonight is short because I'm due for a visitor soon. Look out there - to the highways .... she moves.

  1. She Moves - Alle Farben, Graham Candy
  2. Baby - Devendra Banhart
  3. Make Me Yours - Bettye Swann
  4. Music Takes Me Up - Mr. Scruff, Alice Russell
  5. Angelos Kyriou - Larry Gus
  6. Palaces of Montezuma - Grinderman
  7. Memories - Waldeck
  8. Laid - James
  9. Come When You Call - TV Girl
  10. Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You - Tove Stryke
  11. Traum - CRO
  12. My Friend Has a Swimming Pool - Mausi
  13. Weak Become Heroes - The Streets
  14. You Make Me - Avicii
  15. C-Thru - Lemonade, Glasser
  16. Watch the Water Hit the Rocks (feat. Sydney Jay) - Jams
  17. Another Love (Zwette Edit) - Tom Odell
  18. Dusty Flourescent/Wooden.. - Talkdemonic
  19. Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix) - Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz
  20. Factories - Winter Gloves
  21. Low Man - Alberta Cross
  22. The Chauffeur - The Hidden Cameras, Snowblink
  23. Phantom - Chester Watson
  24. Baby Blue - Martina Topley Bird
  25. Lost - Leo Stannard
  26. Five Hours - Deorro
  27. Fobidden Fruit (Original Mix) - Klangwald
  28. En Memoria (feat. Tune-Yards) - Tune-Yards 


Image from: original content - Jay and I

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Kate on The Roost

Part Two of the Ditmas in Sitka radio special. This time Kate is the featured guest on The Roost with host Tracie. Matters of import are discussed, such as the Ditmas House, the chances that Tracie will meet members of the House when she visits, a public announcement occurs.

  1. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance
  2. Breezeblocks - Alt J
  3. Unlucky Skin - Shakey Graves
  4. Shuggie - Foxygen
  5. Interlude I - The House
  6. Generation Fun - Tik Tok Laboratories
  7. Unknown - Noah Harley & Maggie Carson
  8. Nightlights - Shark Shark
  9. I Want to be Relieved - Spirit Family Reunion
  10. Interlude II - Shout out
  11. Noah's Ark - Coco Rosie
  12. Fight For Everyone - Leisure Society
  13. Little Cup - Tao & Mirah
  14. Hook and Ladder - Vetiver
  15. Interlude III - Kate Reads the Weather
  16. Brrrlak!- Zap Mama

Image from: Raven Radio (Facebook page)

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Kate on Paper Wings

A Ditmas house reunion in the wilds of Sitka as captured on Paper Wings, a community radio show hosted by Rachel on KCAW, Raven Radio.

  1. Hey Mami - Sylvan Esso
  2. Interlude I - Intro to Paper Wings With Rachel Featuring Kate and Rosamund
  3. Brooklyn - Mos Def
  4. Settle Down - Kimbra
  5. July Flame - Laura Viers
  6. Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed
  7. Interlude II - Why did you choose these songs for this set?
  8. Wine and Choclates (Original Mix) - Theophilus London
  9. Check the Rhime - Tribe Called Quest
  10. Shattered - Rolling Stones
  11. Interlude III - Sitka is Like ... a Laundromat
  12. You Said Something (Accidental Abridged Remix) - PJ Harvey
  13. Tom's Diner - Suzanne Vega, DNA
  14. You Said Something - PJ Harvey
  15. Interlude IV - Intro to Rarities
  16. Shadow Waltz - Unless I Leap
  17. Shark, Shark - New Jersey
  18. Spirti Family Reunion - Green Rocky Road
  19. Iko Iko - Dixie Cups
  20. Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey
  21. Interlude V - Intro to New Orleans
  22. It's Raining - Irma Thomas
  23. Walking with the Spirit - Eddie Watkins Jr.
  24. Right Place, Wrong Time - Dr. John
  25. Saint James Infrimary - Snooks Eaglin
  26. Interlude VI - DJ Bubbles
  27. Côte Gelée Two Step - Lost Bayou Ramblers
  28. Swahili Baby - Los Po-Boy-Citos
  29. Look Out Mama - Hooray for the Riff Raff
  30. Interlude VII - Intro to Bounce
  31. Rolling in the Deep (Bounce version) - Adele
  32. My Boy - Magnolia Shorty and Kourtney Heart
  33. Interlude IX - Second Line Music
  34. Memorial Song - Mardi Gras Indian Second Line
  35. Rebirth Brass Band - Do Whatcha Wanna
  36. Interlude X - Closing Credits
  37. Howday Brass Band (???) cover of Recognize (???) - cut tragically short by station website programming.

    image from Raven Radio
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Miss your bones

This month - sweet jesus...right, this was put together as a soundtrack for Kate's flight back from Alaska. I was trying to catch up on work, mostly teachers workshops and DAPI staining yeast.

The Hobby Lobby case was in the news. Things were happening involving lab notebooks...

1. Home: Part One - Jamie Stillway
2. I'm Feeling Alright - Big Mama Thornton
3. Battez-vous - Brigitte
4. I Miss Your Bones - Hospitality
5. You Wish - Nightmares on Wax
6. If Life Was a Thing - DJ Vadim, Demolition Man
7. Fur Hildegard von Bingen - Devendra Banhart
8. Lost it to Trying - Son Lux
9. Bruises - Chairlift
10. Straight Street - Fiery Furnaces
11. Stranger Things Have Happened - White Fence
12. The Industrial Revolution (And How It Ruined My Life) - Voltaire
13. Green Starred Sleeve - UUVVWWZ
14. Qualifiers - Open Mike Eagle
15. Life's a Beach - Django Django
16. Moving Closer to the Sofa - The Limp Twins
17. Jacob's Ladder (Not in My Name) - Chumbawamba
18. Offering - Black City Lights
19. Senses Working Overtime - XTC
20. Dumb Disco Ideas - Holy Ghost!
21. Song for Old People - Sherlock's Daughter
22. The Way We Move - Langhorne Slim, The Law
23. Summer Cum - Avi Buffalo
24. Cavity - Hundred Waters
25. You and Me - Yes Sir Boss
26. The Swimming Song - Vetiver
27. Walla Walla - Glass Animals
28. Waves - Electric Guest
29. Home: Part Two - Jamie Stillway
30. Tilt - Mountains

*** Extra Bonus Track - Hi Uner! Thanks for tuning in! ***
31. The World is Alive - Ezra Furman & the Harpoons

Image from Piled Higher and Deeper

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F'ing Queers

Another playlist from K8. Here's to being queer!

  1. Gloria: In Excelsis Deo - Patti Smith
  2. Unsung - Helmet
  3. Never Wanted to Dance - Mindless Self Indulgence
  4. Strangers on a Train - Lovage, Mike Patton, Jennifer Charles
  5. Creamy Taco - Opiuo
  6. Flamboyant - Pet Shop Boys
  7. Vagina Mine - Puscifer
  8. Half Jack - The Dresden Dolls
  9. Daydreaming - Dark Dark Dark
  10. Piss Factory - Patti Smith
  11. Shamless - Ani Difranco
  12. Didn't it Rain - John Boutte
  13. Right Place Wrong Time - Dr. John
  14. Bottom - Zap Mama
  15. Walking on Broken Glass - Annie Lennox
  16. To Be Alone With You - Sufjan Stevens
  17. Our House - Crosby, Stills & Nash, Young
  18. Talkin' Bout a Revolution - Tracy Chapman


Direct download: Fn_Queers.mp3
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You Will Return

I can't even remember what has happened this month - between presentations and Monsterhearts and the visits of a lover - well it has been a hell of a blur.

  1. Opening Theme - Hybrid
  2. You Will Return - Quantic feat. Alice Russell
  3. Pools - Glass Animals
  4. Let I Go - Clap! Clap! Remix - Mop Mop, Clap! Clap!
  5. Before I Move Off - Mount Kimble
  6. On & On - Erykah Badu
  7. This Will Be Our Year - The Zombies
  8. In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry
  9. Infinity - Claude VonStroke Remix - Infinity Ink
  10. Deeper Shade of Soul - Urban Dance Squad
  11. Delicate Cycle - The Uncluded
  12. Na Skalkach - Bodek Janke
  13. Whole Wide World - Bahamas
  14. Younger Days - Hooded Fang
  15. Drive-in Movies - Ray LaMontagne
  16. Minnow Theme - Botany
  17. One Day - Sharon Van Etten
  18. Building Steam - Abney Park
  19. Berlin feat. Miss Platnum - Modeselektor, Miss Platnum
  20. Folk-Metaphysics - Milo
  21. Say Yeah - Tyvek
  22. Donut - Gui Boratto Remix - M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade
  23. Up! - The Black and White Years
  24. Me and Ms. Archer - Prints
  25. Perverted Undertone - Prefuse 73
  26. Dennehy - Serengeti
  27. Penitentiary - Houndmouth
  28. Animals - Baths
  29. Mambo Baby - Ruth Brown
  30. Big Mama's Door - Alvin Youngblood Hart
  31. The Process of Leaving - E-Vax

Image from: whoneedsfeminism.tumblr.com


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Side B




  1. Day 'N' Nite (nightmare) - Kid Cudi
  2. Crystalised - The xx
  3. Words I Never Said (feat. Skylar Grey) - Lupe Fiasco
  4. Walking with a Ghost - Tegan and Sara
  5. Bang! Bang! - Le Tigre
  6. Verbal - Amon Tobin, MC Decimal R
  7. Feeling Good - Nina Simone
  8. Hamdulillah (feat. Shadia Mansour) - The Narcicyst
  9. This Land Is Your Land - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
  10. "El Kofeyye Arabeyye" (feat. M-1) - Shadia Mansour
  11. Skit 1 - Lowkey
  12. Voices of the Voiceless - Lowkey, Immortal Technique
  13. For My People (feat. Jody McIntyre) - Logic & Agent of Change
  14. Skit 6 - Lowkey
  15. One Day (New Album Version) - Matisyahu
  16. Who Am I - Peace Orchestra


Image from: Smut Peddler 2012
Mix from my accomplice and agitator

Direct download: Hamdulillah.mp3
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Conceptual Conduits
"Good Morning, love!I made this for you while you were sleeping.
Thank you for pointing out how important sharing music is. 
I think it really helps ground our love,
least we be mistaken for star stuff,
in the eyes of the amore."
  1. Greyish Tapering Ash - Balmoreah
  2. Baby Come Home - Scissor Sisters
  3. Touches You - MIKA
  4. I'm Gonna be Your Man - Keb' Mo'
  5. The Book of Love - Magnetic Fields
  6. A Walk - Tycho
  7. Two Weeks - Grizly Bear
  8. So Good Yeah - Reggie Watts
  9. Settle Down - Kimbra
  10. Mupepe - Zap Mama
  11. Baleen Morning - Balmorhea

Image From: Boulet
Mix courtesy of k8face - partner and powerhouse

Direct download: Conceptual_Conduits.mp3
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Like Whoa

We've stolen fire from the gods.
Once, it was gardens we plotted / But now we're architects of a different kind.
Accomplices with hot-white wormholes where hearts once were.

01. Intro - ODESZA
02. Time to Run - Lord Huron
03. You Better Run to the City of Refuge - C.J. Johnson
04. Wake Me Up (Acoustic) - Aloe Blacc
05. Honey Buns Interlude - Dom Kennedy
06. Raspberry Beret - Prine & The Revolution
07. No Caminho do Bem - Tim Maia
08. Moi C'est - Camelia Jordana
09. The Blue Note (Instrumental Interlude) - Underoath
10. You're a Wolf - Sea Wolf
11. I'm a Rocker - Chuck Berry
12. Fade Away - Intergalactic Lovers
13. Intro - Lo-Fang
14. Wine & Chocolates (andhim Remix) - Theophilus London
15. Love is All I Got - Feed Me, Crystal Fighters
16. No Fucking Around - Rafter
17. Intro - Wiz Khalifa
18. Brother D - How We Gonna Make the Black Nation Rise
19. Tessalate - alt-J
20. #88 - Lo-Fang
21. Dream Machine - Mark Farina, Sean Hayes
22. / - Chet Faker
image from: wander

Direct download: Like_Whoa_-_Full_Length.mp3
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Morality, Conflict, Adaptation

"Steer a course for a brave new world of common sense and wonder"

  1. Trouble In Mind - Erland & The Carnival
  2. The Moss - Cosmo Sheldrake
  3. Charlie - Chumbawamba
  4. Bohemian Like You - The Dandy Warhols
  5. I'm Good, I'm Gone - Lykke Li
  6. Dance Floor - The Apples In Stereo
  7. Arctic Shark - Quilt
  8. Dead Future - Standard Fare
  9. Destroyer's the Temple - Destroyer
  10. Clever Girl - The Doubleclicks
  11. The Sky Was Pink - James Holden Remix - Monoblok, Ohlf

Image from SuperBetter


Direct download: MoralityConflictAdaptation.mp3
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Soundtrack to the Struggle

My grind marches on. Progress reports and meanlingless aims - fulfilling benchmarks is met with blank looks and disappointment over unmet unmentioned different benchmarks. 

A part of me wants to call bullshit. Another part of me knows that this is just how the game is played.

I'd be more put out by the sturm and drang of spectacle were it not that Im beginning to recogonize that alternatives exist.

  1. Shuffle - Bombay Bicycle Club
  2. You Make Me - Avicii
  3. I Can't Get No Satisfaction (Thank God) - Talulah Gosh
  4. Not Fair - Lily Allen
  5. Soundtrack to the Struggle - Lowkey
  6. A Few Words in Defense of Our Country - Randy Newman
  7. You Think You're Tough - Hunx & His Punx
  8. Curse Me Good - The Heavy
  9. How Small We Are - Pollyn
  10. Born To Die - Lana Del Rey
  11. The World Exploded Into Love - Bob Schneider (Thanks Taylor)

Image from lolmythesis.com

Cities of World Dream Travel (?)

Direct download: Soundtrack_to_the_Struggle.mp3
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Here We Are, We Are Nobody

Jan. 31 12:00 am

Hmmmm, well, you
might not be able to
avoid the heat death
of the universe, but
in a shear
nightgown, you might
be able to make it a
lovelier experience
for the rest of us.

1. Patrick Park - Here We Are
2. Couer de Pirate - Comme des Enfants
3. Caitling Rose - Menagerie
4. Parquet Courts - Borrowed Time
5. Black Kids - Partie Traumatic
6. The Cannanes - Bumper
7. Jonathan Wilson - Fazon
8. Loretta Lynn - High on a Mountain Top
9. The Chap - We Are Nobody
10. Out Hud - The L Train is a Swell Train and I Don't Want to Hear You Indies Complain.
Happy New Year!
image from: I was originally inspired by the framed picture of this which hangs in Jarvick's office. But it is discussed in context here.

Direct download: Here_we_are_We_are_nobody.mp3
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Crucible For Tomorrow

In the new year I want to be bolder about my feelings - both positive and negative. I've got nothing to lose but my chains.

Also game nights.


01. Neon Bible - Arcade Fire

02. Shack 54 - Two Lone Swordsmen

03. No Parties - Fergus & Geronimo

04. Salvation - The Limiñanas

05. The Arp - Jackson and His Computer Band

06. What's the Altitude - feat. Hymnal - Cut Chemist

07. Bang Bang Bang - Mark Ronson, The Business Intl.

08. Zero Ghosts Out the Door - Herr Styler

09. Pack Up - Eliza Doolittle

10. Walking Home Through the Park - Aim

11. Terrible Things - Beauty Pill


image from: Cat and Girl

Direct download: Crucible_For_Tomorrow.mp3
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A simple thing but

richly done

the finest entwinement

is knowing your dues.


Tussle - Transparent C

Escort - Cocaine Blues

Dengue Fever - Oceans of Venus

Ecstatic Sunshine - Ramontana

Electric Guest - This Head I Hold

The Scantheries - Berlin

The Wombats - Let's Dance to Joy Division

Cannonbal Jane - Such is the Score

Elf Power - The Winter is Coming

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Optimist vs. the Silent Alarm

Orbital - Halcyon [Tom Middleton Re-model]


Extra thanks to: the fleeting moments of life I catch in the daze which is my ego-driven nightmare. Also; Genome Research.

Direct download: Thanks.mp3
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Meat, String, Confusion

This is my life - I am loosing it one minute at a time.


01. Coming Through - Willis Earl Beal

02. Blackout! - The Cloud Room

03. Ethopia - Old Money & Lamin Fofana

04. Hard to be Close - Here We Go Magic

05. Hot Mess - Black Pistol Fire

06. Poltergeist - The Coasts

07. Catalus - Belbury Poly

08. Fight for Everyone - The Leisure Society

09. WHALE - Yellow Ostrich

10. Muesli - Minotaur Shock

11. Cumbia del Rio - Abdias Ernesto Garcia

12. Rocket - Working for a Nuclear City


Image From: ShittyBasketsDotCom

Thanks to everyone who has been in my life.

Direct download: Meat_String_Confusion.mp3
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George & the Sourdough Bread

What happens if it goes well? How much better could it get? 5 o'clock didn't even seem that early.

1. Withered Hand - Cornflake

"It's like I'm living with a legacy of teenage LSD / So tell me that you love me or I'll forget"

2. Pretty Lights - I Can See it in Your Face

3. Laura Veirs - July Flame

4. Free the Robots - Diary

5. Amason - Went to War

6. Willie Mitchell - The Champion (pt. 1)

7. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes - Better Days

8. Miyavi & Hifana - Ganryu

9. Shameboy - Rechoque

10. Plump DJs - Shifting Gears

11. Dustin Wong - Ice Sheets on Feet Prints


Image From: Gingerbread Girl by Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin

Direct download: September_2013.mp3
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It isn't that there are too many people there just aren't enough spaceships.

1) Let the Funk Ride - Aim

2) I Want To Be Evil - Eartha Kitt

3) Wanna Feel It - The Olms

4) Cirrus - Bonobo

5) Space Walk - Lemon Jelly

6) Capture the Flag - Dosh

7) 2 Bit Blues - Kid Koala

8) The Hope That House Built - The Future of the Left.

9) Empty Cup - Thinking Fellers Unions Local 282

Direct download: Celebration.mp3
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Postering is not a lifetime

Wow (wow) got everything into order and made a poster, showed it at SMBE. Even got some nice compliments from some top tier grads and post-docs. Got a little traction in the form of collaborators - but it looks like I've got a lot more work to do and fast.

Also - hat tip to an old friend, Chicago isn't so bad. And a hat tip to a future friend, "genes come in all sizes and ages"

  1. Asaf Avidan - One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix)
  2. Johnny Cash and the Avett Brothers - One Too Many Mornings
  3. Lorde - Royals
  4. Final Fantasy - Song Song Song
  5. Cat Power - Ruin
  6. Broadcast - Come On Let's Go
  7. Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Remix)
  8. The Whitest Boy Alive - Burning
  9. Country Teasers - Golden Apples
  10. Santigold - Lights Out

 Image from Gary Larson's Far Side - a fantastic example of me doing anything, at anytime, always.

Direct download: Postering_Is_Not_A_Lifetime.mp3
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American Artifact

The end of so many things. I'm a Ph.d. candidate now. A few years ago when I started this as a diary of music that I loved and listened to I was a high school dropout who'd been kicked out of college 5 times. Now it is something different. I lost some people along the way, and they were not replaced - indeed, they were irreplacible. So it goes.

1. Delgados - American Trilogy

2. Jonathan Richman - Can't Talk to the Dude

3. Cornershop - Brimful of Asha

4. White Walls - Elk City

5. Tame Impala-Be Above It

6. Kendrick Lamar-Now or Never

7. Dreadzone - Captain Dread

8. On The Streets - [Kollektiv Turmstrasse's Let Freedom Ring Remix]

9. Robert Glasper-Always Shine

10.  Artifacts - Balthrop, Alabama


Image from:

Nusantara Tarot: Ten of Staves


Sunflower Sutra - Allen Ginsburg (1955)


You were never no locomotive, Sunflower, you were a
And you Locomotive, you are a locomotive, forget me
So I grabbed up the skeleton thick sunflower and stuck
it at my side like a scepter,
and deliver my sermon to my soul, and Jack's soul
too, and anyone who'll listen,
--We're not our skin of grime, we're not our dread
bleak dusty imageless locomotive, we're all
beautiful golden sunflowers inside, we're blessed
by our own seed & golden hairy naked
accomplishment-bodies growing into mad black
formal sunflowers in the sunset, spied on by our
eyes under the shadow of the mad locomotive
riverbank sunset Frisco hilly tincan evening
sitdown vision.
Direct download: Candidate.mp3
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Soul Limbo

Someone once said- and it was later related to me - that the Books are the choir for Crystal Dragon Jesus. I got into the Unitarian Universalists this month and looking back I see that deep seated ignosticism stretching way, way back. I also started (and kickstarted) re-reading Eclipse Phase sourcebooks. And thinking about things from that other perspective.

Its actually been a really good month (or month +, as the case may be). I got a reminder that I'm older and outside but that everyone is anyways. It's not like everything makes sense now - more like, maybe, it doesn't need to. Was I dying of thirst or was the very world pulling a stone cold coup d'état?

1. The Books - A True Story of True Love

2. Bonobo - Walk in the Sky

3. Quantic feat. Alice Russell - Road To Islay

4. Rocco Katastrophe - Saturn's Back

5. DJ Nu-Mark - [Untitled Track] (Off of Broken Sunlight LP)

6.Booker T & the MG's - Soul Limbo

7. Motor City Drum Ensemble - All My Life

8. Kendrick Lamar - Dying of Thirst

#! I'm finally ready for what's next

Direct download: Soul_Limbo.mp3
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This Spring

"There's a fool in your future."

A long time ago was a long time ago. ad astra per aspera. The last week was so hard I went round depression and hit happiness again. I missed my friends wedding, my uncle's funeral, so many holidays, so many weekends, palindromic birthdays, my own unconditional passing - pissed away with stress and petty blame. Sacrifices stacked high on the alter of being the only one responsible.

But then again I lack perspective... the world is large, what are the feelings of one man worth compared to the glory of feeling itself? We'd all have a better perspective if only we lived forever.

  1. Madeline - Sorry
  2. Jamie Stillway - Madeline's Sin
  3. Misophone - Nothing Down There But The Trees
  4. Curtis Stigers - Things Have Changed
  5. Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
  6. Pepe Deluxe - Queenswave
  7. I Will Dare - The Replacements
  8. Wild Flag - Something Came Over Me
  9. Spoon - The Way We Get By
  10. Donald Fagen - Memorabilia
  11. Blue Sky Black Death - Legacy to Fuel

Image from: SMBC

Direct download: Sorry_Legacy_To_Fuel.mp3
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That Summer

Words are hard.

Strapping Young Lads are hard too.

  1. Madeline - This Train
  2. The Noisettes - That Girl
  3. Oh Land - Heavy Eyes
  4. Typhoon - The Honest Truth
  5. Barely Legal - The Strokes
  6. Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game
  7. Rebecca Loebe - High + Lonesome
  8. Le Tigre - Viz
  9. Phantogram - When I'm Small
  10. Sonic Youth - Tunic (Song for Karin)
  11. The Slits - Typical Girls
  12. Chemical Borthers (Feat The Flaming Lips) - The Golden Path
  13. Neil Halstead - Two Stones In My Pocket
  14. Ani DiFranco - School Night
  15. The Durutti Column - Sketch for Summer

They call it way too rowdy, I call it finally free

Direct download: That_Summer.mp3
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Five Years

So it is spring break and that means I have enough of a moment to put together a couple tracks. Somehow I am able to put together fewer songs each time and still come up against the barrier of space constraints - but so be it.

This last leg of time has seen much puttering around in a confused and exhausted daze, and the track by Okkervil River has been in heavy rotation as a result of said puttering. The unfortunate side effect of that burnt out husk level of life is that two momentous things have occurred directly to me (and two terrifying things have occurred to those close to me, namely heart events and cancer) - that is 1) I realized this year marks the fifth year of this audio time capsule/journal. 

This certainly gives me pause as I think back over what has transpired in those five years and, holy shit, a lot of my life seems to have been terribley recent in vintage. Do you ever have those fears that your longterm self is a fabrication of some nefarious conspiracy constructing a world that never was in order to convince you that the world is other than it REALLY is? I don't actually think that because that is insane (and if I hint that I know the truth then I'll have only forced their hand to take swift action against me) - but sometimes I know the feel.

The second big thing is I got engaged to my longtime life partner Ana. Do you want to hear about ornate conspiracies of minds vastly more intelligent than your own arrayed against you? Nah - it is actually good (and terrifying). 

Last thing, me - my future self - you, you reader - five years ago almost nothing which happens to you now on a daily basis was part of what you expected. It isn't just that the future is hard to predict - it is also that you have really crappy expectations.

  • Quantic - Look Around The Corner (Feat. Alice Russell)
  • Ruby and the Ribcage - Horror
  • Twin sister - All Around and Away We Go
  • Avida Dollars - Joseph & The Argonauts
  • Francis Bebey - New Track (1982)
  • SUNBEARS! - They Think They're So Philosophical
  • Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines
  • Michael Musika – The Spellbound Traveler Loses all Possession
  • Luke Roberts - His Song

Image From: Hyperbole and a Half

Currently Embroiled In: Ingenious Genes by Sansom, which is - maybe changing my mind abou gene regulatory networks.

Direct download: Five_years.mp3
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Ribosomes taste like eclipse paste

Let us ring in the year of the wagon with word salsa and duende!

I've been back in school for only two weeks and am fantastically exhuasted - rotating now through a lab (which I think is THE lab) working on ribosome profiling which is some real hot shit. Figured out with my girl that engagement should have a date on the calendar we're going for Valentines day because it needs some authenticity.

Having a hard time sleeping at night. We Are So Terribly Excited.

Sweatshop Union - Itchy Rock
Saul Williams - Twice the First Time
Kraak & Smaak - Keep On Searching
Mr Scruff - Ultramagnetic Mc's Ego Tripping
Material - Unauthorized
The Mercury Program - Undiscovered Genius of the Mississippi Delta
Wild Flag - Something Came Over Me
Quantic - Quantic - Transatlantic
Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You
Paper Bird - Lost Boys
Marco Benevento - It Came From You
Bearsuit - Stay Alive
AM - Self Preservation
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Old Sweat

Image From: Don't Know - Sorry, Forgot. Currently Reading: Manara's Guiseppe Bergman, well there is a weird piece of literature. Disappearing Spoon, a fantastic piece of non-fiction science history which uses the Periodic Table as it's setting. And Eclipse Phase - an RPG setting book about a transhuman post-scarcity space setting after the singularity goes bad, I haven't actually played it (yet?) but I am falling in love with the world they've built.

Direct download: Eclipse_Paste.mp3
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Fuck You and Your Underground

Happy 101111 033 to me and my new fangled life. I'd be remiss if I didn't add that grad school is exhuasting and frustrating, note the bookending tracks - but that inbetween bouts of wildly oscillating terrors there are hints of hope and joy. Like a sandwich or something.

  1. Blood Sausage - Fuck You and Your Underground
  2. AM & Shawn Lee - The Signal
  3. Sweatshop Union - Time Machine (Feat. Mat The Alien)
  4. Gang of Four - At Home He's a Tourist
  5. Carolina Chocolate Drops - Cornbread and Butterbeans
  6. World's Greatest Dad - Then Up the Ladder
  7. They Might Be Giants - Old Pine Box
  8. Young Marble Giants - Brand - New - Life 
  9. Withered Hand - Religious Songs
  10. SBTRKT - Hide or Seek
  11. Gloria Ann Taylor - Love Is A Hurting Thing
  12. Grizzly J - TOTORO
  13. Nick Lowe - I Read A Lot (welcomce to grad school)

Currently Reading: King City - or more realisticly Brandon Grahams RoyalBoilers.

Image from: same as the above.

Direct download: Fuck_you_and_your_underground_FL.mp3
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Itara Besigeya (The Other Summer)

If this summer has taught me anything it is that good friends are like physical objects that can be picked up at a later time in life, a time after you put them down to begin with of course, and also that they undergo changes in time, such as may be expected for an object coextensive with one's self. That is they exist in both space and time, and in a manner where, even if you do not observe them directly, they continue to persist.

  1. Sweatshop Union - Oh My
  2. Holy Fuck - SHT MTN
  3. Wire - Outdoor Miner (Long Version)
  4. Dick Justice - Cocaine
  5. Ty Segall - Caesar
  6. Admiral Fallow - Squealing Pigs
  7. April Smith - Colors
  8. Mekons - Trouble Down South
  9. Patrick Sky - Under All Flags
  10. Agent Ribbons - I'm Alright
  11. Liquid Liquid - Bellhead
  12. Wavves - Convertible Ballon
  13. Slim Harpo - The Hippy Song
  14. Beat Connection - Silver Screen
  15. Dom - Bochicha
  16. Keoki - Majick (Uberzone Remix)

Image From: Azumanga Daioh Currently Reading: The Scar by China Meiville Lastly: Thanks and well wishes to all my friends and family who so warmly reinvited me back into their lives this summer.

Direct download: Itara_Besigeya.mp3
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So.. .

I graduated. And then took a few weeks to relax and pack up and move (not in that order) - goodbye Brooklyn, goodbye Ditmas, goodbye undergrad, goodbye BC, goodbye lab mates and knowing what I'm doing.

Hello Pittsburgh, hello Carnegie, hello folks I don't know, hello a slower life, a safer town, a slice of hope, a machine to kill fascists.

Lastly, my adopted grandfather (and volunteer geneologist) has gone on to the other side. He is remembered fondly and in terms not suited to this genre of delivery. But his passing is noted and is, itself, passed over in silence.

  1. King Creosote - Bootprints | I've featrued them before here and this is another standout track of theirs, really good energy combined with a slick parsed down delivery, makes this into a toe tapping tune worthy of running from the cops over ala some trainspotting montage.
  2. Bell X1 - The Great Defector | This has been kicking around my que for a bit. I love the psuedo-Talking Heads open delivery and heart on the sleeve self confession over matters mundane. Too bad the album doesn't match the single.
  3. Black Pus - Juggernaut | Heavy man, real f'n heavy.
  4. Francisca Valenzuela - Quiero Verte Mas | Catchy tune with nice guggle bum pop hooks. 
  5. Frazey Ford - Blue Streak Mama | It takes a real solid piece to slow it down and still keep you going, inbetween the vocalist's low key delivery and the backburner walking rhythm this songs has got it going on.
  6. M. Ward - Flaming Heart | Oldie but goodie
  7. Blackbird Blackbird - Give You Everything | Nothing says summer like oversaturated keyboards with afro-pop jangle melodies and empty, ambitionless lyrics. Very early-esque MGMT.
  8. Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears - Humpin' | I'd actually meant to include Joe Lewis in another post but had to skip over it, this track got shunted in because of the low down funk it brings is just too much to pass up.
  9. 1,2,3 - Going Away Party | Song title releavance plus locale relocation - oh yes, I went there.
  10. Barclay James Harvest - Taking Some Time On | I really, really got into this track from BJH's 1970 debut. The psych'd out lyrics (For those who feel inclined / to talk about their mind) combined with the extended jam with roiling drum swells (unironic cowbell!) and swirling guitar (the jam happens mid song and as a closer, those damn hippies) add up to a reason to put on paisely.
  11. Jan & Dean - Heart And Soul | A solid pop gem from '61 with ascerbic undercurrents - dig the flat delivery on the chorus (much too thrilling). The song actually seems to pull out all the stops in the hook department featuring more change ups than an early era TMBG tune.
  12. Peter Wolf Crier - Crutch & Cane | What is this song about? Zanzibar? Freedom from hang-ups? Catchy as hell though.
  13. Charlie Mars - Listen to the Darkside | On a side note me and the babe and Nick (from pgh) caught Super8 at the theatre. Babe caught on to the Goonies/ET/Cloverfield mashup before any of us knew that was a thing. I think the zombie movie inside the movie is supposed to represent how Spielberg's early work has trapped him, turning himself into the movie which would not die. It is meta plus good, but you knew that already, right?
  14. Balmorhea - Clamor | You know what else happened? I got a drafting table off craigslist (of course) any way this fellow Steve Geist, nice kid, he's got it for sale for $40 so I go over and he's got a MoCCA poster with Craig Thompson's work on it - we chat about that a bit. Steve is gradu-macated from CMU and is off to Austin (stomping grounds of Balmorhea) to design UI. I am proud to have such a prestigious lineage for a draftign table. Take care out there man and have some fun.

Images from: Unknown (saw it on Chive but cropped it for more awesome)

Regards: Lewis Johnson

Reading: The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media (A four and a half out of five stars here, people.)

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The Savages on the Moon

I wonder what would have happened if space was a tangible frontier. In that small sliver of time when there was an American Frontier we had the myth at arms length and the proximity compelled anyone and everyone to consider its' potential. Was the immediacy of the frontier the compulsion, a niggling sense of the other side, ever constant in the periphery of one's vision?Would our history of space exploration have been different if we had an Oregon Trail to Mars, if it could have been about space colonization?

If you imagine the frontier as a sponge which absorbs the excess and luckless then it is no surprise that high entry costs have prevented the expansion of mankind. It is the hardup, the deviant, the desperate, and the dreamers who live and die out there because they can't even manage just living here in polite company. Half these songs are about getting out there, the other half are about freaking out. 

This has little bearing on things, except that I desire to escape - and space seems like the last best place. Let me take a step back and think for a second on this - right, so apparently since last I posted some things have transpired. I am enrolled for grad school for this fall in a biology program, it is "not easy" I have been told. I am finishing up one month left. A few weeks really and then finals. This can not happen soon enough - not only have I become exhausted at the labor of it I have also become tired of pretending to care. It would have been diffierent if I had a class (besides Advanced Biochemistry) which was relvant to me. So it goes. 

Also zeerust.tumblr.com


1. Empire of the Sun - We Are the People 

2. Beautiful People - Get Your Mind Together 

3. YACHT- Dystopia 

4. The Savages - Gone To The Moon 

5. Buchanan Brothers - When You See Those Flying Saucers

6. Dave Edmunds - Playing With the Queen of Hearts 

7. The Black Keys - Howlin' For You

8. NewVillager - Rich Doors 

9. Shuggie Otis - Happy House

10. No Monster Club - Wish Me Well 

11. Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armeni

12. Marnie Stern - Patterns of a Diamond Ceiling

13. Explosions In the Sky - Trembling Hands


image from: http://aqua-velvet.com/2010/12/kate-banazi-astronaut-silkscreen-prints/

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Got What I Came For

A very busy few last months have culminated in a huge success at my first grad school interview. I still have a few more interviews to go on - but without any hesitation I can confidently say that (baring any horrible tragedy) I will be working towards a Ph.d in the not so distant future.

F'n fantastic - now I just need to finish up my undergrad, which is much harder now that I can taste the freedom of the other side. Also I found out you can get some kickass microscopes from eBay for ridiculous prices.

A lot of other stuff happened - but I'm trying to to keep a Positive Mental Attitude so I'll hold off on the narrative.

Stand out tracks; deadmau5's "Hi Friend!" which is the titular feature of the show and served as a bolster for the research year, as after all it was what I came here for. (And look where that got me!). Esg - Dance is an tight low-fi rocker which easily slips into my top 100. A wild feat for an album cut in '83. I spent a lot of time listening to music without words as they often distract me if they are either 1) good lyrics, 2) novel lyrics, or 3) the reason for the songs existence. Not much of this lyricless music made the cut but Stillway and Bonham's "Insomniac Sunrise" certainly demanded a place on the playlist.*

The Challenges of Bringing -omics to the Clinics
deadmau5 - hi friend!
esg - dance
Young Marble Giants - Eating Noddemix
Broken Social Scene - Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl
Tame Impala - I Don't Really Mind
La Sera ‒ Devils Hearts Grow Gold
tUnE-yArDs – Bizness
Chilly Gonzales - You can dance (Fare Soldi Gonzobot rmx)
Stillway and Bonham - Insomniac Sunrise

Image From: Five Fists of Science

Currently Reading: The Universal Traveler, a Soft-System Guide to Creativity, Problem-Solving And the Process of Reaching Goals by Don Koberg and Jimbagnall.

If you ever wonder what Ram Dass would have put out if he'd gone into cybernetic theory instead of eastern mysticism this is your answer. And it is good (if you like this kind of thing).

*Really short episode this time since the hosting company Libsyn has moved to a new platform and some of my dedicated space is presently occupied. Regular Size show next month (or thee months from now. Whatever.)

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Anoraking To Finals

Almost the holidays (and do I have a gift for you this year) and I may just barely make it. But the chances look good - one last push, right. I remember something about the light brigade at moments like these.

But the music! Got to love the music! It might be the worlds only saving grace 3 times out of 10.

Right anyways, so I missed last month, so this month is a bit of what I've been listening to for both.

The stand out tracks, too many to name, check out the opener by Anita Tijoux - it was going to be my birthday track but whatever. The Smiles make you feel good about the mugging and your lost wages. And the blessed return of Holy Fuck with the Tounces inspired sound track Red Lights. King Khan finally gets some air time - I don't know how I missed that scene. King Charles brings the fuzzed out love, Jeff Spec lays out some fantastic old skool against the Most Sampled Man in HipHop the epynoumous drummer for the funky James Brown in "Clyde Stubblefeild". And the Braids bring the orchestral twee pop - and the stand out modern compositions track from Hauschka, "Alexanderplatz" minimals its way to the blown out rusted tub thumping of Kidkanevil (with helps from the Bonobo) as our closer.

01. Anita Tijoux - 1977
02. The Smiles - Cala Cola
03. David Vertesi -  All Night, All Night, All Night
04. Holy Fuck - Red Lights
05. King Khan & The Shrines - Land of the Freak
06. MI + AMORE – Wise Blood
07. King Charles - Love Lust
08. Jeff Spec - Clyde Stubblefield
09. STRT SRNS – Wise Blood
10. Terry Ohms - Red Wine on White Pants
11. Broken Bells The - High-Road
12. Braids - Lemonade
13. Hauschka - Alexanderplatz
14. Kidkanevil - Ketto Revisited ft Bonobo

Image: From Cat and Girl - I wanted to reimagine a whole strip moved from the humanities to the sciences but am still working out the ramifications of it all. But it is also as a small signifier of my own expanse into the science minded bloggosphere where I am abetting my love of music with my other love - pragmatic evaluations of experimental observations

What I'm Reading Now: Getting What You Came For by Robert L. Peters (some fine advice there, highly recommended)


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Schools In

So we're into the home stretch - last year of undergrad and I can taste the sweet release. Oh there have been and will be trials and tribulations but back, far back, behind it all is the idea that I could do it. And the fact that I have or that I am.

And I am doing it now.

Here my theme: Golden Age

Feels good, man.


01. Swamp Cat - Timun Mas

(my neighb's - good folks)

02. Golden Age - Everything Will be Alright

03. Lissie - Kid Cudi's Pursuit of Happiness

04. Mike Alaska - Jerzy Borowicz recording

05. Go Home Productions - Smells Like Rockin Robin

06. Kaki King - Kiss With a Fist

07. Cookin' with Kurt - Soup du Jour

08. Youthless - Golden Age

09. Les Cowboys Fringants - Les Etoiles Filantes

10. Beat Radio - Golden Age

11. Joost Buis & Astronotes - Brokology

12. Julie Doiron – Consolation Prize

13. California Guitar Trio - Music for a Found Harmonium

14. The Orb - God Less America

15. Justin Townes Earle, 'Harlem River Blues'

Image from Ward Sutton over at the Boston.com

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Vinyl for Vinyl

This summer Ana and I, in preparation for the "great long distance experiment" got to travel a bit around Maine and Canada and Vermont. On one occasion I had a prolonged discussion with a good man, here to be nameless to protect his reputation, about we humans and the big picture and what can be done about it all. It was a real and good pleasure and I hope I hadn't offended him as I usually do when I talk about these things.

Anyways - one last thing. I had mistaken Andrew Bird for Bobby Bare Jr. This is because Mr. Bare has a song which is close to my dyslexic heart called "Strange Bird" hence if I have a few in me I start mixing things up in a poor way; like saying that Andrew Bird has a senior version in the country and western scene. That is clearly not the case. Be sure to check out "Strange Bird" it's really good.

Anyways this is the short version which made the podcast:

01. Richard Hawley - As the Dawn Breaks

02. Six Organs of Admittance - The Desert is a Circle

03. Bill Callahan - A  Man Needs a Woman or a Man to be a Man

04. Agent Simple - Make a Right at Jordfallsmotet

05. Devandra Banhart - Shabop Shalom

06. The Felice Brothers - Run Chicken Run

07. Larkin Grimm - Dominican Rum

08. Port O'Brien - In Vino Veritas

09. The Precisions - New York City

10. Jens Lekman - A Postcard to Nina

11. Kid Koala - Its All Over

12. Townes van Zandt - Intro Joke from "Mr Gold and Mr Mud"

13. King Creosote - Camels Swapped for Wives

14. Adam Green - What Makes Him Act So Bad

15. Sleepy Jackson Lovers - Mourning Rain

And these are the tracks which got onto the Long Play version. Most of which can be found on previous podcasts of mine.

16.Adam Green - Castles and Tassels

17. King Creosote and Player Piano - Cod Liver and Orange Juice

18. Jill Barber - Oh My My

19. Bill Calahan - Eid Ma Clack Shaw

20. The Felice Brothers - Frankie's Gun

21. Cluthcy Hopkins Meest Lord Kenjamin - Brother John

22. Larkin Grim - Ride That Cyclone

image from: Magic Hat

Currently Reading: Locust - The Devastating Rise and Mysterious Disappearance of the Insect That Shaped the American Frontier by Jeffery A. Lockwood

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Young Liars - Vol. 1 - Daydream Believer

Young Liars is a series put out by David Latham - I'll leave the critiques and insights for those more versed in these matters, suffice to say that I liked what I read. Not that it mattered - like nearly every series I jump at, I am looking at you Top10, Young Liars died to soon it's story untold. Not just a loss of a title but a loss of a unigue story. A rare thing at any time.

"Young Liars is a wholly different beast  It’s a VERY personal book.  No one could do this book but me because it’s about my brain and everything I like and feel.  Stray Bullets is like that.  No one else can possibly do it.  It’s why I could do things in Young Liars like put in song recommendations and it wasn’t gratuitous.  It was fun, yes, but it also fit the nature of the book.  It became a very unique place to work inside every months and is the toughest part of letting it go."

- David Lapham, from Mindless Ones Interview 

And if you like a thing and that thing has in it little musical references you'll do the only sensible thing which is to wrangle each track from the ether then string them together into a mixtape they were never intended to become. Mixtape Archaeology.

Here we go, from the top:

David Bowie - Let's Dance

Battles - Atlas

Suicide - Frankie Teardrop (Abbreviated Version)

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Another Morning Stoner

Wire - Strange

Tears for Fears - Mad World

Rolling Stones - Rocks Off

The Rapture - Pieces of the People We Love

Pixies - Bone Machine

Sonic Youth - Shaking Hell

The Fall - Oleano

Mission of Burma - That's When I Reach For My Revolver

Thanks to Mindless One's and David Lapham

Image from: mindlessones.com/tag/david-lapham/

Currently Digging: My Goodness: A Cynic's Short-Lived Search for Sainthood by Joe Queenan

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A team with only I in it

One of these days I'll be in a situation to learn something by following someone else's example. Not that I'm bitter - just frustrated.


Chain and the Gang - Interview with the Chain Gang

Brian Eno  – Third Uncle

Fun Boy Three & Bananarama - 'Taint What You Do It's the Way That You Do It

Islets - Jasmine

Jill Barber - Oh My My

Panther Hands – Young, Gifted, and Brown

Mother Mother - O My Heart Luther Russel - A World Unknown

The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms

Blockhead - The Music Scene

The Pixies - Alec Eiffel

Brasstronaut - Requiem for a Scene


Image from: The very excellent short "Don't cry for me I'm already Dead"

Currently digging: Young Liars by David Lapham

Currently Reading: Short Protocols for Molecular Biology by Wiley Publishing (five stars!)

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I Believe in Summer


Wow .. . Orgo is over. Sweet jesus. 


Richard Hawley - Tonight the Streets Are Ours

Devin Therrialt - I Don't Think I

Kulturini Project - Half Time Report

DJ Voodoo and the Liquid Method - Everybody thinks i'm high the remix '96 (DJ Kelley)

DJ Harvey - Track 01 (Black Cock Edit)

Teki-Latex - Answers Cut From Set

Siriusmo - Urlaub In Berlin

MGMT - Flash Delirium

MIA - Born Free

Monks - Blockhead

Moneybrother - Born Under a Bad Sign

Jacuzzi Boys - Bricks or Coconuts

Thee Oh Sees - Warm Slime 

Dirty Three - Three Wheels


Image from the late great Teaching Baby Paranoia - you will be missed.


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Uner's Big Day

Happy Birthday babe.

We're about to tear down that length of road to the distant vistas of tomorrow's tasks and I reflect on the fact that you've been with me for long enough that I can't comprehend what it will be like to be apart.

Things may get rough out there - and who knows what may happen - but it has been good, great, and nice and there may be more in store.


01. Blenders - Don't fuck Around with Love

02. Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks

03. 123 - Confetti

04. Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side

05. Los Mil Jinetes - Pastor de Elefantes

06. La Pompe Moderne - Plus Dur, Meilleur, Plus Rapide, Plus Fort (Daft Punk Cover)

07. Blitzen Trapper - Black River Killer

08. Archie Bronson Outfit - Hoola

09. GIFT - Workout Afterall

10. Lodger – Ciao

11. The Blow - Parantheses

12. Andrew Bird - Opposite Day

13. Alt Fenster – Clipée

14. Ezra Furman & the Harpoons - The Worm in The Apple

15. Pelle Carlberg - I Love You, You Imbecile 

Image from: A Softer World. 

Currently Awesome:  The LHC.

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Reaping What We Sow

Overworked and got Sick. Overworked and got Active Labelled Protein (I MADE THIS?!). Overworked and Snow Days. Overworked and got to Grad School. Overworked and Got Accepted. Overworked and working with Paul Pope. Overworked and Got Unemployed. Overworked and still making it. . . somehow.


Adam Green -  Castles and Tassels

Catl. - Church on Time

Egyptian Hip-Hop  - Nifeo

King Creosote, Player Piano and Pictish Trail - Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice

Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish

Hanoi Jane_Across_the_Sea

Caribou - Odessa

Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar

Surfer Blood – Neighbour Riffs

Kasper Bjorke - Efficient Machine

Sonny and the Sunsets - Stranded

The Oddword - Hello Goodbye 

Maxwell Panther - My Ex-Identity


Image From: Supremely Awesome - AxeCop.com

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The Many Versions of Serendipity

I had a dream the other night that I was taken over by some drive which sent me to the hinterlands of the pennisula and into those thick moist brambles of the pacific northwest - this thing in my head was a cancer and an infection. Like the Tasmanian Devils, right? But anyways I had brain cancer and the monster I was hunting out in those patagnian boodocks was it also cancer or real - a thing like that hallucination of a diseased mind only this was flesh and what if the cancer wasn't a cancer but an organism, a bacteria laying down pipe in the brain like an antenna to the broadcasts of it's own obscure gods.

1. Rae Spoon - Come on Forest Fire Burn the Disco Down

2. Ancient Astronauts - Everybody

3. Useless Eaters - Information Freak

4. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home

5. Ocote Soul Sounds - Coconut Rock Deluxe

6. Bill Callahan - Eid Ma Clack Shaw

7. Hey Panny - Cop Car Demo

8. Orquestra - Afro-Brasileira - India

9. frYars - happY

10. Lost Boy - taste butter

11. The Almighty Defenders - All My Loving

12. Astronote - Weerdo (Rmx)

13. Noze - Drums

14. Helvetia - Old New Bicycle

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Heavy Holidays What does it mean that in the weeks leading up to this that I fell into a deep attraction for the heavy ridden droned out sounds of the modern psychedelics? A faint whiff of better times and stronger hallucinogens - an escapist temptation edging in on the clean cut work a day world I've been consumed by? Maybe or maybe not.
Maybe "Junkies Runnin Dry" would have been a better track to open with. But no matter (and no drugs) I open with my neighbors whom are recorded here as the We Three Queens in a recording booth in Indonesia - ahh they are the best neighbors really. And a damn better way to open this than OpIvy (no disrespect, mon amor) - you know how it is.
As for the rest of these tracks and the rest of my life - a well here I admit that this is a monthly diary and the music is the food I feed on to live through it. Heavy times means heavy music, and so: Dad had surgery - he made it and is in better shape, though I haven't talked to him. My mom had one surgery for her leg and is getting the cancerous kidney removed on the 29th - the day after my sisters' birthday. Ana got another raise, got a 800 on the GRE, and has done a lot of hard work trying to mend the separate bits of life - at work, outside of work - together. I got to meet Joshua, who is cool. Her grandmother broke her hip, but is recovering. I got laid off, but yeah whatever, I only worked there for three years and got replaced by the boss's brother - so no hard feelings. Cam got laid off, he was the last non-foreman on the worksite a higher compliment to his industriousness there can not be - but even at that Montana's economy sucks too much. A new thing lives today by virtue of my will and others research grants. The world spins round.
So it goes.
To everyone everywhere I wish it could be better but I'm hanging round even if it never improves.
We Three Queens - Go Tell It On The Mountain
Butthole Surfers - Sweet Loaf
Man Man - Hurly Burly
White Shit's Shoobaryna's Final Signal (a collapse)
Francois de Roubaix - L'Homme Orchestre - Generique
Deerhunter - Spring Hall Convert
The Botticellis - Awaiting On You All
Time and Space Machine - More Cowbell
Jim Morrison - The World on Fire
Electralane - Spartakiade
When Strangers Meet - The Silk Road Project - Mido Mountain
Gak Sato - Hip Wagging Foot Shuffling (Amon Tobin Remix)
Moondog - Lament 1 (Bird's Lament)
Dan Deacon - Woof Woof
Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat - May the Warrior Be True
Family of God - Follow the Lights
Image from Over Compensating:

Follow the Lights People
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It's Everyday The busyness is everyday. Not even enough time to do this justice.

Hilarious the idea that this is a diary to help me remember these days - but that the days are so packed that I can't make time to remember them.

Anyways. Music is a constant - hell yes.

nomeansno- Everyday I Start to Ooze
Metatron - 10 Psychedelic Culture
The Time and Space Machine - The Joys of Living Un-hung Up
Blind Boys of Alabama - Run on for a Long Time
Capitol K - City
Al Caiola - Experiment In Terror
Bobby Bare Jr. - Stay In Texas
Fugazi -Waiting Room
Marc Shearer - Magma on My Mind
Blood Red Shoes - Its Getting Boring By the Sea
Matias Aguayo - Rollerskate (album version)
Doves - Kingdom of Rust (Prins Thomas Discomiks Instrumental)
Learn the Songs of Phil Ochs - That's What I Want to Hear
Pet Politics - When I Get Old
Sea and Cake - a man who never sees a pretty girl that he doesn't love her a little

thanks to Ana
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August - Care Package August already? - I am surprised but yes apparently I missed July. huh.

Finished classes for summer - so yeah this was Physics and a film and fiction class. Happily I have good things to report from the conclusion of that as my GPA continues its trend unabated.

Sorrows in breaking as this month saw the leaving of:
Hannah from downstairs, is off to other Brooklyn 'hoods
Mollie, another import by way of Portland, is leaving to Princeton - we're all quite proud of her and, also, ashamed of ourselves.
Tim Krieder, of incomparable artist behind The Pain (see illustration), is walking away from stripping to take up a columinst job at the Times. Respectable stuff and lordy but I feel it.

So times are at a turning point, right? This month is heaving on the tracks of Lux and Ivy's from WFMU. Lux passed on not too long ago and this list was compiled by fans of his band The Cramps. The total is about 11 albums of selected tracks and they've been on heavy rotation here this summer. So ... here we go:

1. Candy Claws - Don't Turn Around
2. Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer*
3. Blues Rockers - Calling All Cows*
4. Lightnin Slim - Its Mighty Crazy*
5. Shinichi Osawa - Love & Peace
6. Bosstones - Mope-Itty Moope*
7. The Symbols - Do the Zombie*
8. Mcfadden and Dor - Noisy Village*
9. David Bowie - Oh You Pretty Things
10. Doctor Ross - The Boogie Disease*
11. John Buck and his Blazers - Forbidden City*
12. The Big Pink – Velvet (Gang Gan Dance Remix)
13. Sheriff and the Revels - Shombolar*
14. Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightnin'*
15. Storey sisters - Bad Motorcycle*
16. Robert Mitchum - Ballad of Thunder Road*
17. Can - Turtles Have Short Legs
18. Roy Brown - Butcher Pete - Part 1*
19. Roy Brown - Butcher Pete - Part 2*

* Tracks are from Albums 1-3
Image From: The Pain
Comic I'm Currently Up to My Tits in: Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol

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The Tragic Sense of Life in Men And Nations Title from Unamuno.

Happy June - and what a summer! Record rain fall has preserved my mind from migranes and hallucinations of divinity. Summer classes have preserved my embalmed, pickled, and thoroughly petrified extracurricular activities. And yet, wondrously, only one week to go and then I am done with Spanish, which is a thing I never really liked - but admittedly it is a bit of fun even if you don't like it.

You see, and this isn't just me here, talking in a foreign language does things to your mind. I've been a language user for years and have always been bowled over from what a good chat can do to me - but another language . . . is more like an out of body experience of the mind than a hallucination of the tongue.

To embrace it I would like to share my new favorite Spanish idiom (narrowly beating out the phrase, "The Devil is the devil because he is old") - in espanol:
Pensar en la inmortalidad del cangrejo
that is ... as the cartoon lovingly illustrates:

Thinking about the immortality of crabs.

Generationals - When They Fight They Fight
Hey Penny - Cop Car (demo)
cazwell - Money Back
Get Back Quinozzi - Carpet Madness (demo)
Cheveu-Lola -langusta
Das Racist & Wallpaper. - Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Wallpaper. Remix)
Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse - Little Girl (Julian Casablancas)
Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha-  Orgasmatron (Motorhead)
Illinois - Shes So Blonde
SilverJews - SanFrancisco BC
The House of Apples and Eyeballs - Psychic Swelling
Regina Spektor - Machine
YACHT- Psychic City
Jimmie Rodgers - TB Blues
Vaqueros Paganos - Asesinos

Image from: Wikipedia's Entry on "Thinking About the Immortality of Crabs" Artist: Greg Williams
Online Comic I'm Currently Reading: Templar, Arizona
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Busyness And Birthdays A belated month - but only because of the harried pace of life. And while I would love nothing more than to dedicate my self (again) to the twin frivolties of 'fun' and 'communication of ones emotional state through artistic means' which drive this haphazard ship of woebegotten delights into the ragged rocks of alliterative allusions and malaproped metaphors.

All hands on deck our cavorting has run out of spare time.

So as a brief summary too congrats to Ana on her promotion and Molly on getting into her Doctoral program. Happy Birthday Craig and Ana. And lastly yay me. I did things too:

Short and Ugly Comic: shifter-magazine.com/shifter13.pdf
Quick and Brutal Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQmdQPy_3yg

So that was then - also on a small not the format is going down from 80 min shows to a brief 50 min. this is mainly due to space and time considerations

Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song
Women - Black Rice (Green Go remix)
Krazy Baldhead - The End ft. Beat Assailant
Bruce Springsteen - Erie Canal
Lisps - Documents
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Feel The Drip
Elliot Smith - Twilight
Passion Pit - Little Secret (Nouveau!)
Cat Power - Love and Communication
Le-Face - Salvador Dali
Vagabondopera Kabarista - Farewell
Honeycut - Shadows
Curious Hands - Birthday Song For Ana (Ed.  thanks guys!)
Lynne Richards with the Jimmy Etta Orchestra - Hydrogen Nitrogen Potassium

Image From: Tori Miki

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Says Simon's - Saints and Demons

Says Simon I been face to face with a Serpant, Demon and a Saint, think it is what it aint... Aint that right baby face?, cutie pie?, good lookin'?, twinkle in your Daddy's eye?

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This Old Hobo Is a Go-Go Another month and things are still happening - downturns or no, lay offs or not, things proceed to decay at a pace unprecedented. To our vestigial ape descended brain parts this is another insult thrown by the modern world. We are overcome with despair at times by not what is happening, which is still too fast and recent to comprehend, but on what has just happened. So shuttered from the immediate and blinkered to the future we have to cast about for a path with the blind ineptitude of dumb stones rolling down hills. Anxiety, nervousness, fear and dread, ever present but also on the rise - marking higher on the measure of my own inner metric the the rising tide of ill happenings far beyond my ken or control. There is no ennui among destitute - since there is just too much which remains to be done.

Also Ana's birthday is this month - so there is that too. We're thinking of a party in the park with an anti-scavenger hunt.

Also, Sket and the Hobo - a project blog for me and Ana (and a compliment to the still undisclosed Autoshop project) has gone "live" with the completion of a poorly illustrated and woefully written 7 pager, soon to be published, maybe - by an online magazine. Or not. Who knows. So here are Hobo themed songs (three really) to celebrate.

Hobo Jug Band <- hobo song
The Beginning Of The End - Funky Nassau, Pt. II
The Who - the Kids are Alright
Benjy Ferree -Fear
The Standells  - Medication
The Holy Modal Rounders - Give The Fiddler A Dram
The Fugs - I Saw The
Southeast Engine - Black Gold
Death - Politicians
The Long Blondes - Once And Never Again
Soko - I'll Kill Her
TMBG - (She was a) Hotel Detective in the Future
Dan Deacon - Snookered
Casey and Brian - Rumble in the Jungle
The Moving Sidewalks - Set Me Free (Feat. Billy Gibbons)
Link Wray and the Raymen - Baby What You Want Me To Do
Les Ambassadeurs Internationales - Mousso Gnaleden
The Frames - Lay Me Down
The Raincoats - Fairytale In The Supermarket
Papercuts - Future Primitive
Girls - Hellhole Rat Race
Deertick - These Old Shoes <-hobo song
Rt. 78W Outlaws - Too Much Tequila
Ame - Rej (Sonar Kollektiv Orchester cover)

image from:
Darwin from Mikero - also as a tee-shirt
Bellisop - Philosopher for Hire (shifter-magazine.com)

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Songs For February - Protein Electrophoresis Valentines Day Look I'll keep this brief as I've found little succor from expounding on this site to any length.
Instead let me divulge my recent doings - for diary purposes:
Got a 7 pager posted on Shifter Magazine about Bellisop. Not the best art I've ever made but hey.
Made me a composting bin. Ahh yeah I be mulch like a mother' now.
Semester 2 is GO!
After visiting Florida I now get to crash [on] the slopes of Vermont. Oh these wacky "doing things" thing is nuyts.

Also - got this here musical interlude:

Camisra - let me show you <snippet>
Sgt Pepper_s Lonely Hearts Club Band _Streetlab mix_
Larkin Grim - How To Catch A Lizard
Man Man-Easy Eats Or Dirty Doctor Galapagos
Lucky Dragons - Jean's Theme
Leadbelly-C.C. Rider
Owl Brain Atlas - Doktor Tongues
LCD Soundsystem-New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
Camper van Beethoven - Eye of Fatima
High places - From Stardust to Sentience
Ezrra Furman - Not Recognized-The Stakes are High
Company - <Snippet>
Firewater - Hey Clown
Kasey Chambers And Shane Nicholson - Jackson Hole
Mike Monday - Through the Keyhole
unknown - snippet
SoulWax Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band - A Fifth of Beethoven (Hidden Cat’s “Based on the Soulwax” Edit)
Otis Redding - Pain In My Heart
M.Ward - Rave On
Dani Deahland Mike Gillenwater - TheSoundOfDisco
Wavves - So Bored
Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like A Promethea
Samara Lubelski - Taste the Candy
Royskopp - Happy Up Here
Port O'Brien - Fisherman's Son
Muck and the Mires - Hypnotic
Deerhunter - Saved By Old Times
Emperor Machine - Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised
George Harrison - I'd Like to Be a Pirate

Image from: The incontestable excellence of B. Patrick, Akimbo
In memory of:
Joseph M. Williams (1933-2008) who wrote The Phenomenology of Error which I found to be clear headed and rational a scare trait in composition studies. That he purposefully included 100 errors in it was both smart and funny.
"Real readers reading real texts don't respond to error as grammarians want them to. Nor, in fact, do the grrammarians."
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Brief Interlude - Songs for January Another year - but this one seems to have more promise right?

It certainly seems that way. So lets keep our fingers crossed and kick it off by listening to my new favorite song that, according to Colin Larkin and a 1998 BBC poll is the worst album ever.

  1. Screaming Lord Sutch and the Heavy Friends - Flashing Lights
  2. Jimi Tenor - Bacon Alive
  3. Yo La Tango
  4. Afuche - Umm Champ Chemp
  5. Tradewinds - Mind Exscursion
  6. Do Make Say Think - Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
  7. Unknown Artist - Unknown
  8. Jackie Lee - Happy Vacation
  9. Peggy Sue and the Pictures - Once We Were Strangers
  10. Bill Cosby - Funky North Philadelphia
  11. Ratatat - Tropicana
  12. Lattie Moore - Pull Down the Blinds
  13. Wurzels - Rock DJ & Pushnoy - Satisfaction (Thanks to RadioClash!)
  14. Tower of Power - What is Hip
  15. The Ramones - Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio
  16. Linda Gail Lewis - Ain't Nothing Shakin
  17. The Whitest Boy Alive - Island
  18. Hoagy Lands - Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand
  19. Takeshi Terauchi & the Bluejeans - So Ren Pushi (? Maybe ?)
  20. Puppini Sisters - Crazy In Love (The Real Tuesday Weld Remix)
  21. Fiery Furnaces - Here Comes The Summer
  22. Unknown Artist - Mama Loochie
  23. Detroit Cobras - I Wanna Holler But The Town's Too Small
  24. Quiet Village - Circus of Horror

Image from: A Softer World
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Belated November Hola,

Everything is late - lateness is the order of the day
If winding gyres were unwinding daydreams
And learning and learning is of the most dire
And the thing I could not do is just to pay attention
Mere distractions make me lose the world
At my best these are convictions
my eventual goals aligned with these passions.

  1. FloBots - We Are Winning
  2. Erykah Badu - Amerykahn Promise
  3. Human Highway - The Sound
  4. Dirtbombs - It's Not Fun Until They See You Cry
  5. Blitzen Trapper - God & Suicide
  6. La Lupe - Con El Diablo En El Cuerpo
  7. They Might Be Giants - Seven Days Of The Week (I Never Go To Work)
  8. Why - The Fall Of Mr. Fifths
  9. Alejandro Escovedo - Chelsea Hotel '78
  10. Mr. Scruff - Kalimba
  11. The Pica Beats - Poor Old Ra
  12. caUSE co-MOTION! - baby don't do it
  13. Ratatat - Mirando
  14. Cool Kids - What Up Man
  15. The Foxboro Hot Tubs - Stop Drop and Roll
  16. The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made for You
  17. The Chemical Brothers - Battle Scars (Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve Re-Animation)
  18. The Raconteurs - Hold Up
  19. Cut Copy - Lights And Music
  20. Hauschka - Blue Bicycle
  21. Nathaniel Mayer - Village Of Love Going Back To The Village Of Love

Image From: Sconeborough
Congratulations to: American Progressives
Condolences: Nathaniel Mayer

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Ramlbin Man - Songs for October Ramblin' Man....  Happy Birthday.

Listening to music makes me happy in some ways. Look, here I am listening to ... .. . good lord: Bauhaus of all things.... and I'm not in a bad mood. I actually remember Seattle '99, a studio with 5 friends. One of whom, Tom (mother' stills owes me for the phone bill) shooting coke and listening to this proto-industrial rumble. Good Times.

If music was invented today they'd make it illegal. Music is an altered state in the same way that a deep conversation is mind fuck. I hear the Special's "Ghost Town" and I remember that roadtrip where I totally faked fanhood cause I hoped to get laid.

How much of my current list is based off that premise? Shit, I may not be the best with the ladies, but all of them have turned me on to music which is in-arguably essential. The Pixies, The Talking Heads, Paul Oakenfold, Neutral Milk Hotel .. . I should make a list of the the sounds I got turned on to and who did it too me. Honestly, it would be a mixed bag, I should shelve that for a bit I guess.

I'm pretty mixed up about all this stuff actually. Torn between celebrating and crying have I been reduced to that?  I actually started to deal with deep buried emotional pain earlier this week, I might be getting to the point of maturity where I can spout masturbatory monologues of how life done me wrong and not actually be sarcastic anymore.

Ah shit! Another round! Round the sun - open the bottle and let us listen to this music that I like ... . .

I may never be Lester Bangs, I may yet be E. O. Wilson though. Fuck this life is getting on without me. I better lower that bar; I may never be myself but at least I won't be my dad.
Danbert Nobacon - Nixon is my dentist
I got my Obama shirt in the mail today. I do believe it is an omen. Got the Hope?
Hank Williams III - Pills I Took
This was suggested by a certain "Mike Dunn". no no not the track - which is my own twisted sensibilty but the artist. Google on that man and I do hope you see me.
BUKE & GASS - Rum for You (Edit)
No thanks I'll have the wine.
They Might Be Giants - The Shadow Government
Got their show at the Le Puisson Rouge. Man brings tears to my eyes.
Cult of Sue Todd - Burn Tampa
THE STAND OUT track - seriously not only do I find this in my heavy rotation but I also find myself absolutely floored over my own kick ass obscurity.
Charlie Haden - Song Of The United Front
Now this cat is cutting country tracks now a days and that is fine for what it's worth. But he cut his teeth with the Liberation Music Orchestra and that is bonus in my book.
Erin McKeown - Blackbirds
Also a suggestion from Mike - now who would have thought that in my yearly return to Missoula the only hombre with an updated playlist of suggestions is a Freak Folk fan?
Honest I didn't plan this.
Caesars - Jerk It Out
Of no bearing to this track, which is oversaturated 60's beach blanket bingo revivalism and nothing more, I must say that while in Missoula I had the chance to play a Dungeons and Dragons game with a group of Elementary Schoolers (let us just ball park the age as an average of 7) ...
Carla Bruni - Those Dancing Days Are Gone
Now that was exhausting and stupifiyng, good kids but they have the attention span of the cable news cycle. Now in returning to Brooklyn I may actually have the chance to play some 3.5 D&D with some local collegiate geeks.
Feist - 1, 2, 3, 4
If it happens it will be tough cause I know how distractions can do this to me where I lose focus on the important things and then wham 5 years later I'm wondering why I have a degree in Computer Science.
Howard Hello - Television
Which gets me thinking ... just how many CIS kids are where they are because of porn? I'm not saying that I wound up with this because of a brain wired in a pubescant formulation of priorities.. . . I'm just wondering. . . I don't see why it need be about me, right?
Jeffery Lewis - The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane
Well sure ... yes yes that is the other half of the equation about how I got here, yes.
Koufax - AnyMomentNow
See the important thing to remember is that is can all turn around right? That is why I've been working hard and going to school. To make this existence not merely about my mistakes but about my successes.
The LK - Private Life of a Cat
I really think that is all I have to say about this - I mean music is important to me and to my context as a person but this is getting ridiculous I'm just wasting time and space writing down my string of consciousness figuring out the set list.
Mickey Hart, Zakir Hussain, Sikiru Adepoju & Giovanni Hidalgo- Dances With Wood
Alright alright alright - this is about the music then not about me or some greater 'truth' about myself. Coincedentally this sounds like trance made via organic instruments.... hmmm.
Isobell Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Ramblin Man
Now do you see what a fine mess this is? I was supposed to be all somber when I was introducing this song. it is supposed to be a reflective consideration of my own compulsion to flee the emotional turmoils of my life -and how they are bound up in other people. How I both want to please
BPA - Toejam
them so they don't leave me and also run from them so that I don't have to be responsible for them.
Legendary Pink Dots - Torchsong
but really it is just a song, and it doesn't mean anything .. . and I'm just feeling messed up because of midterms and work and how my mom is doing ... she sasy that the physical therapy is coming along pretty ell and she may qualify to retire early. Which is kind of like happiness right?
Pernice Brothers - Discover A Lovelier You
But, actually, things are good. I mean sure they could be better, but that is always the case. If you take a large enough sample of the universe you find out that there is nothing permanent nor certain - and yet we still, by chance, exist. . .
Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
And along with us are other chances and people and purposes. And sometimes you find yourself in college and sometimes you find yourself selling your plasma to the Portland blood bank to make rent.
The Be Good Tanyas-The Littlest Birds
Is anything a surprise? Have I finally quit being crazy? Was all the fun I had when young just a fluke of chemicals and not actually an appreciation of
Brooklyn Rider - Crosstown
the world as it really is? Yeah, actually I can pretty much believe that to be the case. I'd like to think that it is entertaining to third parties if I leave out the details that happened in between.
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead
Certainly it wasn't all just studio apartements and drugs? No. It was the kafkaesque moments of being escourted out of Amazon.com because after two weeks of coming to work and getting paid they realized I wasn't in their HR system.
The Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll
It was being fired from KFC for building a snowman, on off hours, in their parking lot ...
The Dandy Warhols - Easy
though admiteddly when it got smashed by that SUV and I threw the disembodied head at the windshield and it turned out to be the regional manager I couldn't particularly blame the store manager for his decision. Really, imagine his position.
Ezra Furman - We Should Fight
But that is what makes it all the more astonishing! Things have changed - I've changed! This summer I was the lab assistant to a immersive molecular biology course . .. 
The Slits - Ping Pong Affair
except it was at a community college.
Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go
Is this it a string of anecdotes and misremembered memories? Didn't I use to have greater dreams? Do I taste the vomit of my body rebelling or is it the bile of my soul dying?
The Clash - Capital Air with Ginsberg
Is that enough self important omphalous gazing or what? Do I have to have god damn soliquiy with cabeza here to get a MacArthur?
Wynton Marsalis Septet-Juba And A O'Brown Squaw
This music list is as authentically an accurate representation of my self as one can expect in our modern age. Or at least can be expected from me.

image from: Berkely Breathed, "Opus" - hey I'm sure you get this all the time Mr. Breathed, but I really was influenced by your stuff when I was young and I've found it to be a well spring of wisdom throughout my life.

note to future self, you once lived with a girl, and every morning you woke up to find flowers at the foot of the bed. each of you thought the other had put them there. It turned out to be the cat though.

POSTSCRIPT: The birthday day itself was absolutely incredible featuring Central Park, Thai Food, Tequila shoots and a Mathematical based tattoo from Greenwich village, a walk in on Banksy's Pet Store, a dine and dash of margaritas and churros, a creepy deep house experience at club LOVE, and then the two hour train ride. Top it all off with a roll out of bed and go to morning Sunday class moment.

Thanks for everything Babe.

I guess I was just having a stupid moment there taking life seriously.

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Mixtape for Music 101 - CC1.3 09.19.08 Pitfalls of Compilations

Like every able minded wit in this new century's culture wars, I have a podcast. In all humility it is a simple affair, intended to be bi-weekly, it now struggles along at almost a monthly pace.

The original intent, beyond the glorious wealth and epic fame of being a podcaster, was to create a feedback loop of finding new music, making it available as a piece, and then, of course, finding more. Little did know the amount of time needed to put together one hour of music. I bete musicians feel the same, only more so.. .

Part of the issue is time spent listening to music. I had seriously underestimated the amount of time and attention that this requires. The basic necessity, to listen intently to a song, compounded by the ridiculous wealth in good music that our age best exemplifies, is basically absurd. Thanks to the internet, WFMU's Antique Phonograph show is as easily available as that Moxie Fruvous bootleg I got kicking around somewhere. By which I mean; the obscure areifacts are everywhere it just listening. And once you start you realize how endless it all is.

I spend more time now "culling the herd" than finding the selections. My average show starts at around three hours long - then I spend a few days listening and removing and adding on, until I've gotten to that CD-R sweet spot of 80 min. Usually another couple of days are spent juggling the order of tracks until their sequence is coherent. Another dat tweaking levels and getting the fades right, and often a last minute substitution or two. Fianlly the set list is compiled, and depending on time constraints I may link to the artists and I may write comments. In the olden days of "leisure time" I'd even record spoken bits to intro and seqway songs and sections. this is unlikely to happen now.

In the interests of saying something, here are the rationalizations for track inclusion and highlights for the mix I have here:

01 - Amon Tobin - Get Your Snack On
The heavy textures and repititive moments of this are given a lighter and jazzier feel by the diverse organic sounding palatte of samples.
02 - Matmos - Zealous Order of Candied Knights
Following on from that orgainc sound is Matmos who has made some of the most insightfult inroads of producing along thematic lines. This is from their Civil War album.
03 - People Like Us - My Son Jim (excerpt)
04 - Hifana - Wamono PV
05 - The Books - It Never Changes to Stop
06 - Kid Koala - Fender Bender
Probably on of the most skilled turntabilists of this generation. This is one of the more expansive tracks from his first album - it features a large variety of well meshed vinyl.
07 - Cex - OD'd on First Base
08 - Dj Food & DK - Let's Play Drums
From thier "Now, Listen!" album this "track" is not the best - but it has a very good beat, yes?
09 - Kid606 - MP3 Killed The CD Star
One of the more accessible tracks from this laptop artist, here edited to a more managable size.
10 - Mum - Abakvid Tvaer Hædir,,,,sundlau
11 - Dj Vadim - Dig Yourself Baby
12 - Prefuse 73 & the Books - Pagina Cuatro
13 - Dj Z-Trip & Dj P - Uneasy Listening Track 4
Off of their freely downloadable album of the same name.
14 - Amon Tobin - Foley Room
A studio heavy music concrete with a largely IDM influenced percussion the track is a step away from his earlier jazzy sound.
15 - Dj Shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Salt (excerpt)
16 - Proem - Negativ - Bolt Action A17 - Proem - Negativ - Bolt Action A
17 - Skalpel - Tension
18 - Plastiq Phantom - Experimentation on Foreign Light
19 - Negativland - What's Music (excerpt)
20 - Radio Soulwax - paul simon - ladytron - (guitarsolo)
21 - Volcano The Bear - Five Hundred Boy Piano (excerpt)
22 - Richard Devine - block, variation
23 -Kid Koala - Basin Street Blues
24 - Squarepusher & MC Twin Tub - Full Rinse
25 - The Art Of Noise - How To Kill
26 - Man or Astroman - A Simple Text File
A wonderful printer piece, true electronica

image from: Nietzsche Family Circus

Coincidentally this is from a music diary for the Brooklyn College cc1.3 class. The mix itself was done in the vein of finding electronic music of a certain odd caliber after a discussion of the matter with the professor.

For those curious, yes, college is going well, thanks for asking. I may not be making these show too often anymore but it is a nice break from the studies - and in this case fits in well besides them.

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Songs for July - It is all lucky catch 22's Oh
there ain't a cloud in heaven which has got more than a single silver lining. the lucky days do come and go but

is it just my life that is being lost in this town?
or someone else's life?
or something else of mine?

Does it seems like it's me changing - how do I know it isn't that I've found what someone else lost and since I've not got one of my own I have space to fill
and fill it I will

with whatever I find in this city specific sorrows. Like
the anonymity is really starting to get to me lately, maybe, but
who knew I needed definitions to be happy?

the last thing I want to do is burn it down, but there is that list.
The list of other things to try before I burn it all down.

I don't want poetry I want to punch someone in the throat.

I got accepted to Brooklyn College, but probably shouldn't go.
Sophie Tucker - School for Red Hot Mamas
Benny Sings - Get There
Fionn Regan - Hey Rabbit
Smog - Four Hearts in a Can
Drop nineteens - (plus fish)
ABBA - You Owe Me One
Modern Lovers - I'm Straight
Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling into Piece
Blind Boys of Alabama - Servant's Prayer Amen
Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - Artrocker (Feat. Dan Treacy)
Books - Read, Eat, Sleep
cLOUDDEAD - Physics of a Unicycle
Devo - Speed Racer
Black Moth Super Rainbow - The Afternoon Turns Pink
Robin Thicke - I'm A Be Alright
Small Faces - Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
Solomon Burke - Baby I Wanna Be Loved
Kung Babar Elefant
Spoon - Believing is Art
The Sea and the Cake - Polio
Damon Albarn - Closet Romantic
Matt Costa - Trying to Loose my Mind
Josh Ritter - Mind's Eye
The Guess Who - Rain Dance
Gaelic Storm - Nancy Whisky
The Mountain Goats - Blood Royal
The Sparrows - Wofee Woyaa He Ni (bra-dipo beat ga)
 [From Voodoo Funk welcome to town hope the show goes well]
atans rieger blakc metul 666 teh bark ov teh tevil vnd barg biekernis DER SECOND SONG FROM TEH EVOL ALBAM! - DER TRUE BLAKC ME
Image From: Big Fat Whale's The Classy Dozen

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ddNTP - Songs for June As always and ever it is my great joy to snatch from the hands of time the moment of life unmeasured.

This month has been fairly erratic - I've gotten a position as a fancy lab assistant at school which, I humbly must admit, I doubt I am qualified for. Of course there are many things I'm not qualified for which I do anyways, or which people pay me to do.

It really is a great thing when people believe we live in a meritocracy and the playing field is uneven. I blame the liberals for the former and the conservatives for the latter, just so you know my stance on these things. The situation makes it so that for each inequality you can leverage in your favor the more open people are to thinking you the rightful holder to that which by error, accident, hook and crook you've been able to obtain.

All this leads up to the notion that by attaining something I'm unqualified for I've actually shown how qualified I am. Which makes me feel remarkably good about myself while also putting me in a position where I recognize the pointlessness of my situation.

On that note, let's listen to some music.

Twilight Hotel - Viva La Vinyl
Ralph Gean - star trekkin' rock n' roll cowboy
Kate & Anna Mcgarrigle - sugar baby
Gorillasuit - Everybody at the beach
Hal Blaine - Trippin' Out (June)
Bull Moose Jackson - Big Ten Inch Record
Nylon Rythm Machine - Been through so much together
Islands - 08 Volcanoes
Luigi and Antonio Russolo - Corale
Arrah and the Ferns- Skylark
Nellie McKay - Identity Theft
Conor Oberst - 12 I Don't Want To Die In The Hospital
American Breed - partridge weiners spot
The Seeds - mr. farmer
Noonday Underground - boy like a timebomb
April Aloisio - Duid Deed
Faith no More - something for the girl with everything (with sparks)
Ernest Ranglin - Memories of Baber Mack
Laibach - NSK
Salty Pirates - Black minds and white lies
Jorge ben - amor de carnaval
Ennoi Morricone - L'estasi Dell'oro (The Ecstasy Of Gold)
Cinematic Titanic - Piece of Eights
Los Campesinos You Me Dancing
COIN-OP - Karl killed Nicholas
Scientific Cricket - barbarashop cricket
Crystal Castles - Alice Practice
Flaming Lips - One Shot
Archie Shepp - Scag
Mice Parade - Guitars for plants
Image from:
Teaching Baby Paranoia
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Altogether Now Hey everyone - it has been too long yes?

Surely it has but so it goes.

This one goes out to the madness of the city, the full time school, the real job, the paid tutor position, the honors project, the 1 month roommate (lots of respect to you bud), the co-worker who went west and went missing, the armory show i caught, the 10,000 shows I missed, the brief light of our lives wasted away on frivolous noise. And, of course my, babe.

To put it all in a pot and boiling it all down we find ... what do we find?

In no particular order (well a little I did try)

Horse Latitudes_sounds of the canyons
00 - 12-moby - slipping away - 2005
The E.L.F.  - cockroaches
02 satellite
07 Walking On Clouds
12 Europop
12 Wavy Gravy
Cosmosis - 09 - Down At The Crossroads
8PM @ Deep Sounds episode 031
Andain - Beautiful Things 
_Megan_DJ Tiesto feat. Jan
OctoProject_Blackmoth Super Rainbow-Psychic Swelling
Enigma - Essence
Bananarama - Look on the floor
Banco de Gaia - Obsidian
HEARTSRevolution  -  CYOA
The LK - Private Life of a Cat
Bon Iver - 06 Creature Fear
Family fodder film_music
Bent - Always
cafe del mar vol 4 - chicane - offshore ambient mix
Clark - Break-In
Dj Doboy - The Vocal Edition Volume 25
Dan Deacon - Big Big Big Big Big
dj tiesto - suburban train
DJ Turbine - Drifting Towards Daylight
Paul Oakenfold _Diving Face
gigi dagostino - ill fly wi
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Heavyfeets Get Stupid On The Dancefloor Dub)
kansai - remember this night (chilled mix)
Headstrong Feat Tiff Lacey - Show Me The Love (Judge Jules Edit)
Odessi - Over again (Original club mix)
White Williams - New Violence
orbital - halcyon on and on
Paul Oakenfold -
paul oakenfold - password
paul oakenfold - purple
eric prydz - vinyl - call on me
Paul Oakenfold - Swordfish
Way Out West - Muthafucka (Hernan Cattaneo Mix)
Perpetual Feat Fisher - Innocent Manvel Ter (Pogosyan Remix)
Way Out West - Mindcircus _
royksopp - remind me
Royksopp - What Else Is There (thin_white_duke_mix)
Michael Woods - Solex (dogzilla vs michael woods rmx)
Signalrunners - Corrupted (Original Mix)
Sky Falls Down
Styx - Mr Roboto
The Prince of Piano - In My Dream
Tom Grant - 2-30 AM

image courtesy of a certain babes flickr account:
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Songs for Small Breaks (AKA Hydrogen) The quickest little things often take so much time. For instance at the moment I am posting this are an seemingly endless number of things I rather ought to be doing instead - alas - these are the tepid fruits of my sorely constrained time.

This podcast itself has in fact haunted my drive for nearly 3 weeks and is only now being released into the wild - not for a lack of quality but a lack of time.

However given the matter of music or edification I have to say that the time I have spent on the latter is well worth it as things are proceeding exceedingly well. For the case of the record I now have definitive evidence that a certain lab materials company is selling Barfoed's Reagent that is in a sad state of reacting. Their Benedict's Reagent is quite fine though.

Chad Vangaalen - Flower Gardens
Pastel Vespa - The Boys are Back in Town
Tomorrow - Am I Glad to see you
1900s - When I Say Go
Boom Bip - Third Stream
Choclate watchband - misty lane
Elliot Smith - Ballad of Big Nothing
Giant Drag - Slayer
Dee Dee Sharp - Baby Cakes
Leadbelly - Pigmeat
Tom Waits - Sea of Love
The Shaggs - Philosophy of the World
The Spinners - One of a Kind
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Make It Good To Me
Belle & Sebastian - Dress Up In You
M.Craft - Love Knows How To Fight
Marvin Gaye - My Mistake (Was To Love You) (feat. Diana Ross)
Bill Wyman - Si Si Je Suis Un Rock Star
Noah and the Whale - 5 Years Time
Hospital Bombers - The Devil's Music
Chubby Checker - The Twist
Barbara Lewis - Pushin' A Good Thing Too Far
Bjrn Svin - Mer Strm 2
Peter's Faces - I Don't Care
Unknown Artist - Sherburne (From World of Music Compilation)

Image from:
The excellent and inimitable
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Cd Swap This is more about the Contrast Podcast Cd Swap then Valentines Day . When the Final Selection is made by Andrew from Circles of Concrete  -- I'll update the page an throw a link to the other contributers selections . Until then enjoy - and ask yourself which would I pick?

Mojo Nixon - Rockin' Religion
Led Zepplin - Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
The Pixies - Subbacultcha
Village Stomper - washington square
The Bonzo Dog Band - Humanoid Boogie
Diesler - Cotton Wool
Badly Drawn Boy - Bewilderbeast
Ralph Gean - Kill for a Cigarette
Tiga - Far From Home
Huggy Bear - Herjazz
Atari Teenage Riot - Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
Fatback Band - Got to Learn How to Dance
Future Kings of Nowhere - Ten Simple Murders
Strip Squad - Pervert Expert
Beat the Devil - Plea Bargain
Bitch and Animal - Best Cock on the Block
Dj Food & DK - Square Off - Mirror in the Bathroom
Professor Longhair - Big Chief
The Bees - No One Better Than You
KRS one - The Bridge is Over
Man or Astroman - Evert 1 Pipkin
Shocking Blue - Ink Pot
B.B. King - I Like To Live The Love
Murray Attaway - Allegory

image from - www.pspealman.com
( a sticker I made just for the CD Swap Congratulation Andrew on getting the Sticker!)
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oh god now what happens...

Daft punk - Something About Us
The Indelicates- Julia, We Don't Live In The '60s
The Modern Jazz Quartet - For Someone I Love (Live)
The Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died
Brendan Benson And The Wellfed Boys - Alternative To Love
Bishop Allen - Things Are What You Make Of Them
Monty Python - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

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Chunk!es - Bonus Level 2000 Time is getting short once more and you know what that means. A sudden decrease in the quality of the posts.

Now now.. . follow me here into this backroom for I've a shady secret to share - see here, I only have time to do so much. We both know how that is.  I want to maximize the music I share not create a thickness of links and tangents, digressions, and filler. Things that provide my identity - that personal touch to the selection - must take a back seat now.

But it is a fine line - this detachment puts me within range of that absentee dj which factory radio craps out. Certainly nothing I'd like to have in my life. But harsh times call for harsh hash biscuits with a side of resignation gravy (a little light please - the doctor, you know, says I need to watch my diet). This loss of voice is a problem I acknowledge and will work against - but some slippage is bound to occur.

So here I'll post with the notion that this could be done better, ought to be done better, by time and life are short and the main motive is, as it always has been, to kick out the jams.

  1. People Like Us - Music of Your Own
  2. Future Wives - Dark Side of the Man
  3. eMiL Jensen - Ghana mot Italien
  4. Flaming Lips - God's A Wheeler Dealer
  5. Chocolate Watch Band - Let's Talk About Girls
  6. The Mark Four - I'm Leaving
  7. Rufus Thomas Jr - Tiger Man (King of the Jungle)
  8. Donovan - Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)
  9. Pendulum - Girl in the Fire
  10. Tullycraft - Our Days in Kansas
  11. Volumen - Battle for Chromozon
  12. Rocket From The Crypt - Middle
  13. au P'tit Bonheur - Padam (Piaf)
  14. Janis Joplin - Easy Once You Know How
  15. Ariane - Moffatt Montreal
  16. Ruth Brown - This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’
  17. Mighty Joe Young - Ain't Nobody Home
  18. Balloon Farm - Question of Temperature
  19. Velvet Underground - White Light / White Heat
  20. Tinariwen - Cler Achel
  21. Tarwater - 70 Rupees to Paradise
  22. Nervous Norvus - Transfusion
  23. Eddy Cochrane - 20 Flight Rock
  24. Frank Zappa - I'm Not Satisfied

Image From:

Backing Tracks:
Portishead - Requiem for Anna (un jour comme un autre - Anna)
Psapp - My Fair Lady
Pyramids - Brain Monster
Miles Davis - I Don't Wanna Be Kissed (Medely)
Soul Station - This I Dig of You

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To the Front! Brevity this day my loyal readers. A busted keyboard and little to prattle on about means that original text is at a premium and I shan't bother with the niceties.

So welcome to 2008 and enjoy two hours of some selected tracks. Like a very special after school special I hope that we can all learn a very important lesson from what just happened. And so, drugs are bad (or at least expensive), you don't need friends like that, and, of course, time is precious. Oh so precious - I wouldn't read this verbiage I spew grab the tracks and go do something for christ's sake.

Lets get started.

1) Sargasso Trio - Heels on Fire
Just about perfect. And this is the stand out track of the ol' cast.

2) The Field - Fall From A Height (Remix)
Tied and Tickled Trio - Aelita 1
The much ballyhooed Swedes in rough mix with the post jazz of the trio.

3) B.C. Camplight - Soy Tonto!
A masterful piece of eclecticity by a man I can really identify with.

4) Lisa Portelli - A Mon Meuble
I don't know French but I know what I like.

5 ) Chromeo - Fancy Footwork
The best electro-pop funk educated 2 step duo since the 80's.

6) Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma
And their back for a second track. Less Paul Simon more lerft field.

7) The Magnetic Fields - Three-Way
The opening track on their new album is this stellar piece of heavy drenched erotic propulsuion.

8) Enon - Mirror on You 
(site not epileptic safe) Need more noise and this time with lyrics? Another opening track.

9) The Shermans - Dumbhead
Let's bring it down with this jangle pop series of insults.

10) David Vandervelde - Nothin’ No
And let's bring in the fuzz with some psychedelic retrospective on the pressing interests of love.

11) The Whitsundays - Sorry James
Let us know put that to the task of age.

12) Dr. Dog - Ain’t It Strange
To close this set let's get a bit of Beatles-esque revival. Oh that is nice - a balm on the frazzled soul it is.

13) Tunng - Bullets
Is it a narrative, a survivalist trope on the dangers of forgetting and trying? A rumination on loss and life? A spectacular folksie sing along? yes

14) Steve Dawson - Fun Machine One
Get up and jig now. An open plain and ample night clothe this track and bring the guitar a quality of lyrical fire.

15) Miss Li - I’m Sorry, He’s Mine
"And it started like love should. I tole him from my best friend." Doesn't get any straighter than that.

16) Patrick and Eugene - Postcard From Summerisle
Oh that is nice piece of weird right there. Electronica can't do no wrong.

17) Midnight Juggernauts -
Dragonette's I Get Around (Remix)
A solid bass bin kick is elemental to any good groove. The vocal samples with additional reworking takes the head bop and hand dance into pure pop infection territory.

18) DJ Logic feat. Miri Ben-Ari
A very ambient track of Logic working with the instrumental hip hop violinist Ben-Ari.

19) Mandragora - La Cumparsita (Tango Christ Superstar)
A re-working (orgaicmash-up, jazz riff, etc) of the Cumparsita with Jesus Christ Superstar's bassline. Encore!

20) Hungry Marching Band - Gde Si Bre
This lively outfit just did a show that I missed. My greatest regret of the year so far. Coincidentally how cool is the album name: "Portable Soundtracks for Temporary Utopias"?

21) Lou Reed - Perfect Day
Mr. Reed just keeps getting better and by the gods of if this track hasn't aged half as well as the rest than the geometrical growth of goodness shall soon outstrip the entire catalog of crooning whelps of the present day. Saccharine pop bullshit and all.

22) Kerkko Koskinen - Sparkling Arsenic
A whirlwind orchestral set of the ex-Ultra Bra-ist with the Umo Jazz Orchestra. Sounds like Yoko Kanno with a spy movie OST.

23) Mariee Sioux - Wizard Flurry Home
Haunting and hurt - chills all around. But the warm instrumentation and rhythmic lyricism saves it from being a melancholic dirge or sap fest all to common in these tropes.

24) Mekons - Dickie, Chalky and Nobby
oh I needed this.

25) George Bush - Imagine

26) Grails - Silk rd
And this PDX track to give me a little room to breath before I go claustrophobic shit for brains insane on the closed in breathing that I feel when I think of the next 366 days.

27) Emir Kusturica & No Smoking Orchestra - Who killed the D.J.
Alas the song is too solid for the fog of memory to be contained in only by the original release and has spawned from the first the denizens of strange continents interjoined by oddity and inspiration.

28) MC5 - Kick out the Jams
Just what I needed to get the old blood sloshing around these old collapsed and bruised tubes to half aspirated ventricles and world weary capillaries. Join me now for the head long rush into what is bound to be a spectacular year.

image from:
Backing tracks:
Band Of Horses - Is there a ghost
Be Mine (Ocelot Mthrfckrs Remix)
Pratique - Death for Blushing Rogue
mini mix nine
Digitalism  - Idealism
Xiu Xiu - I Do What I Want When I Want
Blur - Country House

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A Zwarte Piet Holiday For the more perceptive of you - you may have noticed an interesting spelling of name than the common hum drum consonant-vowel-consonant type. For the more Dutch of you you may have not thought anything of it. And if your are as perceptive and Dutch as I am you'd be completely confused about nearly anything - especially this bit.

I'll cut right to the quick - I share my name with the Santa's black friends. The helpful and kind, and once enslaved, but now just friends, assistants to Saint Nick.

I could pillage this Sedaris piece for cheap laughs but I've got a classy angle here to up hold so I'll spare the sallacious back story of pseudo-sobriquets for another occasion when I'm feeling even more like boring everyone with a ham-fisted intro.

So here is David Sedaris and his "Six to Eight Black Men" from his Live at Carnegie Hall performance.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays from all of me to all of you.

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Subterranean Homepage News

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Monthlies for December My self proclaimed hiatus seems to have been declared in haste. Admittedly this has much to do with the matter of my being recently relieved of my scholastic concerns and let loose in those green pastures of leisure time.

And like all things leisurely, such as strolls, it is a constitutional, a blam on the jaded nerves and jangled devices of self defense. Not to put too fine a point on it this is a bit of a mix up more leaning to the classics as would befit a peace of mind.

Enough blather - oh but one thing, before I continue - be sure to take a tab and catch up on your folk's eye candy by checking out the adventures of Quasi. Still un-inspired? Catch the 1967 video for Pierre Henry's Psyché Rock. Astounding enough that it's machine evolution predates Kurzweil and more effective because of it.

One last video, sure how about the entire 1929 movie from Communist Russia Man with Movie Camera. Your grandfather's jaw presumably dropped during the raw 'documenting the world as it is' scene.

Alright enough of that. Lets listen to some music.

Hombres - Let it Out (let it all hang out)
Mark Prindle sums it up better than I ever could.

Creaky Boards - Brooklyn
This is, for me, right now, a definitive track. It is also very good and catchy too. They haven't made a big move in the world yet but they seem to have the chops for the pop indie boards and I for one highly anticipate watching their development.

Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
The Paul Simon afro beat inflected swing in this piece is adds the force necessary to get the song shaking a steady rhythm. I can only wish that I had played it sooner.

Les Problemes - Je ne Vois Rien
This French 60's psych song roughly translates as "I don't See Anything" - included here for the furious francophilia each of us have at heart. I don't have much information of these guys but apparently they got involved with the french peace lovers in the '60s and acquired the ire of the conservative types on the matter of the war.

Olympic Runners - Just Funkin` Around
My soul funk submission for the month (by contractual obligation) is this stand out freak out jazzed up track by the overlooked and underheard UK band.

The Stranglers - Golden Brown
It's the most up tempo song about heroin - Merry Christmas!

New Pornographers - Myriad Harbour
Another modern miracle of catchy tunes about NYC. What luck! And yes it's a track that should have gone up long time back.

Ian Dury - Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
Here's a little bit of advice, you're quite welcome it is free
Don’t do nothing that is cut-price you'll know what they'll make you be
They will try their tricky device, trap you with the ordinary
Get your teeth into a small slice of the cake of liberty
Loose Salute - Deathclub
Actually much more clean cut than you would think - the outfit is from the UK and is currently on Graveface. It's a high cut of folkpop and worth a visit.

Jimi Hendrix - 1983... (a Merman I Should Turn to be) (podcast cut)
Shortened by half - but needing no introduction.

Pierre Henry - Psyché Rock
Pierre was an exceedingly prolific 20th century composer. This track pairs him with a fellow composer, Michel Colombier, during the annus mirabilis of '67.
original video

Blitzen Trapper - Wild Mountain Nation
The hot shit from PDX. I like to think that in a perfect world these guys would crush the pearly stylings of the Doug Fir
in one awesome sonic histrionic session to kick off their careers and me shaking a busted fist and bloody maw at the front of the audience. But now their 'big time' - maybe now they can make it happen. Shit though that is a long way to go for a Doug Fir show.

Bram Tchaikovsky - New York Paranoia
Not "Girl of My Dreams" good but at least it's more earnest.

Look at that face - could you be less earnest about living in the 80s?

Panda Bear - Bros edit
I do hope everyone gets as much of a chilled out kick from this as I did. Damn near walked in to traffic. Damn near didn't care.

Bill Justis - College Man
At the time I had to post this I could only find a mostly instrumental track. It's still got the 'Hate College' bit so I decide to run with it. But don't dismiss Bill. Here is some of the excised lyrics:
I got a real cool chick
That doesn't dig no square
Gets college kicks
With her honey anywhere
For myself, now too old for Teenage Kicks can at least keep satisfied with college kicks.

Chandler Travis Philharmonic - Wireless
To quote their site:
Alternative Dixieland - Puts the 'harm" in "Philharmonic"
Though if cover design is anything I don't think this will go platinum:

man at least throw a lens flare on that thing.

Joe Turner & His Blues Kings - Shake, Rattle & Roll
Yeah it's so damn overplayed that I'm a frickin cliché to play it, right? Hell no - it's still good after the twentyth time round. Now you can pick this up on plenty of comps (and some originals if you invested well in the 90's) but I suggest this one:

Andrew Sisters - Beer Barrel Polka
Curiously it seems that this got good distribution because the Nazis popularized it when they invaded Czechoslovakia.
Then it got big play from Benny Goodman, and Billie Holiday, and Liberace.
So the only folks of 'lesser races' who haven't reclaimed this song yet are the gypsies. I feel an online petition for Gogol Bordello coming on.

Caribou - Melody Day
My current favorite doctor of mathematics fronted Canadian band.

The Raveonettes - Christmas Song
Ahh a christmas song that doesn't suck. How nice.

Image From: Fun On Mars

Backing tracks:
Quasi at the Quackadero - opening track
Uz Jsme Doma - Cod Liver Oil
Bodies of Water - I Guess I'll Forget the Sound
Bill Justis - Raunchy
Roberto Carlos - Amigo
Quasi at the Quackadero - The ooooh part

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To the UK chap looking for Top Gear's "Signature Tune" Thanks for searching out my page and I'm happy enough to supply the source of John Peel's Top Gear "Signature Tune" here's the blog that got to it first and even included a download of the full album.

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Fun Fact Did you know I get first page ranking on Google for the search terms Tuba Vocal Podcast?

Double Bonus! I also got first page for the same term in the image directory.
It's like winning Noble prize of weird. Do I really have that many tuba songs with vocals? Have I - somehow mistakenly - cornered the market on an over looked subgenre of tuba backed tracks?

Also a shout out to France, the UK and South Korea! I've never been to any of those places but they seem real nice. Thanks for the support guys.
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The Monthlies for November - The Skin of My Teeth! The Great Divide of the Weeklies and the Monthlies has fallen - and the podcast to prevent podfade must relinquish the hectic ground of the twice a month update to those whose endeavors are more seasoned for such epic things. Seasoned with garlic and time.

So the contemporary crap will mix with golden oldies in a sonic stew unpalatable to anyone but the deaf. Somehow I'm sure you'll all struggle on.

Also a 'hello' to everyone (all two of you) visiting me from Tim's Contrast Podcast! For those not in the know - he's done a democratic thing and had everyone vote on the best songs of 2007. Surely a smoking year and my opinions were long thought out and my reasons honed by the sweat of the ear tightly encased in headphones - but alas I thought to long and my votes  were rejected because of deadlines being missed and what not. Still Tim was nice enough to let me introduce two fine sparkling tracks and I highly suggest you check out the rankings of everyone's submission.

How is it that I get to be a representative without being able to vote? Well Tim's British and the democratic thing doesn't naturally so there is that. Or maybe he is trying to make things better in the British American rift (that whole secession thing lingers I've been told) by some strange inversion of the traditional processes. It very hard to tell, really.

Al Duvall - The Squirrel Shucking Bee
A promising piece of freak folk that endeavors to be both old timey backwoods revival without becoming a novelty - the results are mixed. Like the best revivalists Al's work succeeds when it is knowingly winking at the stereotypes of the form it covers. This song of handcrafted squirrel skinnings is of the latter and greater type.

Sharon Jones & Dap Kings - 100 Days, 100 Nights
Not a knowing wink or tidy nod this isn't a revival but a coelacanth  of the soulful funk of motown's golden era. Probably one of the best albums of the year.

Jo Jo and the Fugitives - Chips Chicken Banana Split
Of the compilation of Jamaica to Toronto is this dizzying piece of honest to goodness delight. While I can't find out about it's original release I did find that the compilation is stacked to brimming with other musical notables.

Dark Meat - One More Trip
A little loud a little brassy a thirteen piece outfit from Athens cruises the coast in a bus destined for no good.

Life In a Blender - Showers Lose the Girl
Taking a hardline stance against hygiene and romance Life reminds us of the reasons people have for smuggling heroin and inflating organs.

Dj JD - Falling
A rough segway to some rougher sounds. But do enjoy the spirit behind the sample.
Find the whole mix here.

Dmitrij - Fuck MNML, Fuck Trance - We Wanna DANCE vol. 3
The Czech's keep the party rocking with what is a great track of Bonde Do Role' Gasolina.
Find the whole mix here.

(Unattributed) - Cold Cut Solid Steel 10-17-2007
Lifting tunes off the live radio feeds of Australia leaves one in lurch when the attributions of the tunes are not included nor published. I imagine that they are distributed on leaflets by wallabies throughout the red tinted sunburned land of criminals and jazzy djs.
Catch the show here.

Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou - 80's dream parasol
A recent visitor to NYC from Fukuoka Japan (no, I'm making that up, really there is a town in Japan called that. Yes, I know - it probably does mean something else in their language and this whole thing is rather sophomoric). We hope he had a good time - because  we love the tourists.

C64 Orchestra - Monty on the run
And now for the glitches to be smoothed into pomo pomp (pomop?) and circumstance with an orchestral piece of 8 bit music. Like to stab out your ears with sharpened metronomes? Listen to the original.

Clear Tigers - Boredom
Middling to average I admit - but I like it. The soprano of the vocals are clear and the organic piano bits are great to boot. If they would have another round of shows here in town I'd probably pay them a visit.

High Places - Golden
Here is something I could get behind, see Clear Tigers they do shows that I can attend. A tidy piece of whimsy.

Seventeen Evergreen - Burn the Fruit
This is a spectacular band that to my knowledge is getting very little attention despite some good gifts and high production values. But I do have a soft spot for male female duets with xylophone rhythm sections.

The Rumblestrips - Alarm Clock
A band with a modicum of success overseas. Hopefully not due to the ska-ist inflections but the proto-punk jumpy rhythms and new wave breakdowns.

Mountain Goats - Alpha Incipiens
Damn it they came to town again and under my radar they rocked in manner I imagine I would have kicked myself for missing - and having missed it I kick myself.
official online live shows

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy - Television The Drug of the Nation
I've been watching Heroes and Flight of the Conchords a lot. I should stop but then again at least it's good stuff.
Stay Human!

Vitalic Remix - Cardboard Lamb
Another reason we all should support free use policies is because the groove needs to be made whether or not the original artist even likes it. That's right, recycling isn't just for paper and PETE products.

Steve Hefter and Friends of Friends - Bullshit
A piece of peaceful piano and angry sentiments to clear off the abuses of a month

Image from:

Backing tracks:

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The non-Halloween October Monthlies edition And with the holidays and everything what the hell.

1. Lee Dorsey - Confusion
2. Slim Harpo - Te-ni-nee-ni-nu
3. Page France - A Belly To The Sea
4. Byther Smith - What My Mamma Told Me
5. The Old Ceremony - Hearts Were Made
6. Mavis Staples - This Little Light
7. Howard Roberts - Sack O'Woe
8. Sam Cooke - Another Satruday Night
9. Mason Jennings - Where the sun had been
10. Little Milton - Who's Cheatin' Who
11. Champion Jack Dupree - Louise
12. Led Zeppelin - Dancing Days (Live)
13. Brazilian Girls - Sweatshop
14. James - Fine
15. Thee Headcoats - A Town Named Squaresville
16. Language Of Flowers - Songs About You
17. Charlie Feathers - tongue-tied jill
18. Jens Lekman - Pocketful Of Money
19. Neil Young - Expecting To Fly

Image from Kingdom of Loathing
Backing tracks:
Skeleton Keys - Watch The Fat Man Swing
Skip James - Catfish Blues
Skwei - NuFruit
Tierneys Fugitives - Did You Want To Run Away
Six Organs of Admittance - Dark Noontide
Plaid - porn coconut co

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The Weeklies Edition for October It's my birthday so the post needs no introduction blather.

1. The Feelies - Big Cheese
2. Uberzone - Satisfaction
3. Supermayer - The Art of Letting Go
4. Animal Collective - Peacebone
5. Jens Lekman - Drive In Bingo
6. Dave Grusin - Gasoline Alley
7. Cherrystones - Crawl Back To Mine
8. Jamie Lidell - Multiply
9. Roosevelt Franklin - Red Pepper pt. 1
10. Tom Brosseau - Committed to Memory
11. Reverend Horton Heat - Psychobilly Freak Out
12. Shack Shakers - Swampblood
13. The National - Fake Empire
14. Six Organs of Admittance - Hazy SF
15. Psapp - King Kong
16. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
17. Madvillian - Accordion
18. T Bone Burnett - I'm Going On A Long Journey Never To Return

Image From:
Backing Tracks:
Fujiya & Miyagi - Collarbone
Kelpe Yippee Space
Tom Tyler - Drinking Tea From an Empty Cup
Papercuts - John Brown
Digitalism - Zdarlight
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Monthlies for September - Move It or Lose It episode Johnny Otis - Crazy Country Hop
The mustachioed Mr. Otis takes us up with the first track with the rosing jangle rock of a fictional hop party of the rural south. Johnny almost made it into this podcast twice but, unfortunately I pulled the plug on the second track because of skips and blips.


Ray Cannon and the Chorals - Mule Skinner
Not sure about the attribution of this track. I pulled it off the radio and got the name from the dj's and now can't find anything about the man - the sadness because this is such a fine track.

Band of Horses - Our Swords
A contemporary radio pop ditty from sub-pop's signed folksie creatures list.

Dyke and The Blazers - Let a Woman be a Woman
I swear the opening rhythm section of this track is the kind of kick ass funk that would later be birthed into the dance floor era's best breakbeat syncopated shake downs.


Hank Williams - Lost Highway
It's golden.


Tony Rivers & the Castaways - Come Back Baby
Sadly, out of print Columbia recording. What a lovely blur of mod-ish brit pop, though.

Michael Talbott & the Wolf Kings - Passenger I
Another track of recent coinage - due they stack up to the classics? All in the eye of the beholder I guess. But still worth a listen.


Brain Wilson - Vegetables
Mr. Wilson is touted as genius by some and here we find the rhythm section provided by people eating carrots. Wicked smart folks.

Vince Taylor - Brand New Cadillac
This was Vince's big hit. And nothing goes along with vegetables as well as muscle car rock.

Iron & Wine - Beneath the Balcony
I think I may see them live here this week. Who knows? Oh a tuneful melancholy.

Carl Perkins - Restless
Another artist who is mostly living on compilations now a days though I saw a 45 of four tracks on ebay. Not much good till I get a turntable. Still this piece rumbles about with it's elbows out. I wonder how much rock was inspired by the idea that you could drive somewhere else.

Larry Williams - Slow Down
I like to think this tidy track could snuggle comfortably with The Door's song of the same subject.

Bobby Byrd - Hot Pants ... I\'m Coming, I\'m Coming
Oh the funk! I forgot. Bobby is a spicy dish that lists like a ship without regrets. Recently passed away, best of luck with that Karmic Wheel man.

Byther Smith - Walked All Night Long
Byther, what a name! What a threatening display of the blues! Back in the day all blues man packed pieces openly just in case their old lady ever did the tango to another man. Dark days. Bloody Rampage.


Septeto Nacional Ignacio Pineiro - el Adois De este Momento
Sweet damnation I don't know Spanish. But, if I had to guess, this track is about a magic bus. I think that is the chorus. Viva la mass transit!

Ann Peebles - Somebody\'s on your case
Lots of funk and bad choice in men. Or maybe undedicated paranoia. 'Secret sick days' is a great little bit of euphemism.

James Brown - Don\'t Tell a Lie on Me and I
From the album Hell this is a funk strut piece that nearly, beautifully, almost collapses in it's unraveled paroxysms of constant breakdowns.

The Tams - The Greatest Love
This months crooner is a Pope. If only the papists swang like Charles and his jamming Tams.

African Music Machine - Black Water Gold
Even a steady solid band can get lost in the shuffle and that is bobbling under phenomenon of the AMM in the funk-o'-verse of the 70's. Hang your head in shame those of you who did not dig on this when it was fresh.

The Remains - Hang On Sloopy
I had always known this song as the pop piece but, and correct me if I'm wrong, the earlier original featured here is an amalgam of proto-punk and a brit pop back burner. Glory, what a song.

Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs - Wooly Bully
And wrapping it all up is the rouser for the mother who danced when she worked. Happy Birthday Mom.

Byther Smith - Funky Man
Wynonie Harris - I Got a Lyin\' Woman
Curtis Mayfield - If I were Only a Child Again
Bobby Kuban - The Cheater
Buddy Guy - What kind of woman is this
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A Daily for today - 09.27.07

A brief but rousing little mini-cast cause my day is slow and indie pop is rocking the office headphones

Murder by Death - Dead Men and Sinners

A boisterous sea chanty gets the punk push in this piece by the blurred concept artists.

The Essex Green - Julia

A sweet memento is waiting to be claimed by this song by the now elsewhere and too busy to work on music music group Essex Green. No fear next time I hear them playing again I'll be sure to go.

Franz Ferdinand - Cheating On You

Boy wow these guy's will be big someday soon. That's right ttmt bringing you the freshness.

Hot Chip - Plastic

A shame I used up the popularity joke on Franz.

The Olivia Tremor Control - Grass Canons

Never forget the Elephant Six. Some great bands came of off such a small label

The Arcade Fire - Neighborhood #2 (Laika)

Yeah I played them before too but that was a shitty live recording. Damn all this time And I still love that song. The rest of it, not so much.

CHAOS - Grune

A really really impromtu show includes the random members of the audience and these folks are keeping the dream of the anything goes alive and well.


image is the Warren Commision's report which came out today in 1964.
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The Weeklies For September - Still Too Much To Do, To Do It Right

Ahhh - September when the air is cool and New York is less violently antithetical to human existence. To ring in the Calculus course and the Brooklyn Book Festival I bring you another mildly amusing number of songs that I heard in recent car commercials and funeral processions. Am I doing any of this right yet?

No. I still make to many mistakes.

1. The Fugs - Skin Flowers

A long and semi-distinguished career has brought the Fugs a small amount of fame. Their Final CD compilation even got voted on highly by Rolling Stone for Greatest Album. The just had a reunion tour this year and are working towards releasing a DVD of it via CdBaby.

site | buy

2. Portishead - Stranger (Live)

The infamous live a Roseland show I believe.

site | buy

3. The Hives - I Hate to Say I Told You So

Not to often to I post straight up pop but the energy on this track (a sort of over produced punk) fit my mood too well to let it go.

site | buy

4. The Fiery Furnaces - Navy Nurse

New album 'Widow City' finds the old gang in bed with delerious amounts of heavy sounds. An altogether larger departure from previous tones than the infamous (and heart warming) signing with Grandma album. Highly recommended for the variety of ways it compels you to invest in a bass amp.

site | buy (available October 2007)

5. They Might Be Giants - First Kiss

Well the FF track preceding this was just so damn heavy I had to lighten the groove some how so this is the obligatory palate reset track. TMBG also came out with a new album and I've every intent to make a smart purchase of it the moment I get the hookers under my thumb again.

site | buy

6. Acid Casuals - Wa Da Da

Nothing says a good time for all like a music collective. And these guys are that and a massive clooective it is - and welsh too boot!

site | buy

7. Devendra Banhart - Long Haired Child

The real stand out track of freak folk on this podcast. I was delighted to hear it the first time I stumbled upon it and was doubly excited to find he's putting out a new album here on the 26th.

site | buy

8. Echu Minga - Pueblo Nuevo

A sister on nonesuch records alongside superstars Buena Vista Social Club Echu takes a track and reworks it to an understated dj haze. Well I liked it a lot.

site | buy

9. The Replacements - I Will Dare

The preeminent punk band on a straight forward track here.

site | buy

10. Brazilian Girls - All We Have

A more mellow offering than what their known for, this track is for the thoughtful moment before we dive into the aural catastroph of the next track.

site | buy

11. Polysics - New Wave Jacket

Someone brought 'technicolor pogo punk' and it was loud but still good.

site | buy

12. TullyCraft - Fall 4 U

Not one of my favorite TullyCraft songs (check the grammophone for 'Our Times in Kansas'). But they've got another album coming out in October so I'll show the so-saids the whatfor by then. Be sure to check back in sometime.

site | buy

13. Mahala Rai Banda - Romano Dance

What a damn miracle find! I do hope that there is some enjoyment in the various headphones when this gets the listen to. Dig the Bucharest Ghetto Gypsies.

site | buy

14. Sugababes - Red Dress (Caged Baby Remix)

A bit of the electro remix can revitalize even the mainest of pop songs on this it does double the work turning the piece into a solid work dance floor propaganda.

site | buy

15. Man Man - Push The Eagles Stomach

Man Man here with a second song (I did - if I do recall put the other under the Weird Road Trip - the most despised podcast I have here, tune into it and find out what you're missing). This one; even less intelligble. 

site | buy

16. Wolf Parade - You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son

The British Colombia's indies with a moving tune about the extinction of hedgehogs in the British Isles.

site | buy

17. Ok Go - Invincible

A stupendous lack of exercise machines! Yet the haircuts are brilliant!

site | buy

18. Grassella Oliphant - Ain't that peculiar

Fancy and underrated mid '60s jazz funk brimming with the busted stuttering that breakbeats will one day embrace. How is it that this is unknown?

site | buy

19. Tipper - California Rolls

Tipper is a smart piece of IDM by British Nu Breaker Dave Tipper. Mostly eclectic sometimes elegant - the pop-ish inflections make the access easy and the chill out warmer and more inviting than some other of the similar sort (nothing against you Amon Tobin, but really).

 site | buy

Backing Tracks:
Alexander Robotnick - Dance Boy Dance
Yoshida Brothers - Storm
Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch
Ernest Ranglin - Undecided

Image From  CrackSkullBob

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Weird Road Trip A weird road trip is soon to ensue and what with the tornadoes and floods, school and work, moving and weddings - the summer wouldn't be complete were it not for the obligatory road trip.

The omens do cloud the horizons just last night I was set upon at my window by may cockroaches trying to find their way inside. So spooked was I when one alit upon my head that in a panic my library book (Collected Anthology of Shakespearian Criticism 1945-2000) was lost out the window and into the inaccessible yard of my neighbor three floors below. Why were cockroaches trying to get into my house - seriously weird animal behavior .. . what dark portents.

For the occasion of our outing I will share with you the mix cd that shall pilot us north-northwest to the capitol of cool Das Buffalo!

  1. 50 hertz - Dagen da kriget kom till stan
  2. bonzo dog band - trouser song
  3. Lords of the New Church - Gun Called Justice
  4. bruce haack - electric lucifer
  5. mr bungle - chemical marriage
  6. the soft boys - only the stones remain
  7. fatboy slim - weapon of choice
  8. buck 65 - the floor
  9. Cibo Matto - Sugar Water
  10. jan turkensburg - remkesmars
  11. Cream - Wrapping Paper
  12. telex - rock arond the clock tonight
  13. Booby Coon - Never get ahead
  14. yy snonos - cracking codes
  15. Kid Koala - Bonus Materials on the set of Fender Bender
  16. Man Man - Man who Make You Sick
  17. protman - 125whrrd_20070601
  18. Beck - Tunder Peel
  19. Spike Jones And His Cuty Slickers - The tennessee waltz
  20. William s Burroghs - place of dead

Image from: www.officenaps.com
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Weeklies 24 - Songs for July Hello everybody.

Ahh the good times don't last long, not just yet recovered from a summer session of pre-calc (I got me an A, but the calluses betray my efforts for the pains it made of me) and already I find myself again in another class. English this time and good for it.

First day out the gate and I've got four poems by Frost to analyze (and no, not a one of them is the eponymous "Two Tramps in Mud Time"). Nevermind I've never done it before - it seems that is the point to this learning endeavor.

Also word has come down that a movement of my home to another house is in order. So while I'll be moving about I may, or not, have time to do anything podcast wise.

Please be nice and patient with all this. I promise the slapdash haberdashery of these tiny collections will someday revert to the quality curio shop it once so proudly was.

Till then; trucker speed and whores!

Takako Minekawa - Fantastic Cat
Forro In The Dark - I Wish (David Byrne)
Dead Milkmen - Methodist Coloring Book
Dj Jester - Marwa (off of Filipino Fist)
Negatek - Hole in My Head (unreleased demo)
Jackie Mittoo - Nature Boy
Vic Thrill - Circus of Enlightenment
Raking Bomb's -  Adaptor
Fireballs of Freedom - March of the FOF
Arnaud Rodrigues - Murituri
Ronnie Ronalde - The Yodeling Whistler
Binary Finary - 1998 (From Paul Oakenfold's Tranceport)
Paul Van Dyk - Words (For Love) (From Paul Oakenfold's Tranceport)
Ludovic Beier (accordéon) & Angelo Debarre - Paris Plage X
The Books - Be Good to Them Always
The Fall - Faust Banana
The Gongs - The Dinosaur
Stark Reality - Rocket Ship
Dj Jester - Marwa (from Filipino Fist)
Patricia Kass - Black Coffee
Roger Miller - The Moon is High (and so am I)
Agent Simple - Make a Right

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Monthlies 06 - Songs for June Faster and faster - this podcast goes out to my high score on the last test in Math 206. I do apologize for my priorities but I'm sure you all understand that the podcast takes a back seat to school.

And now on with the show.

  1. Brooklyn Qawwali Party - Mustt Mustt
  2. Shawn Harris - Today's a Day
  3. Sir Douglas Quintet - She Digs My Love
  4. Amos Lee - Listen
  5. Yardbirds - Drinking Muddy Water
  6. Hank Mars - Mars a nova
  7. Roy Docker - Mellow Moonlight
  8. Breakstra - Take My Time
  9. el Polen - Mi Cueva
  10. 007 The Scene - Looking for Love
  11. Wall Of Voodoo - Tsetse Fly
  12. Mark Strand - The Poem
  13. Pigmeat Terry - Black Sheep Blues
  14. Eux Autres - Ecoutez Bien
  15. The Easybeats - Sorry
  16. Andy Friedman - I Don't Want to Die like Andy Kaufman
  17. Hypnotic - Balicky Bon

backing tracks:
Elgar - Chanson de Matin
Stewart Walker - Cleopatra's Needle
Tomatito & Michael Camilo  - Spain Intro
Herbie Hancock - Fat Mama
Ludovic Beier & Angelo Debarre - Dinette
image from : http://dbhs.wvusd.k12.ca.us/webdocs/Humor/Choc-faster-Aspirin.html
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Summer at Light Speed Summer is going by quick. I've got little to post but with a bit of music in the mix I hope you won't mind that too much.

1. Juno Reactor - Pistolero
2. Fluke - Absurd
3. Justice - Dance
4. Nicola Conte - Jet Sounds
6. Gionata - Niente di Giovane Dietro Una Droga
7. Amon Tobin - Always
8. Four Tet - No More Mosquitoes
9. Dansbanan
10. Aquasky - Shadow Breaks
11. Batdarrell - Danza
12. Erlend Oye - Every Party
13. Baka Beyond - Rendezvous
14. Pinataland - Velocity
15. Prefuse 73 & the Books - Pagina Siete

Image from: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/35/124275318_4f32d6faa3.jpg
Backing Track: Tatrai Tibor-Blues, Pierre Bastien - Eggs Air Seas Dust Hill, Medaphors - Place Your Bet, Zombies Ate My Neighbors Neighburger

Direct download: Weeklies_20-Summer_at_Light_Speed.mp3
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Monthlies 05 - 2 and one-half weeks of summer vacation! Oh Boy and Howdy everybody - Long time since my last podcast and all apologies. You must understand that these times dissertations are cause for desperation and all my education has left me little time for communication. And so I've managed to pull myself together just in time for the monthlies 05. Lets get it on.

01. John Lee Hooker - Hard Hearted Woman
The always esteem-able and vital, played here because you can never have to much of a good Hooker.

02. Holy Modal Rounders - Synergy
A supremely weird song that, I do believe, precedes the "paradigm shift" "synergy" of boardroom culture by a solid two scores worth of years. Take that to the bank you filthy suit bastards.

03. Thee Headcoats - Mantrap
Christ, I can't shake the feeling that I must have played this one before. Not sure when or where. No matter. Billy Childish led this outfit of misfits in his own personal means of exercising his demons. Hard luck with that as twenty years later he's still trying.

04. Cocorosie - Terrible Angels
From La Maison de Mon Rêve, an album I specifically skipped trying to pronounce on the air.

05. Pink Martini - Anna (El Negro Zunbon)
One of the best little outfits from P-town still gets respect from the swinging cats down at Carnegie Hall. Pink Martini just came out with a new album too - Hey Eugene! and, best of news, they did it by sticking with the small imprint label Heinz Records.

06. John Mayhill - Mexico City
I can find nothing on this guy - real shame too. Even though he's got some generic vocal belts - the genius is all in the song's parodic tone and the call and response duet. Which makes me curious as to if he was smart enough to do it twice or if this was just a one off fluke.

07. La Piedrera - El Cool Dude
The accordion is the international instrument of honest music. Anyone who has ever tried "ironic" accordion compositions has in fact met their horrible demise the ragged clutches of the squeeze box man's dancing monkey. And rightfully so.
08. Al Caiola - Experiment In Terror
Cause nothing says summer like a latin flavored string guitar set based on the idea of Terror. I get all goose pimply when the brass swings into it in the second half. The Horror.

09. Har-You Percussion Group - Feel Me Good
Social activists, deteriorated youth, and funk. I wonder what happened to these kids.

10. Bango - Motor Maravilha
The left behind and forgotten of the 60's Brazilian Psychedelic Movement.

11. Barney Bigard Sextet - Sweet Marijuana Brown
Recorded in '45 this little ditty came out long after the respectability of jazz was all about the understated background music and had not yet been blown apart by the cool. An interesting time and this song plays more like a crooner than anything else.

12. Contours - Can You Jerk Like Me
Soul Singing Motown players - they pushed this onto vinyl in '65. And unlike the Barney Bigard Sextet track it has no intentional subtext.

13. Optiganally Yours - Walk & Chew Gum
For those who are curious the Optigan is a little toy record player which played small instrument records to produce sounds. And yes the band is based on this device.

14. Rusty York - Tremblin
As a son of a coal miner this bluegrass influenced rockabilly promoter put up a lot of works and has even got a place over at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

15. David Karsten Daniels - Jesus and the Devil
Keeping the summer spirit alive DKD gets the best of the whatsits on this podcast. Happiness and don't forget to pick up his latest work over on Fat Cat Records.

15. Albert Washington - Bettie Jane
A nice roiling bongo beat propels this stripped down hybrid of blues and soul towards the duets saucy descriptions of the eponymous girl.

16. Lazy Lexi's mystery track!
Everybody's talking about the president. But what do they say?

17. Polyphonic Spree - Section 12 (Hold Me Now)
June 19th people and the newest albums drops - the Spree is getting militant! Inspirational, like Ana says, these folks give you something to smile about.

18. The Owls - Air
Oh you've probably heard of them.

19. The Roulettes - Junk
The instrumental modset brings the fury with this keyboard driven powerhouse.

Thanks for tuning in everybody - just a heads up. Like I say in the podcast I'm shifting to a bi-monthly format because of time constraints due to summer school. But if anybody wants to submit a guest podcast drop me a line.

image from: adamcadre.ac
backing tracks: Keisuke Egusa - Summer Samba; April Aloisio - Nica's; Dream; Skatallites - James Bond Theme; Yesterdays New Quintet - Daylight; Yardbirds - Honey In Your Hips.

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Weeklies 19 - Crunchy Like a Drum Buddy Hey everybody,
My names Pieter and I've got a horrible crush on the random noise of our musical landscape.

1. Quintronics - Drum Buddy Intro (Reversed and Reverbed & Kick Opener)
"Electrical energy, when closely examined, is in fact more similar in its complexity to a plant or an animal form than it is to the mechanical devices or computer machines with which it is usually associated. It is not necessarily more complex, but equally microcosmically [sp] complex." - Drum Buddy Island

2. Herbert - Moving Like a Train
Herbert is one of the rare agitprop artists in the underground who is beyond convention, this though is a perfectly straightforward piece of soul - of such quality I get bubbly by the second half's panoramic heights.

3. Henrick Schwarz - You Rock, I Rock, We Rock
Henrick had a much raved about album last year, DJ Kicks, which was by all means OK. This is a snippet of a live set he played in the promotion of that release.

4. Charles Leonard - Funky Driver on a Funky Bus
Unfortunately I could find very little information about this artist, which isn't to say that he's unknown but I think that his story is untold. What I can find seems to hint at a storied history that is familiar to one person at least.

This song features the vocals of an actual bus driver, W.C. Stone. I'm not sure if that is the real name as it might be a bit of word play around the idea of shit. No disrespect intended - just ambling thoughts.

< I talk too much. The volume of my speech may lead one to suspect I'm an idiot >

5. Mavis Staples - On My Way
Long time soul and gospel singer gives us a moving album for our modern world. There is no time imaginable, when meaningful music powerfully spoken is not important to our essential nature as social animals.

Liner notes claim the album was Anti-Produced by the Ry Cooder, anti-production my friends, fall in love with it.

6. Life in a Blender - Dead Get Down
Life in a Blender is well worth the effort of tracking down and independently verifying, in terms of quality, their varied output. Hmm. They're from Brooklyn!

7. Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God
Yeah, you've heard this before. I just have to share it before it gets totally played out. Thanks to the "Hits in the Car" for turning me on to it. Unfortunately I call them chefs on the voice bit, yep - sorry.

8. Fabulous Entourage - Theme Song
Huh.. ..they're from New York too.. .. hmmm.
To kick off the accidental study in New York Music;
"New York City rockers The Fabulous Entourage serve up an irrepressible blend of throbbing ... "

9. Keb' Mo - Kind Hearted Woman
Accidental New York Review takes a back seat for the California blues man whose being putting out disc after disc of hard luck licks since the 80's.

10. Matt & Kim - Verbs Before Nouns
Catastrophe New York Showcase continues - and they're from Brooklyn too. These two are awesome. Seriously I wish I had half the joy of life these two have.

11. DAT Politics - Viper Eyes
Not from New York - but across the pond and another reason to love France. This is like Matt & Kim, if they replaced the Casio with an industrial strength sampler. Simply wonderful.

12. Hefner - Hymn for the Cigarettes
A Peelie band from the late 90's to the turn of the century. These guys are routinely underrated even by the obscurist aficionados (like me) who troll the Peel selections for the rare sounds.

13. Thieves Like Us - Drugs in my Body
The impartial declaration of New Yorker Artist due to Habitation, doth define them as members of the City. Yep more New York! Well, they came from Berlin and they are claiming to move to France soon. So that is Ok, they live here right now.

14. Lady Bug Transistor - Here Comes the Rain
The incremental catalog of bands that are from around here: Lady Bug is from the Brooklyn too - this is the soft mellow song on this weeks podcast. Enjoy your temporary respite.

15. Soophie Nun Squad - Donkey Call
The Little Rock based Punk Group recently called it quits - I don't know how big a following they had from their town, but I want them to know that I really appreciated their talents and that they will be missed.

16. Cocorosie - Noah's Ark
The kooky combination of two girls; one from Fort Dodge, Iowa, while the other hails from the Big Island, Hawaii are placed into a crazy Brooklyn art collective. See what happens when they stop acting nice and start acting like artists. Yes; Brooklyn is in New York.

Backing tracks:
Image credits:
Drum Buddy Index Page - http://www.drumbuddy.com/
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Monthlies 04 - April Another boisterous hour of music to show what little I've accomplished this month with my life. In jest though. Actually this month was exceedingly good in terms of what I've managed to do, school, work, etc are plodding along a staid course and I managed to do enough extracurricular math on the side to test out of math class and into math 206. Thrilling right?

So on to the tunes. This month I want to highlight for your listening enjoyment my new favorite obscure band The Godz - a group hailing from NYC their infinitely weird take on music was unable to secure the necessary interest of times and the group has since faded to an odious obscurity. For my part in reviving this tragic tale I hereby swear to play too much of them for anyone who has actual taste in music.

Also the last track has a bounty on it - $50 to the first person to name it and the artist.

01. Love - Stephanie Know Who
Love is back for another round with this frighteningly paranoid lovers perception of infidelity. Good times!
02. 1910 Fruitgum Company - 1, 2, 3 Red Light
Saccharine sweetness oozes around the doughy flesh tinged corners of this nearly unbearable pap. Nothing against the original artists - who as I understand it were actually rather accomplished set musicians later shoe horned by managers into the role of a late 60's easy-pop boy band for the interests of shear greed alone. This track, amazingly, is not the worst they have offer - no that would be the infamous "Simon Says" a song so mundanely trite I had forgotten I'd ever heard it until I listened to it again while doing research for this month.
03. Human Beinz - Nobody but Me
So the sound of easy-pop done right? The Human Beinz and the machine staccato of drums that opens to the loose rising riffs of guitar capped on top by the melodic "No, No, No, No, No" vocals. Jangling it's way into your heart.
04. G.P. Chiti & S. Montori - Desperation and Money (Cindelic Records)
60's Italian b-grade movie soundtracks kick just that much ass.
05. Jennifer Gentle - Take My Hand
Another Italian act, by God but this one is good and - drum roll - contemporary to myself with an nicely kicking album with American distributor sub pop.
06. Beck - We Dance Alone (acoustic)
Recently recorded over at WXPN as a part of NPR backed World Cafe. A good listen to those who doubt song craft of this eclectic musician.
07. The Godz - Lay in the Sun
Oh man it doesn't get any further out than that. The perfect protopunk psychedelic sound.
08. Thee Headcoats - All My Feelings Denied
Man there is a lot of noise going on in here - my apologies to anyone not entirely blinded by the sheer fire of the manic force that is Billy Childish.
09. Johnny Pate - Can't Even Walk in the Park.
Johnny Pate, a long lived and ranging career - there is more beneath the surface of this soundtrack than just the glittering funk one might expect. Beginning as a jazz bassist in the thirties by the forties he'd even cut his own Blue Note session. The fifties saw him break the Billboard top 20, playing tuba and setting up arrangements. This lead him to fame and success with Curtis Mayfield and B.B. King and finally landing a gig in Hollywood for the music production of "Shaft in Africa".
10. Meri Wilson - Telephone Man
Oh shit - the CD BABY strikes again! Meri is still making music and it turns out that the Friendly Staff of CD Baby are pedaling her wares. I didn't find this till it was too late to put in the audio for the month. Apologies and excuses to all involved.
11. Soft Machine w/ Hibuo Anemone
They once lit the madness of the masses with swirling psychedelic sounds swaths and jazz ornamentation. Now they are just known as the nearly made its and also rans - a shame since they really had something else going on.
12. Cat Empire - Two Shoes
This is the Year of Cat Empire - my prediction is the pods will leverage interest into the band that will then jettison them into the lower hundred of the Billboard and MRM. Did I totally miss them when they came to town? yes. Did my friend Andre actually do PR for the shows and try to get me to go by bringing over CDs and Posters? yep. Do I regret?
I regret nothing. Well maybe a little.
13. Nash - Aggregation
Damn it all I can't find anything about these guys, a shame as they sound like they really bust out the kicks. Favorite line: "A child is Born / Where's He Born? / In the SUUUUUUUUN!"
14. Moving Sidewalks - 99th Floor
Future ZZTop frontman lays down the Texas tracks and precedes Jimi Hendrix on stage? Hallucinatory terrain surly.
15. Harry Nilsson - 1941
Harry claims The Beatles were his fans. Well I guess that makes sense. There is a strong English story telling thread that the two groups share.
16. The Majority - One Third
The problem here is not just obscurity but obscurity combined with common search terms. Yes searching for One Third Majority often pulls up references to democratic processes.
17. The Coasters - Down Home Girl
A laid back cover with a funk dollop from the one and onlys.
18. Mystery Track - I don't even know.
ARGH frustrated by the complete failure of my ability to know who the hell I am listening to - I hereby offer a $50 dollar bounty for the first person who can name this artist and song. Good song too.

backing track - Le Fluer da Musique
image from: Audiogalaxy (holy shit - Audiogalaxy! I thought they killed you)

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Greenpoint Response - Toxic Brooklyn

Yes I did call Greenpoint Brooklyn a post-industrial wasteland. And don't think that it isn't. The Toxic Brooklyn series from VBS.tv did an episode on Greenpoint and the Newton canal.

Foul stuff. I Wonder why more folk here aren't Enviro's. Maybe they don't know how bad it can get. It's one thing to have pristine wilderness and another to be a Superfund site. There is a lot of gray area in between.

Me, I'm writing my congresswoman.

Image from VBS.tv
Category:general -- posted at: 6:09pm EST

Weeklies 17 - Mashup Night Collapse I flaked on the 2ManyDJ's show and all I got to show for it is this wide ranging and reeling falling over selection of Mashups, Bastard Pop, Bootlegs, and plunderphonical audio expositions.

I now have a mike and nothing worthwhile to say, as evidenced in this weeks podcast.

1. Pirate Sound System - Selektah Ringtone
What a good idea. Mashup ringtones. Not my ringtone, but I'm sure there is someone who really appreciates this.
2. 2ManyDj's - Radio Soulwax Montage
A compressed mix with too many sources to cite. 2ManyDJs, the superstars of the modern mashup
3. DNA feat. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner
Yeah, it's been a while since I heard this one. Kind of tough to track down a copy. But thanks goes out to the never forgetful internet for making this possible.
4. Sherpa - Tecnologic Pop
A not bad piece with a solid usage of Daft Punk - not inspiring but sentimental.
5. Unknown - Caitlin
Even though I lost the artist name who did this, which usually means disqualification I had to include it for the looped TMBG horn section.
6. Wisp - Turquoise Tinged Pennies
Not a mashup but the near cousin turntablism and so gorgeous it had to be included.
7. Go Home Productions - Flaming Mary Can Out (Run) Prince
The Run D.M.C. action on this track is thrilling. Go Home has some solid productions and currently have an hour show up that they did with the BBC. Well worth a look.
8. Dj Paul VPeaches vs. Gary Glitter - Didn't Know The Lips Wanna Be Her
Any excuse to play a Peaches track is good enough for me.
9. Jackson and his Computer Band - Teen Beat Ocean
Not a mashup but the near uncle IDM - while Jackson Computer may not be as brilliant as some other IDM artists. They've got a good way with sample extraction.
10. Dj BC - Einstein on the Beast
DJ BC, of Beastles fame, here gets the sound from way out with help from Phillip Glass.
11. The Avalanches - I am a Cuckoo
I am horribly enamored with the long time producing but rarely publishing Aussie band The Avalanches. And why because nearly two years ago I saw this video and fell in love: video
12. Jan Turkenburg and Chenard Walcker - 42 "De Sirenes"
A nice piece of found sound from to productive plunderphonic disciples. While the 52 weeks project may not have made every track perfect, like this one is, the sonic journey is worth the while of the curious.
13. Hamburglars - Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value
Awesome plundering to be found on the high seas of corporate training videos.
14. Thin - Stoopid, Dreemer Nightmare
Mike Curtis put out a couple internet release pieces before leaving the scene. Blue Face being an all around wonderful example of his ability.
15. Yuhzimi - Top of The Pops
A small section from a rather awkward compilation of mashups. This snippet is golden.
16. Osymyso - Not Quite Fool
Osymyso of anti-art school notoriety brings a nearly spartan vocal section to a rolling boil of British stiff upper lip-ishness.
17. Negativland - Gimme The Mermaid
The grand daddys of the sampledeliaca world, this is the audio section of their recent anti-infringement mashup video.
18. kARSTEN pFLUM - Bflonk 03
And a lovely little number to take us out on the podcast closer.

Image from Catalyst Dances - Heat and Life

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Take a minute to save the music Take a minute to mail your representative to stop the royalty rate increase on internet radio services. Expecting the stations to pay rates even more than comparable broadcasting methods is grossly unfair.

At the request of the Recording Industry Association of America, the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) ignored the fact that Internet radio royalties were already double what satellite radio pays, and multiplied the royalties even further.  The 2005 royalty rate was 7/100 of a penny per song streamed; the 2010 rate will be 19/100 of a penny per song streamed.  And for small webcasters that were able to calculate royalties as a percentage of revenue in 2005 – that option was quashed by the CRB, so small webcasters’ royalties will grow exponentially!

... last year Internet radio listening jumped dramatically, from 45 million listeners per month to 72 million listeners each month.  Internet radio is already popular and it is already benefiting thousands of artists who are finding new fans online every day.

- quoted from SaveNetRadio.org

Thanks for your time and help on this matter.
Category:general -- posted at: 9:36pm EST

Reserve the Date It might be a ways off from today, but if I don't post it here I doubt I'll recall  it otherwise:
DJ Food & DK are doing a tour to promote their second collaboration; Now, Listen Again!
Jun 14 2007 9:00P
Studio B New York, New York

For those who missed the first Now, Listen - or are unfamiliar with the artists involved, my deepest sympathies. To remedy the situation of this potential obscurity I'll put up a track from the album in the next podcast.

And for those who can't wait that long to feel the cold icy chill of solid steel ignite their blue suede dancing shoes; have you heard of the alternative:

Fixed brings 2ManyDjs back to Brooklyn:
Apr 18 2007 11:15P
FIXED Presents- Radio Soulwax Tour @ Studio B- Brooklyn

A wednesday night riot - but you better call the boss this midweek rocker starts late and goes till 4 in the morning. Upside? $12 tickets at the door. Hope to see you there.

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OPP 02 - The Yank Sizzler A catalyst is substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without being destroyed in the process, more colloquially it is something, a person, event, or anything that propels one to act. And there is no finer introduction to the podcast that is The Yank Sizzler than the twined notions of inspiration and the active instigator that remains undestroyed.

Last month I wrote lyrically of the John Peel and how his program had rekindled my fascination in the outer fringe of music. This month I want everyone to hear the podcast that inspired me to make my own.

After I had gotten my filthy mitts on the bygone radio programs of Peel's shows I still yearned to find more - such is the nature of musical greed. Once you turn over a rock that has a vein of gold underneath you search the land to find more rocks just like it. Thankfully the modern era has the Internet and my trolling for music turned up Mike's Yank Sizzler. This would have been around episode two or three, showing that even the powerful catalyzing force of the Yank Sizzler was only enough to provoke me to take action over the course of nearly a year.

The Yank Sizzler is a popular show - I have no idea what the exact count is, but on episode four Mike admits an audience of 300 and now that the show has exceeded that number by twenty, I can only imagine the billions who tune in every day - foisting love and rolled up wads of twenties to the man who won our hearts.

Meanwhile in reality, Mike's site is sparse of comments on the music he shares with us. While part of the curse of our wretched postmodern online culture is the effort we must expend to be heard, the fact that even a show of such great quality exists without a communal bedrock of commentary is unfortunate. Part of the idea behind showcasing other peoples podcasts is to expand the community and make the ties that bind us more and more meaningful by reinforcing the communication that happens between fans. In short I hope that everyone who reads this will strike up a comment or two and engage Mike in a dialogue - his show is worth it.

The other part of the idea is expose myself as the fraud I am by giving credit where it is do. Mike's selections are fantastic, and while I kick myself every time he nabs a track before I can post it, I must admit that the mixtapes I've mailed my friends would missing half their tracks if it wasn't for the hot white infusion that the podcast has provided.

Last thing - I tried my damndest to include a righteous swath of the excellent ecletic tracks that Mike chooses. Sadly though this was impossible due to both time and space constraints. I picked tracks that I myself felt were great, and invariably my bias has eaten out a part of the raw mix that the actual experience conveys. But for every German Breakcore I couldn't include I was able to smuggle in a small piece of  my own personal heaven. That said let's begin the listening experience that is The Yank Sizzler:

Mike's Mission Statement
1. The Make Up - Born on the Floor
Episode 1
For some indistinct reason this rather rambling piece was sunk its' tinterhooks into me. Even after all the re-listens of Episode 1 this song stills seems full of an odd and restless passion that keeps it fresh each time.

2. Bobby Bare Jr. - Strange Bird
Episode 2
I remember the first time I heard this I was floored by the fantastic push of oddity it exudes in its instrumentation. Peddling as fast as I could to get home and share it with Ana I  was breathless as plugged in the iPod and let this song speak for me.

3. Caribou - Bees
Episode 3
Slow gracious builds and an open aural space as large an unspeakable Canadian province with a poor grasp of name recognition.

4. Jacques Dutronc - "Responsible"
Episode 4
A song that disproved my girlfriends insistence that the French were worthless. THANKS MUSIC!

5. Billy Mbowa & The AGS Boys - Jane Wagne
Episode 5
One of the greatest joys to be had from Mike's podcast is not in the music itself but of his intense connection with the world through the vehicle of music. In our irony shattered landscape any recognition of the visceral forces is an affirmation of life.

6. Beta Band - Dry The Rain
Episode 6
Another swelling and lilting song? How can I explain this without having to make an excuse for my choice? Oh that's right it has the line in it:
If there is something inside that you want to say
Say it alright. It will be ok. I will be alright.

7. Woody Guthrie - I Ain't Got a Home In This World Anymore
Episode 7
Have you ever watched the documentary by Scorsese about Bob Dylan and realize half way through that you want the camera to leave Bob and follow Woody? Well I have. Woody, in my opinion was saying something brutal and true - without ripping off Italian Renaissance poets and spouting gibberish.

8. The Black Eyes - Deformative
Episode 8
There is a certain stiffness that digs into my neck - a crink that crawls through my brow, and the firing of the anxious nerves of my adolescence still left bare under my armor of maturity, which this song so powerfully evokes.

9. Bearsuit - Steven Fucking Speilberg
Episode 9
Bearsuit is a national treasure, Mike helped me see the light on this. It is true, too true, in fact as they are not our national treasure. The only solution to this is kidnapping them and like nasty fairies leaving behind some knick knacks and fig newtons so no one notices their absence until it is too late.

10. Tapes and Tapes - Sister Sister
Episode 10
Somehow a perennial entry on several volumes of mixtapes. My explanation: rolling beats, fevered lyrics and varying levels of absurd braggadocio and absurd vulnerable exposition.

11. The Sonics - Strychnine
Episode 11
Such a fundamentally great track I am wondering how this got missed in all those damned rock & roll collections I heard growing up. Also a great showcase of Mike's dry humor.

12. Josh White - Takin' Names
Episode 14
A slow and spooky rouser full of that odd world view that is the hallmark of singer songwriters. Practically nihilistic.

13. Love - Hey Joe
Episode 16
The passing of Arthur Lee was a sad day. Honestly though, what he left us was a gift few could match. He will be missed and remembered.

14. Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple
Episode 17
Mike, like most of us falls in love with the bands he plays and rejoices in sharing and talking about them. Gogol is definitely high on the list of the returning favorites who get into the rotation more than most. Not a bad thing at all. Me, I had to include this; he name checks Diogenes (one must wonder if it is the Diogenes of "The Cynic" fame or maybe another of the bunch).

15. Cleveland Crochet - Drunkard's Dream
Episode 18
Mike, by including the snippet of Peel, falls into the sacred duty bunch of the preservers. Often a Creole track or two will show up in between the indies and the oldies. As always these are the finest representatives of the sound and ethic of the culture. A culture fast disappearing each new fan Mike turns on only helps the chances of its continuation.

16. Kid Koala - cut from Side 1
Episode 19
Kid Koala, damn you Mike for playing this before I could. On the other hand - the more the merrier. And a solid note to leave the show on. Kid Koala speaks with more passion and eloquence than anyone else who rocks the decks.

Mike's Parting Words and Declaration

Thanks goes to Mike for letting me take snippets and review his show. And of course for his show itself.

Please Don't Podfade.

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Weeklies 15 - The Birthday Side

Ana's birthday has come and gone - a more festive time out than she'd thought it would be (still I was hoping for more but as these things go I am always more optimistic than is reasonable).

The night began with a re-visit to the Tea Lounge in Park Slope, a gathering and launch off point for the various parties who I had hoped would congregate there before setting off to trip the light retrotastic at the Culture Club.

Such was not to be the case - as ominously a Fleetwood Mac CD (Greatest Hits, I do believe) had gotten stuck in an infinite loop and everyone was subjected to two hours of breathless early 80's pap. Due to time constraints Fleetwood Mac will not be represented in this podcast. When complaints were lodged with the staff the music quickly got shuffled around to the likes of Modest Mouse - here freely intrepreted in a nice piece by World Famous Audio Hacker.

The highlight of the first phase of the night was the presentation of the video compilation done by our friends back in Portland. A lot of good memories and sad nostalgia got built up and released by this singularly awesome reminiscence. This kernal of solid awesome is represented here by our friends doing a birthday ballad to Ana, a fine little track that is a bit more coherent than anything I've ever done.

The fun continued with a surprise visit from super-student Tomohiro. Luckily enough he is a conspicous character, and was quickly besieged by the family of English teachers and their various lessons of puppy and "hanging in there". Tomo is here represented by Hifana a not to be missed breakbeat group that I have featured before. It was due to Tomo that I myself was introduced to their fiery tempo of heavy breaks. Be sure to check out their incredible video over here.

When we finally did set out it, wasn't to any high-falutin' Manhattan culture hole, but a half-block down to the Union Hall! A Brooklyn Birthday entirely contained in the space of a football field. Upon entry to the Home of the Park Slope Famous Bocci Ball Courts, we got a the first taste of the retro back pedalling that is a bar playing the Clash's Rock the Casbah. Here to keep the feeling alive I've replaced the original with the mildly modified Rythm Scholars version.

The downstairs dance floor was awash with the solid dance tracks of the obscure, which unfortunately I could not find representatives for, such as a track from the Mo'Wax label I couldn't place but know I've heard before, a track from Hot Butter, and many more. Great Fun was had by all and is here represented Blondie's "Heart of Glass", The Beastie Boys "So Whatcha Want", a clip from Grant Stetski, and Belle and Sebastian's "We are the Sleepyheads". Incredibley of those four songs - three were played on the dance floor but the one that was not is actually the most dance dance song of them all. To clarify, yes I shook it like I made it to the intermitentment beats of Belle and Sebastian.

Rounding this all out is a bit of primal scream therapy from Aa the tribal electro punk outfit from (drum roll) Brooklyn. Nothing like a soul shattering mournful yelp to express the rightful existential quagmire that are birthdays.

Thanks for having another year on Earth with me Babe - we'll try our best to keep this all together. Thanks also to all the well wishers, visitors, guests, dancers, and contributers who helped make it a good night out.

1. World Famous Audio Hacker - Dashboard 2.0 Retouch2
2. Snikative - Gettin High on Yer Birthday Day
3. Hifana - Wamono PV
4. Rhythm Scholar - Rock The Casbah (Boogie Bombs Remix)
5. Blondie - Heart Of Glass
6. Beastie Boys - So What'cha Want
7. Grant Stetski - Bonzai Breaks 2006
8. Belle and Sebastain - We are the Sleepyheads
9. Aa - Thirteen


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Monthlies - Month 03 - March March is eye donor awareness, womens history, kidney, colorectal cancer, nutrition and, of course, National Noodle Month. More importantly it's Uner's birthday month.

While we're shaking it down to 80's music this weekend the Monthlie is still what it is, a recap of the likes for the classic set. Tune in for the next weeklie for the birthday music.

Sonny And Cher - The Beat Goes On (Live)
Hear that sound? That is the sound of bile. A humor thick enough to cut a prenup, Sonny and Cher do a number. All in fun though.

The Monkees - Buy Me a Dog
Just cheese, pure cheese - but still a great little forgotten pop song that has more pep than purpose.

Dale Hawkins - Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town
A powerful and deranged voice for one of the more personal takes on the effects of war. Incredibly Leonard Nimoy took a stab at this track - for the benefit of everyone I could not produce that version though.

Trini Lopez - Corazon De Melon
Heart of Melon, watermelon.

The Five Blobs - The Blob
Composed by Burt Bacharach for the movie of the same name - but somehow not included in the theatrical release. The Five Blobs are actually a quintet-dubbed Bernie Nee (or Knee).

The Piglets - Johnny Reggae
I believe the vocals on this track were provided by a trio of sex starved British mums. They sound about 40-ish and chucked full of Reggae Fever - yearning for a big hard dance floor number.

Dislocation Dance - You Can Tell
Early Eighties Unknowns from Manchester still sound good. And they've psuedo-reformed.

Claire Torry - Midnight Train
Big bold and brassy Torre stutters over the horn inflected sounds of this songbook standard. Incidentally famous for faking an orgasm on Pink Floyd's Great Gig in the Sky.

Procol Harum - Boredom
Did you know Procol Harum was Douglas Adam's favorite band. Good reason and good taste. If also absurd, to qoute, "rich and fruity."

Varetta Dillard - That's Why I Cry
Born in 30's Harlem and died in 90's Brooklyn, Dillard had the rough hewn vocal growl that made her songs more than just a 50's pop-chart topper.

The Small Faces - Hey Girl
A great set of musicians who would later trade out the mod set-up of the early UK 60's to become a solid psychedelic out fit.

Traffic - House For Everyone
A psychedelic jolt from Steve Winwoods other band.

10CC - Worst Band in the World
And still a great song. 10cc maybe a drug reference, you ask? Not to worry kids - they actually took their name from the total amount of semen ejaculated by the average male, in metric units because their British like that. The more you know...the more you owe.

Richards' People - Yoyo
Had a tough time finding any background on these guys. May be a false attribution.

Richard Penniman - Ooh! My Soul
Coincidentally his birth name was not Little, but a nickname added later when he grew into it.

Michael Liggins & The Super Souls - Loaded to the Gills
"I never really thought about how special we were back then. We had a different style, we really did ... I didn't realize it then. I just thought, "They did a good job." Mike Lenaburg, producer

Unknown - Unknown
Can any one help identify this sterling little track?

Willie Mitchel - Oh Baby You Turn Me On
A near instrumental.

Smoosh - Free to Stay
That is a very young voice there. This duo hailing from Seattle is managing some nice - if basic songs. The piano line on this is fabulous.

Stereototal - Wir Tanzen 4-Eck
We are dancing a square! Whiz! Shabam! Support the madness

Frankie Ford - Sea Cruise
Frankie's got a huge catalog of not quite great numbers - but this was his only hit. In retrospect it is a good example of a weird rock song - I imagine at the time it was just a great song.
Thanks for tuning in. Requests are always wanted - and comments too. Incedentaly I'm none to bright about what month this is so the file name is month04. I'd love to rename it but that function is temporarily unavailable. Stay tuned for further fuckups.

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Weeklies 13 - The Other Birthday Side It's been one of those weekends that make NYC seem like a great place to live. Not that it isn't usually - but honestly it's not (more or less). I guess New York is OK.

It all kicks off as a birthday party for a friend. We go out to a place called Le Souk (East side above Houston) a tidy little restaurant with a tiny little dance floor. I'll cut to the chase, on this; thanks to the friend for the birthday party and thanks to all the friends who could make it. I had fun despite the venue. My recommendation to any potential customers - don't go. The DJs sucked, dropping beats, dead air, and trainwrecking when ever they played more than one record at a time. The staff were courteous fuck jobs. Three words, one expletive: red velvet fucking rope. Additionally, unbelievably, a table could only be had if you bought a bottle - a bottle of Absolute costs $200 here. The music started off as Mediterranean Inflected House, then dropped it's pretenses and was just House. Sadly, the DJs were not even able to play House without trainwrecking.

Fun is fun and it got late, we headed home and on the train back I saw an indie kid with the Polmo Polpo vinyl "Like Hearts Swelling".

Day two found us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art playing a scavenger hunt for clues to reveal the murderer of the curator. I highly suggest this as fun for the people who like fun. So much fun that I must play TMBG. We didn't win but we did get the MC to say "Slick Nipples" to the gathered crowd.

Leaving there we're off to the Lower East Side for Indian food. Getting misdirected with the best of intentions, I get to walk by the store front shop of the best revolution in radio EVR! Sadly, I was the only one in the group who knew, loved, and cared.

Arriving at the substitute destination - (I will find the name and info later) -  the place is six kinds of awesome. Hallucinogenic interior decor, cramped to beat the band, and cheap honest food. And my babe got the birthday treatment by the house with a single candle, mango ice cream, crazy bhangra goa happy birthday song and a light show involving flicking the light switch on and off. (The entirety of the birthday part lasted thirty seconds at most - but will be a lifetime's worth of memories.) Eating out? I recommend this place, five stars. Try to find the Glorious Gold Godzilla hanging from the ceiling.

That night we watch "A Scanner Darkly" and are reminded of our tenuous grasp of reality. A funny sad movie - an honest depiction of life as I know it.

Sunday morning rolls along and I get a call from old-skooler Shawn, down and out and automobile mobile in LA. Going for the long haul he's getting back into school and graciously grants me two tracks for podcast.

Sunday, and we got to go shopping for the professional attire for future potential interviews for certain wayward girls. Is Century21 really a soul sucking commercial monstrosity. Oh yes it is. Nothing makes me yearn for a DIY "up against the wall motherfucker" revolution like shopping in Manhattan.

Then we're off to the tutor session at the Barnes and Noble - represented here by the likes of Arcade Fire's No Cars Go, because ever since the Neon Bible came out B&N have been piping in the Fire over the speakers. Inexplicable indie mega hit takes the muzak air waves, B&N cashes in on hip and the world goes around the sun one more time.

Wrapping it all up (I've got to get to work and soon). I leave you with the seminal track of Amon Tobin's - Shawns submission on this one. Mind fucking blowing and I'll never forget the first time I heard it way back when in the Rockin Rudy's of Missoula. Thanks Shawn for the blast from the past.

  1. Le Suck's Mediterranean Inflected House - AnkrJdhv - China Town
  2. Le Suck's House - Peppermint Bone - Beat Conductor
  3. Hipster on Train - Polmo Polpo - Requiem For a Fox
  4. Slick Nipples the Met Detectives - They Might Be Giants - (She was a) Hotel Detective
  5. East Village Radio (Sandy Acres) - Bobby Gentry - Fancy
  6. The Good Food - Dj Baba G - Holy Prophet What Are You
  7. The Good Movie - A Scanner Darkly - Darkly Mix
  8. Shawn's Submission #1 - Bright Black Morning Light - Everybody Daylight
  9. Death To Century21 - Who Boys - Revolution Uber Alles
  10. B&N Muzak Spectacular - Arcade Fire - No Cars Go (Live in Berlin)
  11. Shawn's Submission #2 - Amon Tobin - 4 Ton Mantis

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Other Peoples Podcasts 01 - John Peel The Inaugural OPP
I decided I wanted, in addition to the weeklies and monthlies, something more communal to the general world: an homage show for fellow podcasters while it is unlikely that anyone who visits this backward little page would  not know the vastly more popular sites, I'm still rather ignorant of the world so my naivete allows me be ignorant of better sense - even if I know better.

This one goes out to John Peel.
I want to nominate John Peel as the patron saint of indie music, podcasters, and the overlooked.

While Peel never (to my knowledge) had a podcast his singular taste in music, self effacing humor, and influence has left on indelible mark on the music of today.

Beginning in the late sixties as a pirate radio broadcaster with his Perfumed Garden show to his death in 2003 he played music that never would have made air time otherwise. Odd and particular tracks, his vast selections always straining for that rare thing of uniqueness. His passion itself often clouded the choices he made since he valued uniqueness over quality.

More personally he lit the fire for music under my ass. I came across the 1986 Festive Fifty selection by more accident than anything and immediately knew that at least 40 of the tracks I had never heard and never would have heard without the benefit of his show. And so it goes - music is shared and we all learn a little bit more about the world. Not too long after that I launched into finding out what I was missing in the music of today and quickly abandoned the comfort songs of familiarity for the jagged edge of the unknown.

For all the horrible noise I've heard since then I can only blame the musicians and for ever jaw dropping and heart pounding track buried in the mess of it - I can only thank John Peel.

1. Canned Heat - Rollin' and Tumblin'
aired on Perfumed Garden, 1967
A nice nice tune and the sign of a quality DJ is when he plays his friends music on the air.
2. Electric Prunes - Wind Up Toys
aired on Perfumed Garden, 1967
What an awesome psychedelic pop song - a bit derivative but exceedingly good. Peels two cents perfect zeitgeist.
3. Marc Bolan - Hippy Gumbo
aired on Perfumed Garden, 1967
How come I've never heard this? They should distribute this to the high schools with disproportionate drop out rates.
4. Top Gear Signature Tune
After the Perfumed Garden got closed down by the government (it was pirate after all) Peel landed a job doing the Top Gear show for the BBC. I couldn't find much about this period except for his shows signature tune.
5. The Jam - Down in a Tube Station at Midnight
aired on Festive 50 (F50) 1979
The Jam, almost exclusively reserved for retro hipsters in Williamsburg nowadays is still a solid band well worth the 30 year hype.
6. Pigbag - Papa's Got a Brand New PigBag
aired on F50 1981
Roiling post punk funk with ska elements and the big band sound. Ah lord we need more of this. Favorite - the Fwee whistle. More Fwee Whistle!
7. The Woodentops - Well Well Well
aired on F50 1985
A good driving drum line, elemental vocals, and a Casio keyboard.
8. Ironmasters - The Men They Couldn't Hang
aired on F50 1985
I've got a soft spot for seditious folk songs. Remind me to bust out the Guthrie someday.
9. Weather Prophets - Almost Prayed
aired on F50 1986
Aw brit pop - so good so gold. A melancholy song about near religious experience.
10. Camper Van Beethoven - Take the Skinheads Bowling
aired on F50 1986
It was this song that blew my mind and drove me to worship Peels musical tastes. Such a raucous chorus, what sheer absurdity. Classic: "I had a dream - it was about nothing"
11. House of Love - Destroy the Heart
aired on F50 1988
The sentiment of this song (if not it's execution) is well worth the time to listen to it at least three times.
12. Stump - Charlton Heston
aired on F50 1988
Another wonderfully absurd piece - the fact that these folks only ever put out one album and then disbanded due to a lack of commercial interests is a clear sign of the failure of the capitalists system. Now I just have to find a re-issue and build a shrine.
13. Gorkys Zygotic Mynci - If Fingers were Xylophones
aired on F50 1995
A band destined for nothing more than cult obscurity. But why? Their name could never be made into a commodity.
14. Cornershop - 6am Jullander Shere
aired on F50 1995
Mind blowing Indian Pop fusion from Leicester. If demographic change always sounded so good our world would be a lot less hateful.
15. White Town - Your Woman
aired on F50 1996
Oh you've heard this one before? Yeah I think it dominated the airwaves for one summer. Wonderful thing. Worth the replay value.
16. Hefner - Alan Bean
aired on F50 2001
Five stars on this - shivers and shakes down spines, feet tapping and head bopping while the refrain reminds and steels us against the troubles of it all.
17. Detroit Cobras - Alabamallama
aired on F50 2001
Rock and Roll baby.
18. The Fall - Theme from Sparta FC
aired on F50 2003
The Fall are insane, 60 some frickin albums each track unhinged in some beautiful way. The shouting of fruits by the background singers on Dr. Faustus is a good example. This song coming near the end of Peel and The Falls decade long friendship is a capstone to the efforts of DJs to play what they love and bands to play what they love. Not harmonious no - but distinct.
19. CLSM - John Peel is Not Enough
aired on F50 2003
From the psychedelic sixties to the hard dance of the 00's - Peel played it all. And what props he was given.
20. John Peel - Talking
aired on Perfumed Garden, 1967
Thanks John. For the miracle.

Listen up folks, like CLSM said - John Peel is not enough. It is the duty of each of us to love and cultivate music. Throw it down and seek it out with passion. Play it loud and it fills the yawning emptiness we all have inside our alienated hearts. Play it for a friend and feel the connection of shared experience bridge the gap of our lonely islands of consciousness. Music to share is music to live by. Let's take off the headphones folks - we've all got that one golden track. Get it out there and make Peel proud.

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The Weeklies 11 - Left Overs I've discovered that there might be more music I listen to that I want to post then I can. This week showed that while I was using the monthlies as a main drop off of good tracks not all those tracks could meet the mood that the monthlies was originally created for - hence the weeklies. But the weeklies were originally intended to be brief 15 minute episodes that could, by enterprising individuals be combined into a hour long show at the end of the month. The largess when moved from the monthlies has made the weeklie post swell to a once per month proportion. But I like to think that the slate is clean now and ready for a much more stripped down post next week. Is it possible? meh.

Thanks to contributers Craig, Leah and Jay.

me - Calcutta (by Aphrodite) - compressed remix
A lovely song but my adhd screams that it goes on to long. With all the twitch that I have can I even enjoy trance anymore?

Page France - Here's a Telephone
Excellent - thanks to Said the Gramophone for this

Arcade Fire - Neighborhood (Laika), Live @ White Sessions
Ana and I read a piece in the times that made the new album sound interesting - no I haven't heard it yet. I would have posted the original but why when this live one is so good.

Grant Green - Ain't It Funky Now
So Ana and I did make it out to the TeaLounge to catch some music. Before the band started the piped in house sound was mainly Modeski, Martin and Wood knock offs (or the actual MMW who knows anymore?) and then the first few bars of Ain't It Funky Now came over the speakers - 10 seconds before it got pulled so that the show could start. A shame really.

Talat - Hasidic Monk
Listening to what they had on their website made me think it was klezmer jazz and well worth a shot. But the show veered dangerously close to Miles' Bitches Brew level of fusion noodling - minus the originality of the concept of course. We split and I felt betrayed since, as some components of the show proved, they could have been a great combo of radical Hasidim and bop; instead of the aimless wandering that was the majority of their tact.

Danielson - Did I Step on Your Trumpet?
Sexy swingy and fun - who hasn't posted this yet?

Antibalas - Obanlae
An large orchestral Afropop group right here in Brooklyn? New album coming out and I'm sure there will be a riotous cd release party.

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club - Ban the Gin
Maybe the loudest song posted yet - very snot-punk crossed with the indie folk scene. A solid combination.

Frank Freeman - Security
Frank is a friend going back to the g.o.d.s in PDX - The member of many oft renamed bands this, I believe, is his solo piece. Submitted by correspondent Verb.

Eat Tapes - NOS
A mystery how I found this and where more information about who it is can be found. Sorry about that - these really are the left overs though.

Madness - Baggy Trousers
On loan from Pretending Life Is Like A Song who submitted it to the Contrast Podcast. A great piece that I had to borrow since it does not sound entirely like anything else.

Blackalicious - Side to Side
From the album The Craft correspondent Burrell takes this track of a party taken over by rather demanding women folk. Such are the dangers of the game my youthful rhyme spitting friends.

Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelt
Forgive me father I have sinned to a winsome bass kick. In all honesty I was seduced - innocently reading a myspace page of a raver when I was looking for last weeks tracks when this started up as the embedded page sounds - when next thing I know I'm bottomed out on the lower east side blowing the door man to get into a warehouse. But honestly I feel just awful about the whole thing now and only include it here to serve as a warning. To the kids.
To the kids who wouldn't sell to me 'cause they think I'm a cop - this a warning you little shits.

Palomar - Our Haunt
Brooklyn Indie band tours southwest and release a new album this month. Brooklyn Indie band won't play a show in New York till their all done touring in the south. Ergo; NYC gets the south's sloppy seconds from home-town hipsters. Alliteration.

Freiwillige Selbstokontrolle - I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch (John Peel Session)
Coincidentally I will have more about this next week for I have been INSPIRED.

Beck - Hollow Log
Rounding it all out I realized that of the two things i haven't listened to lately that I actually bought the albums for when albums were physical things you could buy was Beck's One Foot in the Grave and Violent Femmes first album. The Femmes got to go into the monthly and Beck gets the weekly - every one is happy except for me who still feels let down that both these bands quickly left the sounds they defined in the early era of their careers.

me - Jay vs. Soft Circle "Whirl"
It may not be good but it doesn't have to be. I made it. Vocals are from contributer Jay

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