Week 09 - Out for Cuban Food Journal Entry: Week09
We're going out to dinner with Ana's folks. Get on the A - whoosh out of Brooklyn .  We get to this little Cuban place in the village and are treated to a hearty eat and drink session as we hear about the modern dance ballet of Carmen.

Packing up and heading out into the cold - we are aimed towards the bar Fat Black Pussy Cat. While shooting some pool we've got a multimedia experience courtesy of one of those wide screen LCD bastard intrusion devices bars are so found of now a days. Besides a lot of music I could have lived without I did get to see the video for the Scissor Sister's "I Don't Want to Dance" which is incredibly good and may I suggest YouTubing that particular piece.

I take a break and head to the men's room where I find a delightful little CD hanging out waiting for me to help myself. Hail modern distribution techniques! While there are only 3 of 6 tracks that aren't scratched to oblivion, I find at least one of them tolerable and think it significant that I have not thrown it away yet.

Across the street from the juke joint we're at is the Blue Note - I take a peak in and see that it is Ahmad Jamal playing tonight. I swoon but it is not meant to be, we walk on.

Seeing the trendy masses yearning to recreate authenticity (but this time with less anguish) at various clubs and bars Ana nearly goes into berserker kill mode over the tragedy of recapturing the village's spirit by capitalist means. Before the slouching towards Bethlehem begins we load up on the A and head back home.

Good Night Brooklyn

  1.  Leaving Brooklyn: Luz Mob - The Selecter
  2. Cuban Food: Cubanismo - Cuborleans
  3. Video Killed the Night Out: Scissor Sisters - I Don't Want to Dance
  4. I Found it on a Urinal: iBeat - Strangest Dream
  5. The Blue Note has Long Lines: Ahmad Jamal - Misdeamoner
  6. The Myth of The Village: Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues
  7. Back Home in Bed-Stuy: Will Stratton - Night Will Come
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 Month02 - February month02 This Podcast has been retired, if you would like a copy made available to you please let me know.
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Month01 - January Untitled DocumenThis Podcast has been retired, if you would like a copy made available to you please let me know.
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Going Live A nice day to post my first podcast. Sure earlier this week would have been better - I think it was Tuesday. Tuesday would have been better.

But today I'm posting my back catalog - this is from the month of January and is mainly focused on rock n' roll in the 50' to 70's. A little background as to why may help understand the purpose of this focus.

I grew up in house of rock n roll - anytime there was work to be done the tunes to toil to would be motown and pre-Beatles tracks. Some how my mom's sense of aesthetic  made it through two decades of musical upheaval with only the addition of Janis Joplin to show the passage. Rooted in the primordial four four time, call and response, and songs about high school love my understanding of music was a bit different than those of my classmates. Their parents listened to prog-rock and late seventies rock anthems. They knew power chords - I knew that a girl named Sue ran around with every single guy in town.

Growing up in house of re-issued compilations I must have heard the same limited catalog of the greatest hits of every year. Many were spectacular but the fact that the same songs would crop up on every album left a massive yearning for something more diverse.

So a while ago I started seeking out the rarities that my mom would like so that a bit of extra music could be added in to the house sounds. This of course developed into an idea for a monthly mix tape which I could send her to lift the mood and keep a connection between us. So I proudly present the Months, a collection of good music that I think most people, not just my mom, ought to hear.

Explanations out of the way please enjoy Month01
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Geez, got a lot to get down and quick - first podcast going up this weekend. ahhh I'm all a twitter. What a shame too you all seem like such nice folks. I'll be on a first name basis here, you can call me Pete.

I'll be back later with .. . what else more music.
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