Monthlies - Month 03 - March March is eye donor awareness, womens history, kidney, colorectal cancer, nutrition and, of course, National Noodle Month. More importantly it's Uner's birthday month.

While we're shaking it down to 80's music this weekend the Monthlie is still what it is, a recap of the likes for the classic set. Tune in for the next weeklie for the birthday music.

Sonny And Cher - The Beat Goes On (Live)
Hear that sound? That is the sound of bile. A humor thick enough to cut a prenup, Sonny and Cher do a number. All in fun though.

The Monkees - Buy Me a Dog
Just cheese, pure cheese - but still a great little forgotten pop song that has more pep than purpose.

Dale Hawkins - Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town
A powerful and deranged voice for one of the more personal takes on the effects of war. Incredibly Leonard Nimoy took a stab at this track - for the benefit of everyone I could not produce that version though.

Trini Lopez - Corazon De Melon
Heart of Melon, watermelon.

The Five Blobs - The Blob
Composed by Burt Bacharach for the movie of the same name - but somehow not included in the theatrical release. The Five Blobs are actually a quintet-dubbed Bernie Nee (or Knee).

The Piglets - Johnny Reggae
I believe the vocals on this track were provided by a trio of sex starved British mums. They sound about 40-ish and chucked full of Reggae Fever - yearning for a big hard dance floor number.

Dislocation Dance - You Can Tell
Early Eighties Unknowns from Manchester still sound good. And they've psuedo-reformed.

Claire Torry - Midnight Train
Big bold and brassy Torre stutters over the horn inflected sounds of this songbook standard. Incidentally famous for faking an orgasm on Pink Floyd's Great Gig in the Sky.

Procol Harum - Boredom
Did you know Procol Harum was Douglas Adam's favorite band. Good reason and good taste. If also absurd, to qoute, "rich and fruity."

Varetta Dillard - That's Why I Cry
Born in 30's Harlem and died in 90's Brooklyn, Dillard had the rough hewn vocal growl that made her songs more than just a 50's pop-chart topper.

The Small Faces - Hey Girl
A great set of musicians who would later trade out the mod set-up of the early UK 60's to become a solid psychedelic out fit.

Traffic - House For Everyone
A psychedelic jolt from Steve Winwoods other band.

10CC - Worst Band in the World
And still a great song. 10cc maybe a drug reference, you ask? Not to worry kids - they actually took their name from the total amount of semen ejaculated by the average male, in metric units because their British like that. The more you know...the more you owe.

Richards' People - Yoyo
Had a tough time finding any background on these guys. May be a false attribution.

Richard Penniman - Ooh! My Soul
Coincidentally his birth name was not Little, but a nickname added later when he grew into it.

Michael Liggins & The Super Souls - Loaded to the Gills
"I never really thought about how special we were back then. We had a different style, we really did ... I didn't realize it then. I just thought, "They did a good job." Mike Lenaburg, producer

Unknown - Unknown
Can any one help identify this sterling little track?

Willie Mitchel - Oh Baby You Turn Me On
A near instrumental.

Smoosh - Free to Stay
That is a very young voice there. This duo hailing from Seattle is managing some nice - if basic songs. The piano line on this is fabulous.

Stereototal - Wir Tanzen 4-Eck
We are dancing a square! Whiz! Shabam! Support the madness

Frankie Ford - Sea Cruise
Frankie's got a huge catalog of not quite great numbers - but this was his only hit. In retrospect it is a good example of a weird rock song - I imagine at the time it was just a great song.
Thanks for tuning in. Requests are always wanted - and comments too. Incedentaly I'm none to bright about what month this is so the file name is month04. I'd love to rename it but that function is temporarily unavailable. Stay tuned for further fuckups.

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Weeklies 13 - The Other Birthday Side It's been one of those weekends that make NYC seem like a great place to live. Not that it isn't usually - but honestly it's not (more or less). I guess New York is OK.

It all kicks off as a birthday party for a friend. We go out to a place called Le Souk (East side above Houston) a tidy little restaurant with a tiny little dance floor. I'll cut to the chase, on this; thanks to the friend for the birthday party and thanks to all the friends who could make it. I had fun despite the venue. My recommendation to any potential customers - don't go. The DJs sucked, dropping beats, dead air, and trainwrecking when ever they played more than one record at a time. The staff were courteous fuck jobs. Three words, one expletive: red velvet fucking rope. Additionally, unbelievably, a table could only be had if you bought a bottle - a bottle of Absolute costs $200 here. The music started off as Mediterranean Inflected House, then dropped it's pretenses and was just House. Sadly, the DJs were not even able to play House without trainwrecking.

Fun is fun and it got late, we headed home and on the train back I saw an indie kid with the Polmo Polpo vinyl "Like Hearts Swelling".

Day two found us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art playing a scavenger hunt for clues to reveal the murderer of the curator. I highly suggest this as fun for the people who like fun. So much fun that I must play TMBG. We didn't win but we did get the MC to say "Slick Nipples" to the gathered crowd.

Leaving there we're off to the Lower East Side for Indian food. Getting misdirected with the best of intentions, I get to walk by the store front shop of the best revolution in radio EVR! Sadly, I was the only one in the group who knew, loved, and cared.

Arriving at the substitute destination - (I will find the name and info later) -  the place is six kinds of awesome. Hallucinogenic interior decor, cramped to beat the band, and cheap honest food. And my babe got the birthday treatment by the house with a single candle, mango ice cream, crazy bhangra goa happy birthday song and a light show involving flicking the light switch on and off. (The entirety of the birthday part lasted thirty seconds at most - but will be a lifetime's worth of memories.) Eating out? I recommend this place, five stars. Try to find the Glorious Gold Godzilla hanging from the ceiling.

That night we watch "A Scanner Darkly" and are reminded of our tenuous grasp of reality. A funny sad movie - an honest depiction of life as I know it.

Sunday morning rolls along and I get a call from old-skooler Shawn, down and out and automobile mobile in LA. Going for the long haul he's getting back into school and graciously grants me two tracks for podcast.

Sunday, and we got to go shopping for the professional attire for future potential interviews for certain wayward girls. Is Century21 really a soul sucking commercial monstrosity. Oh yes it is. Nothing makes me yearn for a DIY "up against the wall motherfucker" revolution like shopping in Manhattan.

Then we're off to the tutor session at the Barnes and Noble - represented here by the likes of Arcade Fire's No Cars Go, because ever since the Neon Bible came out B&N have been piping in the Fire over the speakers. Inexplicable indie mega hit takes the muzak air waves, B&N cashes in on hip and the world goes around the sun one more time.

Wrapping it all up (I've got to get to work and soon). I leave you with the seminal track of Amon Tobin's - Shawns submission on this one. Mind fucking blowing and I'll never forget the first time I heard it way back when in the Rockin Rudy's of Missoula. Thanks Shawn for the blast from the past.

  1. Le Suck's Mediterranean Inflected House - AnkrJdhv - China Town
  2. Le Suck's House - Peppermint Bone - Beat Conductor
  3. Hipster on Train - Polmo Polpo - Requiem For a Fox
  4. Slick Nipples the Met Detectives - They Might Be Giants - (She was a) Hotel Detective
  5. East Village Radio (Sandy Acres) - Bobby Gentry - Fancy
  6. The Good Food - Dj Baba G - Holy Prophet What Are You
  7. The Good Movie - A Scanner Darkly - Darkly Mix
  8. Shawn's Submission #1 - Bright Black Morning Light - Everybody Daylight
  9. Death To Century21 - Who Boys - Revolution Uber Alles
  10. B&N Muzak Spectacular - Arcade Fire - No Cars Go (Live in Berlin)
  11. Shawn's Submission #2 - Amon Tobin - 4 Ton Mantis

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Other Peoples Podcasts 01 - John Peel The Inaugural OPP
I decided I wanted, in addition to the weeklies and monthlies, something more communal to the general world: an homage show for fellow podcasters while it is unlikely that anyone who visits this backward little page would  not know the vastly more popular sites, I'm still rather ignorant of the world so my naivete allows me be ignorant of better sense - even if I know better.

This one goes out to John Peel.
I want to nominate John Peel as the patron saint of indie music, podcasters, and the overlooked.

While Peel never (to my knowledge) had a podcast his singular taste in music, self effacing humor, and influence has left on indelible mark on the music of today.

Beginning in the late sixties as a pirate radio broadcaster with his Perfumed Garden show to his death in 2003 he played music that never would have made air time otherwise. Odd and particular tracks, his vast selections always straining for that rare thing of uniqueness. His passion itself often clouded the choices he made since he valued uniqueness over quality.

More personally he lit the fire for music under my ass. I came across the 1986 Festive Fifty selection by more accident than anything and immediately knew that at least 40 of the tracks I had never heard and never would have heard without the benefit of his show. And so it goes - music is shared and we all learn a little bit more about the world. Not too long after that I launched into finding out what I was missing in the music of today and quickly abandoned the comfort songs of familiarity for the jagged edge of the unknown.

For all the horrible noise I've heard since then I can only blame the musicians and for ever jaw dropping and heart pounding track buried in the mess of it - I can only thank John Peel.

1. Canned Heat - Rollin' and Tumblin'
aired on Perfumed Garden, 1967
A nice nice tune and the sign of a quality DJ is when he plays his friends music on the air.
2. Electric Prunes - Wind Up Toys
aired on Perfumed Garden, 1967
What an awesome psychedelic pop song - a bit derivative but exceedingly good. Peels two cents perfect zeitgeist.
3. Marc Bolan - Hippy Gumbo
aired on Perfumed Garden, 1967
How come I've never heard this? They should distribute this to the high schools with disproportionate drop out rates.
4. Top Gear Signature Tune
After the Perfumed Garden got closed down by the government (it was pirate after all) Peel landed a job doing the Top Gear show for the BBC. I couldn't find much about this period except for his shows signature tune.
5. The Jam - Down in a Tube Station at Midnight
aired on Festive 50 (F50) 1979
The Jam, almost exclusively reserved for retro hipsters in Williamsburg nowadays is still a solid band well worth the 30 year hype.
6. Pigbag - Papa's Got a Brand New PigBag
aired on F50 1981
Roiling post punk funk with ska elements and the big band sound. Ah lord we need more of this. Favorite - the Fwee whistle. More Fwee Whistle!
7. The Woodentops - Well Well Well
aired on F50 1985
A good driving drum line, elemental vocals, and a Casio keyboard.
8. Ironmasters - The Men They Couldn't Hang
aired on F50 1985
I've got a soft spot for seditious folk songs. Remind me to bust out the Guthrie someday.
9. Weather Prophets - Almost Prayed
aired on F50 1986
Aw brit pop - so good so gold. A melancholy song about near religious experience.
10. Camper Van Beethoven - Take the Skinheads Bowling
aired on F50 1986
It was this song that blew my mind and drove me to worship Peels musical tastes. Such a raucous chorus, what sheer absurdity. Classic: "I had a dream - it was about nothing"
11. House of Love - Destroy the Heart
aired on F50 1988
The sentiment of this song (if not it's execution) is well worth the time to listen to it at least three times.
12. Stump - Charlton Heston
aired on F50 1988
Another wonderfully absurd piece - the fact that these folks only ever put out one album and then disbanded due to a lack of commercial interests is a clear sign of the failure of the capitalists system. Now I just have to find a re-issue and build a shrine.
13. Gorkys Zygotic Mynci - If Fingers were Xylophones
aired on F50 1995
A band destined for nothing more than cult obscurity. But why? Their name could never be made into a commodity.
14. Cornershop - 6am Jullander Shere
aired on F50 1995
Mind blowing Indian Pop fusion from Leicester. If demographic change always sounded so good our world would be a lot less hateful.
15. White Town - Your Woman
aired on F50 1996
Oh you've heard this one before? Yeah I think it dominated the airwaves for one summer. Wonderful thing. Worth the replay value.
16. Hefner - Alan Bean
aired on F50 2001
Five stars on this - shivers and shakes down spines, feet tapping and head bopping while the refrain reminds and steels us against the troubles of it all.
17. Detroit Cobras - Alabamallama
aired on F50 2001
Rock and Roll baby.
18. The Fall - Theme from Sparta FC
aired on F50 2003
The Fall are insane, 60 some frickin albums each track unhinged in some beautiful way. The shouting of fruits by the background singers on Dr. Faustus is a good example. This song coming near the end of Peel and The Falls decade long friendship is a capstone to the efforts of DJs to play what they love and bands to play what they love. Not harmonious no - but distinct.
19. CLSM - John Peel is Not Enough
aired on F50 2003
From the psychedelic sixties to the hard dance of the 00's - Peel played it all. And what props he was given.
20. John Peel - Talking
aired on Perfumed Garden, 1967
Thanks John. For the miracle.

Listen up folks, like CLSM said - John Peel is not enough. It is the duty of each of us to love and cultivate music. Throw it down and seek it out with passion. Play it loud and it fills the yawning emptiness we all have inside our alienated hearts. Play it for a friend and feel the connection of shared experience bridge the gap of our lonely islands of consciousness. Music to share is music to live by. Let's take off the headphones folks - we've all got that one golden track. Get it out there and make Peel proud.

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The Weeklies 11 - Left Overs I've discovered that there might be more music I listen to that I want to post then I can. This week showed that while I was using the monthlies as a main drop off of good tracks not all those tracks could meet the mood that the monthlies was originally created for - hence the weeklies. But the weeklies were originally intended to be brief 15 minute episodes that could, by enterprising individuals be combined into a hour long show at the end of the month. The largess when moved from the monthlies has made the weeklie post swell to a once per month proportion. But I like to think that the slate is clean now and ready for a much more stripped down post next week. Is it possible? meh.

Thanks to contributers Craig, Leah and Jay.

me - Calcutta (by Aphrodite) - compressed remix
A lovely song but my adhd screams that it goes on to long. With all the twitch that I have can I even enjoy trance anymore?

Page France - Here's a Telephone
Excellent - thanks to Said the Gramophone for this

Arcade Fire - Neighborhood (Laika), Live @ White Sessions
Ana and I read a piece in the times that made the new album sound interesting - no I haven't heard it yet. I would have posted the original but why when this live one is so good.

Grant Green - Ain't It Funky Now
So Ana and I did make it out to the TeaLounge to catch some music. Before the band started the piped in house sound was mainly Modeski, Martin and Wood knock offs (or the actual MMW who knows anymore?) and then the first few bars of Ain't It Funky Now came over the speakers - 10 seconds before it got pulled so that the show could start. A shame really.

Talat - Hasidic Monk
Listening to what they had on their website made me think it was klezmer jazz and well worth a shot. But the show veered dangerously close to Miles' Bitches Brew level of fusion noodling - minus the originality of the concept of course. We split and I felt betrayed since, as some components of the show proved, they could have been a great combo of radical Hasidim and bop; instead of the aimless wandering that was the majority of their tact.

Danielson - Did I Step on Your Trumpet?
Sexy swingy and fun - who hasn't posted this yet?

Antibalas - Obanlae
An large orchestral Afropop group right here in Brooklyn? New album coming out and I'm sure there will be a riotous cd release party.

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club - Ban the Gin
Maybe the loudest song posted yet - very snot-punk crossed with the indie folk scene. A solid combination.

Frank Freeman - Security
Frank is a friend going back to the g.o.d.s in PDX - The member of many oft renamed bands this, I believe, is his solo piece. Submitted by correspondent Verb.

Eat Tapes - NOS
A mystery how I found this and where more information about who it is can be found. Sorry about that - these really are the left overs though.

Madness - Baggy Trousers
On loan from Pretending Life Is Like A Song who submitted it to the Contrast Podcast. A great piece that I had to borrow since it does not sound entirely like anything else.

Blackalicious - Side to Side
From the album The Craft correspondent Burrell takes this track of a party taken over by rather demanding women folk. Such are the dangers of the game my youthful rhyme spitting friends.

Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelt
Forgive me father I have sinned to a winsome bass kick. In all honesty I was seduced - innocently reading a myspace page of a raver when I was looking for last weeks tracks when this started up as the embedded page sounds - when next thing I know I'm bottomed out on the lower east side blowing the door man to get into a warehouse. But honestly I feel just awful about the whole thing now and only include it here to serve as a warning. To the kids.
To the kids who wouldn't sell to me 'cause they think I'm a cop - this a warning you little shits.

Palomar - Our Haunt
Brooklyn Indie band tours southwest and release a new album this month. Brooklyn Indie band won't play a show in New York till their all done touring in the south. Ergo; NYC gets the south's sloppy seconds from home-town hipsters. Alliteration.

Freiwillige Selbstokontrolle - I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch (John Peel Session)
Coincidentally I will have more about this next week for I have been INSPIRED.

Beck - Hollow Log
Rounding it all out I realized that of the two things i haven't listened to lately that I actually bought the albums for when albums were physical things you could buy was Beck's One Foot in the Grave and Violent Femmes first album. The Femmes got to go into the monthly and Beck gets the weekly - every one is happy except for me who still feels let down that both these bands quickly left the sounds they defined in the early era of their careers.

me - Jay vs. Soft Circle "Whirl"
It may not be good but it doesn't have to be. I made it. Vocals are from contributer Jay

Photo Credit: FGA
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Retired Podcasts Do to limits of space we can only host so much, and podcasts must be taken down after their moment in the sun. Each one is given a lovely apartment in shared space on some damnable CD I put somewhere and golly I don't remember to well anymore.

If you would like a copy of the podcast drop a note in the requests page and I'll see what I can do.

The following podcasts are in the back forty:

Month 01 - January
Month 02 - February

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Update So I really really enjoyed putting together the sounds for week 10 podcast, and in reflection - I really enjoyed putting together the sounds for the week 9 podcast. Which isn't to say that the Months aren't fun to make - digging through the dust for the sacramental sound is an unrivaled joy. But there is the old and the new, different but equal.

I originally started this podcast because I was already putting together mix tape selections of the golden eras of rock n roll, soul, mo-town, funk, jazz and swing. And this is something I'm still dedicated to. But I also want to do another collection that showcases the diverse sounds of everything I like.

So I've settled on a schedule that will allow me the freedom for both. A weekly (or bi-weekly) show that hosts the music that I and my newest collaborators find that excites our souls. And then the more rareified form of the monthlies that will feature the exclusive groove that comes from the golden oldies crates. It is a win win for everyone and a solid split right down the middle.

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Week 10 - Rave Collapse Night Almost went out to a birthday party, almost went out to a live show at a coffee house, almost went out to the EarFarm gig, and almost went out to a rave.

Ana has never gone - so this mix is for her. She still hasn't gone because, as implied above, the almost was the closest realization of the thought to reality. Instead we stayed home and talked all night long. Better than all the other options, if you ask me.

But still there is a rhythm inside me that yearns to be expressed in motion and groove on the close perimeter of the bassbin on the dance floor. And so here's the mix.

Careful with the speakers on this, some of the levels aren't even so keep aware. Oh, and if you don't like dance music, yeah sorry and pity on you.

Track listings:
  1. 0:00 - 2:59 : Brooklyn Bounce - Bring it Back (svenson gielen rmx)
  2. 2:56 - 6:56 : Adam Freeland - Live at One Live
  3. 6:40 - 9:44 : Nic Fanciulli - Essential Mix Live from Club
  4. 9:02 - 12:37 : Meat Katie - Rotten Dot Com
  5. 12:24 - 13:16 : Diplo - Percolator
  6. 13:30 - 14:20 : Baby Anne - Freaks Groove
  7. 14:12 - 15:12 : Electric Skychurch - Dun Dun
  8. 14:44 - 15:14 : Peven Everett
  9. 15:04 - 16:04 : DJ Icey - Hardway's Working
  10. 15:58 - 17:20 : 000000000001- Sex Disco Sleaze
  11. 16:32 - 18:48 : Lord of Bass - Hardstyle Mix
  12. 18:16 - 19:18 : DJ Icey - Hardway's Working
  13. 19:04 - 20:32 : The Euroboyz/DJ Amaya - You Get Me
  14. 19:44 - 21:01 : The Flaming Lips - A Machine in India
  15. 20:32 - 24:22 : Trance Wave - Mystic Paradise
  16. 24:00 - 25:18 : DJ Dan - Do What You Feel
  17. 24:48 - 27:22 : Unknown - Unknown
  18. 26:52 - 29:13 : Plump DJs - Weighed Down
  19. 28:46 - 35:22 : DJ Baba G - Ali Mola

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