Monthlies 04 - April Another boisterous hour of music to show what little I've accomplished this month with my life. In jest though. Actually this month was exceedingly good in terms of what I've managed to do, school, work, etc are plodding along a staid course and I managed to do enough extracurricular math on the side to test out of math class and into math 206. Thrilling right?

So on to the tunes. This month I want to highlight for your listening enjoyment my new favorite obscure band The Godz - a group hailing from NYC their infinitely weird take on music was unable to secure the necessary interest of times and the group has since faded to an odious obscurity. For my part in reviving this tragic tale I hereby swear to play too much of them for anyone who has actual taste in music.

Also the last track has a bounty on it - $50 to the first person to name it and the artist.

01. Love - Stephanie Know Who
Love is back for another round with this frighteningly paranoid lovers perception of infidelity. Good times!
02. 1910 Fruitgum Company - 1, 2, 3 Red Light
Saccharine sweetness oozes around the doughy flesh tinged corners of this nearly unbearable pap. Nothing against the original artists - who as I understand it were actually rather accomplished set musicians later shoe horned by managers into the role of a late 60's easy-pop boy band for the interests of shear greed alone. This track, amazingly, is not the worst they have offer - no that would be the infamous "Simon Says" a song so mundanely trite I had forgotten I'd ever heard it until I listened to it again while doing research for this month.
03. Human Beinz - Nobody but Me
So the sound of easy-pop done right? The Human Beinz and the machine staccato of drums that opens to the loose rising riffs of guitar capped on top by the melodic "No, No, No, No, No" vocals. Jangling it's way into your heart.
04. G.P. Chiti & S. Montori - Desperation and Money (Cindelic Records)
60's Italian b-grade movie soundtracks kick just that much ass.
05. Jennifer Gentle - Take My Hand
Another Italian act, by God but this one is good and - drum roll - contemporary to myself with an nicely kicking album with American distributor sub pop.
06. Beck - We Dance Alone (acoustic)
Recently recorded over at WXPN as a part of NPR backed World Cafe. A good listen to those who doubt song craft of this eclectic musician.
07. The Godz - Lay in the Sun
Oh man it doesn't get any further out than that. The perfect protopunk psychedelic sound.
08. Thee Headcoats - All My Feelings Denied
Man there is a lot of noise going on in here - my apologies to anyone not entirely blinded by the sheer fire of the manic force that is Billy Childish.
09. Johnny Pate - Can't Even Walk in the Park.
Johnny Pate, a long lived and ranging career - there is more beneath the surface of this soundtrack than just the glittering funk one might expect. Beginning as a jazz bassist in the thirties by the forties he'd even cut his own Blue Note session. The fifties saw him break the Billboard top 20, playing tuba and setting up arrangements. This lead him to fame and success with Curtis Mayfield and B.B. King and finally landing a gig in Hollywood for the music production of "Shaft in Africa".
10. Meri Wilson - Telephone Man
Oh shit - the CD BABY strikes again! Meri is still making music and it turns out that the Friendly Staff of CD Baby are pedaling her wares. I didn't find this till it was too late to put in the audio for the month. Apologies and excuses to all involved.
11. Soft Machine w/ Hibuo Anemone
They once lit the madness of the masses with swirling psychedelic sounds swaths and jazz ornamentation. Now they are just known as the nearly made its and also rans - a shame since they really had something else going on.
12. Cat Empire - Two Shoes
This is the Year of Cat Empire - my prediction is the pods will leverage interest into the band that will then jettison them into the lower hundred of the Billboard and MRM. Did I totally miss them when they came to town? yes. Did my friend Andre actually do PR for the shows and try to get me to go by bringing over CDs and Posters? yep. Do I regret?
I regret nothing. Well maybe a little.
13. Nash - Aggregation
Damn it all I can't find anything about these guys, a shame as they sound like they really bust out the kicks. Favorite line: "A child is Born / Where's He Born? / In the SUUUUUUUUN!"
14. Moving Sidewalks - 99th Floor
Future ZZTop frontman lays down the Texas tracks and precedes Jimi Hendrix on stage? Hallucinatory terrain surly.
15. Harry Nilsson - 1941
Harry claims The Beatles were his fans. Well I guess that makes sense. There is a strong English story telling thread that the two groups share.
16. The Majority - One Third
The problem here is not just obscurity but obscurity combined with common search terms. Yes searching for One Third Majority often pulls up references to democratic processes.
17. The Coasters - Down Home Girl
A laid back cover with a funk dollop from the one and onlys.
18. Mystery Track - I don't even know.
ARGH frustrated by the complete failure of my ability to know who the hell I am listening to - I hereby offer a $50 dollar bounty for the first person who can name this artist and song. Good song too.

backing track - Le Fluer da Musique
image from: Audiogalaxy (holy shit - Audiogalaxy! I thought they killed you)

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Greenpoint Response - Toxic Brooklyn

Yes I did call Greenpoint Brooklyn a post-industrial wasteland. And don't think that it isn't. The Toxic Brooklyn series from did an episode on Greenpoint and the Newton canal.

Foul stuff. I Wonder why more folk here aren't Enviro's. Maybe they don't know how bad it can get. It's one thing to have pristine wilderness and another to be a Superfund site. There is a lot of gray area in between.

Me, I'm writing my congresswoman.

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Weeklies 17 - Mashup Night Collapse I flaked on the 2ManyDJ's show and all I got to show for it is this wide ranging and reeling falling over selection of Mashups, Bastard Pop, Bootlegs, and plunderphonical audio expositions.

I now have a mike and nothing worthwhile to say, as evidenced in this weeks podcast.

1. Pirate Sound System - Selektah Ringtone
What a good idea. Mashup ringtones. Not my ringtone, but I'm sure there is someone who really appreciates this.
2. 2ManyDj's - Radio Soulwax Montage
A compressed mix with too many sources to cite. 2ManyDJs, the superstars of the modern mashup
3. DNA feat. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner
Yeah, it's been a while since I heard this one. Kind of tough to track down a copy. But thanks goes out to the never forgetful internet for making this possible.
4. Sherpa - Tecnologic Pop
A not bad piece with a solid usage of Daft Punk - not inspiring but sentimental.
5. Unknown - Caitlin
Even though I lost the artist name who did this, which usually means disqualification I had to include it for the looped TMBG horn section.
6. Wisp - Turquoise Tinged Pennies
Not a mashup but the near cousin turntablism and so gorgeous it had to be included.
7. Go Home Productions - Flaming Mary Can Out (Run) Prince
The Run D.M.C. action on this track is thrilling. Go Home has some solid productions and currently have an hour show up that they did with the BBC. Well worth a look.
8. Dj Paul VPeaches vs. Gary Glitter - Didn't Know The Lips Wanna Be Her
Any excuse to play a Peaches track is good enough for me.
9. Jackson and his Computer Band - Teen Beat Ocean
Not a mashup but the near uncle IDM - while Jackson Computer may not be as brilliant as some other IDM artists. They've got a good way with sample extraction.
10. Dj BC - Einstein on the Beast
DJ BC, of Beastles fame, here gets the sound from way out with help from Phillip Glass.
11. The Avalanches - I am a Cuckoo
I am horribly enamored with the long time producing but rarely publishing Aussie band The Avalanches. And why because nearly two years ago I saw this video and fell in love: video
12. Jan Turkenburg and Chenard Walcker - 42 "De Sirenes"
A nice piece of found sound from to productive plunderphonic disciples. While the 52 weeks project may not have made every track perfect, like this one is, the sonic journey is worth the while of the curious.
13. Hamburglars - Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value
Awesome plundering to be found on the high seas of corporate training videos.
14. Thin - Stoopid, Dreemer Nightmare
Mike Curtis put out a couple internet release pieces before leaving the scene. Blue Face being an all around wonderful example of his ability.
15. Yuhzimi - Top of The Pops
A small section from a rather awkward compilation of mashups. This snippet is golden.
16. Osymyso - Not Quite Fool
Osymyso of anti-art school notoriety brings a nearly spartan vocal section to a rolling boil of British stiff upper lip-ishness.
17. Negativland - Gimme The Mermaid
The grand daddys of the sampledeliaca world, this is the audio section of their recent anti-infringement mashup video.
18. kARSTEN pFLUM - Bflonk 03
And a lovely little number to take us out on the podcast closer.

Image from Catalyst Dances - Heat and Life

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Take a minute to save the music Take a minute to mail your representative to stop the royalty rate increase on internet radio services. Expecting the stations to pay rates even more than comparable broadcasting methods is grossly unfair.

At the request of the Recording Industry Association of America, the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) ignored the fact that Internet radio royalties were already double what satellite radio pays, and multiplied the royalties even further.  The 2005 royalty rate was 7/100 of a penny per song streamed; the 2010 rate will be 19/100 of a penny per song streamed.  And for small webcasters that were able to calculate royalties as a percentage of revenue in 2005 – that option was quashed by the CRB, so small webcasters’ royalties will grow exponentially!

... last year Internet radio listening jumped dramatically, from 45 million listeners per month to 72 million listeners each month.  Internet radio is already popular and it is already benefiting thousands of artists who are finding new fans online every day.

- quoted from

Thanks for your time and help on this matter.
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Reserve the Date It might be a ways off from today, but if I don't post it here I doubt I'll recall  it otherwise:
DJ Food & DK are doing a tour to promote their second collaboration; Now, Listen Again!
Jun 14 2007 9:00P
Studio B New York, New York

For those who missed the first Now, Listen - or are unfamiliar with the artists involved, my deepest sympathies. To remedy the situation of this potential obscurity I'll put up a track from the album in the next podcast.

And for those who can't wait that long to feel the cold icy chill of solid steel ignite their blue suede dancing shoes; have you heard of the alternative:

Fixed brings 2ManyDjs back to Brooklyn:
Apr 18 2007 11:15P
FIXED Presents- Radio Soulwax Tour @ Studio B- Brooklyn

A wednesday night riot - but you better call the boss this midweek rocker starts late and goes till 4 in the morning. Upside? $12 tickets at the door. Hope to see you there.

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OPP 02 - The Yank Sizzler A catalyst is substance that speeds up a chemical reaction without being destroyed in the process, more colloquially it is something, a person, event, or anything that propels one to act. And there is no finer introduction to the podcast that is The Yank Sizzler than the twined notions of inspiration and the active instigator that remains undestroyed.

Last month I wrote lyrically of the John Peel and how his program had rekindled my fascination in the outer fringe of music. This month I want everyone to hear the podcast that inspired me to make my own.

After I had gotten my filthy mitts on the bygone radio programs of Peel's shows I still yearned to find more - such is the nature of musical greed. Once you turn over a rock that has a vein of gold underneath you search the land to find more rocks just like it. Thankfully the modern era has the Internet and my trolling for music turned up Mike's Yank Sizzler. This would have been around episode two or three, showing that even the powerful catalyzing force of the Yank Sizzler was only enough to provoke me to take action over the course of nearly a year.

The Yank Sizzler is a popular show - I have no idea what the exact count is, but on episode four Mike admits an audience of 300 and now that the show has exceeded that number by twenty, I can only imagine the billions who tune in every day - foisting love and rolled up wads of twenties to the man who won our hearts.

Meanwhile in reality, Mike's site is sparse of comments on the music he shares with us. While part of the curse of our wretched postmodern online culture is the effort we must expend to be heard, the fact that even a show of such great quality exists without a communal bedrock of commentary is unfortunate. Part of the idea behind showcasing other peoples podcasts is to expand the community and make the ties that bind us more and more meaningful by reinforcing the communication that happens between fans. In short I hope that everyone who reads this will strike up a comment or two and engage Mike in a dialogue - his show is worth it.

The other part of the idea is expose myself as the fraud I am by giving credit where it is do. Mike's selections are fantastic, and while I kick myself every time he nabs a track before I can post it, I must admit that the mixtapes I've mailed my friends would missing half their tracks if it wasn't for the hot white infusion that the podcast has provided.

Last thing - I tried my damndest to include a righteous swath of the excellent ecletic tracks that Mike chooses. Sadly though this was impossible due to both time and space constraints. I picked tracks that I myself felt were great, and invariably my bias has eaten out a part of the raw mix that the actual experience conveys. But for every German Breakcore I couldn't include I was able to smuggle in a small piece of  my own personal heaven. That said let's begin the listening experience that is The Yank Sizzler:

Mike's Mission Statement
1. The Make Up - Born on the Floor
Episode 1
For some indistinct reason this rather rambling piece was sunk its' tinterhooks into me. Even after all the re-listens of Episode 1 this song stills seems full of an odd and restless passion that keeps it fresh each time.

2. Bobby Bare Jr. - Strange Bird
Episode 2
I remember the first time I heard this I was floored by the fantastic push of oddity it exudes in its instrumentation. Peddling as fast as I could to get home and share it with Ana I  was breathless as plugged in the iPod and let this song speak for me.

3. Caribou - Bees
Episode 3
Slow gracious builds and an open aural space as large an unspeakable Canadian province with a poor grasp of name recognition.

4. Jacques Dutronc - "Responsible"
Episode 4
A song that disproved my girlfriends insistence that the French were worthless. THANKS MUSIC!

5. Billy Mbowa & The AGS Boys - Jane Wagne
Episode 5
One of the greatest joys to be had from Mike's podcast is not in the music itself but of his intense connection with the world through the vehicle of music. In our irony shattered landscape any recognition of the visceral forces is an affirmation of life.

6. Beta Band - Dry The Rain
Episode 6
Another swelling and lilting song? How can I explain this without having to make an excuse for my choice? Oh that's right it has the line in it:
If there is something inside that you want to say
Say it alright. It will be ok. I will be alright.

7. Woody Guthrie - I Ain't Got a Home In This World Anymore
Episode 7
Have you ever watched the documentary by Scorsese about Bob Dylan and realize half way through that you want the camera to leave Bob and follow Woody? Well I have. Woody, in my opinion was saying something brutal and true - without ripping off Italian Renaissance poets and spouting gibberish.

8. The Black Eyes - Deformative
Episode 8
There is a certain stiffness that digs into my neck - a crink that crawls through my brow, and the firing of the anxious nerves of my adolescence still left bare under my armor of maturity, which this song so powerfully evokes.

9. Bearsuit - Steven Fucking Speilberg
Episode 9
Bearsuit is a national treasure, Mike helped me see the light on this. It is true, too true, in fact as they are not our national treasure. The only solution to this is kidnapping them and like nasty fairies leaving behind some knick knacks and fig newtons so no one notices their absence until it is too late.

10. Tapes and Tapes - Sister Sister
Episode 10
Somehow a perennial entry on several volumes of mixtapes. My explanation: rolling beats, fevered lyrics and varying levels of absurd braggadocio and absurd vulnerable exposition.

11. The Sonics - Strychnine
Episode 11
Such a fundamentally great track I am wondering how this got missed in all those damned rock & roll collections I heard growing up. Also a great showcase of Mike's dry humor.

12. Josh White - Takin' Names
Episode 14
A slow and spooky rouser full of that odd world view that is the hallmark of singer songwriters. Practically nihilistic.

13. Love - Hey Joe
Episode 16
The passing of Arthur Lee was a sad day. Honestly though, what he left us was a gift few could match. He will be missed and remembered.

14. Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple
Episode 17
Mike, like most of us falls in love with the bands he plays and rejoices in sharing and talking about them. Gogol is definitely high on the list of the returning favorites who get into the rotation more than most. Not a bad thing at all. Me, I had to include this; he name checks Diogenes (one must wonder if it is the Diogenes of "The Cynic" fame or maybe another of the bunch).

15. Cleveland Crochet - Drunkard's Dream
Episode 18
Mike, by including the snippet of Peel, falls into the sacred duty bunch of the preservers. Often a Creole track or two will show up in between the indies and the oldies. As always these are the finest representatives of the sound and ethic of the culture. A culture fast disappearing each new fan Mike turns on only helps the chances of its continuation.

16. Kid Koala - cut from Side 1
Episode 19
Kid Koala, damn you Mike for playing this before I could. On the other hand - the more the merrier. And a solid note to leave the show on. Kid Koala speaks with more passion and eloquence than anyone else who rocks the decks.

Mike's Parting Words and Declaration

Thanks goes to Mike for letting me take snippets and review his show. And of course for his show itself.

Please Don't Podfade.

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Weeklies 15 - The Birthday Side

Ana's birthday has come and gone - a more festive time out than she'd thought it would be (still I was hoping for more but as these things go I am always more optimistic than is reasonable).

The night began with a re-visit to the Tea Lounge in Park Slope, a gathering and launch off point for the various parties who I had hoped would congregate there before setting off to trip the light retrotastic at the Culture Club.

Such was not to be the case - as ominously a Fleetwood Mac CD (Greatest Hits, I do believe) had gotten stuck in an infinite loop and everyone was subjected to two hours of breathless early 80's pap. Due to time constraints Fleetwood Mac will not be represented in this podcast. When complaints were lodged with the staff the music quickly got shuffled around to the likes of Modest Mouse - here freely intrepreted in a nice piece by World Famous Audio Hacker.

The highlight of the first phase of the night was the presentation of the video compilation done by our friends back in Portland. A lot of good memories and sad nostalgia got built up and released by this singularly awesome reminiscence. This kernal of solid awesome is represented here by our friends doing a birthday ballad to Ana, a fine little track that is a bit more coherent than anything I've ever done.

The fun continued with a surprise visit from super-student Tomohiro. Luckily enough he is a conspicous character, and was quickly besieged by the family of English teachers and their various lessons of puppy and "hanging in there". Tomo is here represented by Hifana a not to be missed breakbeat group that I have featured before. It was due to Tomo that I myself was introduced to their fiery tempo of heavy breaks. Be sure to check out their incredible video over here.

When we finally did set out it, wasn't to any high-falutin' Manhattan culture hole, but a half-block down to the Union Hall! A Brooklyn Birthday entirely contained in the space of a football field. Upon entry to the Home of the Park Slope Famous Bocci Ball Courts, we got a the first taste of the retro back pedalling that is a bar playing the Clash's Rock the Casbah. Here to keep the feeling alive I've replaced the original with the mildly modified Rythm Scholars version.

The downstairs dance floor was awash with the solid dance tracks of the obscure, which unfortunately I could not find representatives for, such as a track from the Mo'Wax label I couldn't place but know I've heard before, a track from Hot Butter, and many more. Great Fun was had by all and is here represented Blondie's "Heart of Glass", The Beastie Boys "So Whatcha Want", a clip from Grant Stetski, and Belle and Sebastian's "We are the Sleepyheads". Incredibley of those four songs - three were played on the dance floor but the one that was not is actually the most dance dance song of them all. To clarify, yes I shook it like I made it to the intermitentment beats of Belle and Sebastian.

Rounding this all out is a bit of primal scream therapy from Aa the tribal electro punk outfit from (drum roll) Brooklyn. Nothing like a soul shattering mournful yelp to express the rightful existential quagmire that are birthdays.

Thanks for having another year on Earth with me Babe - we'll try our best to keep this all together. Thanks also to all the well wishers, visitors, guests, dancers, and contributers who helped make it a good night out.

1. World Famous Audio Hacker - Dashboard 2.0 Retouch2
2. Snikative - Gettin High on Yer Birthday Day
3. Hifana - Wamono PV
4. Rhythm Scholar - Rock The Casbah (Boogie Bombs Remix)
5. Blondie - Heart Of Glass
6. Beastie Boys - So What'cha Want
7. Grant Stetski - Bonzai Breaks 2006
8. Belle and Sebastain - We are the Sleepyheads
9. Aa - Thirteen


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