Summer at Light Speed Summer is going by quick. I've got little to post but with a bit of music in the mix I hope you won't mind that too much.

1. Juno Reactor - Pistolero
2. Fluke - Absurd
3. Justice - Dance
4. Nicola Conte - Jet Sounds
6. Gionata - Niente di Giovane Dietro Una Droga
7. Amon Tobin - Always
8. Four Tet - No More Mosquitoes
9. Dansbanan
10. Aquasky - Shadow Breaks
11. Batdarrell - Danza
12. Erlend Oye - Every Party
13. Baka Beyond - Rendezvous
14. Pinataland - Velocity
15. Prefuse 73 & the Books - Pagina Siete

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Backing Track: Tatrai Tibor-Blues, Pierre Bastien - Eggs Air Seas Dust Hill, Medaphors - Place Your Bet, Zombies Ate My Neighbors Neighburger

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Monthlies 05 - 2 and one-half weeks of summer vacation! Oh Boy and Howdy everybody - Long time since my last podcast and all apologies. You must understand that these times dissertations are cause for desperation and all my education has left me little time for communication. And so I've managed to pull myself together just in time for the monthlies 05. Lets get it on.

01. John Lee Hooker - Hard Hearted Woman
The always esteem-able and vital, played here because you can never have to much of a good Hooker.

02. Holy Modal Rounders - Synergy
A supremely weird song that, I do believe, precedes the "paradigm shift" "synergy" of boardroom culture by a solid two scores worth of years. Take that to the bank you filthy suit bastards.

03. Thee Headcoats - Mantrap
Christ, I can't shake the feeling that I must have played this one before. Not sure when or where. No matter. Billy Childish led this outfit of misfits in his own personal means of exercising his demons. Hard luck with that as twenty years later he's still trying.

04. Cocorosie - Terrible Angels
From La Maison de Mon Rêve, an album I specifically skipped trying to pronounce on the air.

05. Pink Martini - Anna (El Negro Zunbon)
One of the best little outfits from P-town still gets respect from the swinging cats down at Carnegie Hall. Pink Martini just came out with a new album too - Hey Eugene! and, best of news, they did it by sticking with the small imprint label Heinz Records.

06. John Mayhill - Mexico City
I can find nothing on this guy - real shame too. Even though he's got some generic vocal belts - the genius is all in the song's parodic tone and the call and response duet. Which makes me curious as to if he was smart enough to do it twice or if this was just a one off fluke.

07. La Piedrera - El Cool Dude
The accordion is the international instrument of honest music. Anyone who has ever tried "ironic" accordion compositions has in fact met their horrible demise the ragged clutches of the squeeze box man's dancing monkey. And rightfully so.
08. Al Caiola - Experiment In Terror
Cause nothing says summer like a latin flavored string guitar set based on the idea of Terror. I get all goose pimply when the brass swings into it in the second half. The Horror.

09. Har-You Percussion Group - Feel Me Good
Social activists, deteriorated youth, and funk. I wonder what happened to these kids.

10. Bango - Motor Maravilha
The left behind and forgotten of the 60's Brazilian Psychedelic Movement.

11. Barney Bigard Sextet - Sweet Marijuana Brown
Recorded in '45 this little ditty came out long after the respectability of jazz was all about the understated background music and had not yet been blown apart by the cool. An interesting time and this song plays more like a crooner than anything else.

12. Contours - Can You Jerk Like Me
Soul Singing Motown players - they pushed this onto vinyl in '65. And unlike the Barney Bigard Sextet track it has no intentional subtext.

13. Optiganally Yours - Walk & Chew Gum
For those who are curious the Optigan is a little toy record player which played small instrument records to produce sounds. And yes the band is based on this device.

14. Rusty York - Tremblin
As a son of a coal miner this bluegrass influenced rockabilly promoter put up a lot of works and has even got a place over at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

15. David Karsten Daniels - Jesus and the Devil
Keeping the summer spirit alive DKD gets the best of the whatsits on this podcast. Happiness and don't forget to pick up his latest work over on Fat Cat Records.

15. Albert Washington - Bettie Jane
A nice roiling bongo beat propels this stripped down hybrid of blues and soul towards the duets saucy descriptions of the eponymous girl.

16. Lazy Lexi's mystery track!
Everybody's talking about the president. But what do they say?

17. Polyphonic Spree - Section 12 (Hold Me Now)
June 19th people and the newest albums drops - the Spree is getting militant! Inspirational, like Ana says, these folks give you something to smile about.

18. The Owls - Air
Oh you've probably heard of them.

19. The Roulettes - Junk
The instrumental modset brings the fury with this keyboard driven powerhouse.

Thanks for tuning in everybody - just a heads up. Like I say in the podcast I'm shifting to a bi-monthly format because of time constraints due to summer school. But if anybody wants to submit a guest podcast drop me a line.

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backing tracks: Keisuke Egusa - Summer Samba; April Aloisio - Nica's; Dream; Skatallites - James Bond Theme; Yesterdays New Quintet - Daylight; Yardbirds - Honey In Your Hips.

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