Weird Road Trip A weird road trip is soon to ensue and what with the tornadoes and floods, school and work, moving and weddings - the summer wouldn't be complete were it not for the obligatory road trip.

The omens do cloud the horizons just last night I was set upon at my window by may cockroaches trying to find their way inside. So spooked was I when one alit upon my head that in a panic my library book (Collected Anthology of Shakespearian Criticism 1945-2000) was lost out the window and into the inaccessible yard of my neighbor three floors below. Why were cockroaches trying to get into my house - seriously weird animal behavior .. . what dark portents.

For the occasion of our outing I will share with you the mix cd that shall pilot us north-northwest to the capitol of cool Das Buffalo!

  1. 50 hertz - Dagen da kriget kom till stan
  2. bonzo dog band - trouser song
  3. Lords of the New Church - Gun Called Justice
  4. bruce haack - electric lucifer
  5. mr bungle - chemical marriage
  6. the soft boys - only the stones remain
  7. fatboy slim - weapon of choice
  8. buck 65 - the floor
  9. Cibo Matto - Sugar Water
  10. jan turkensburg - remkesmars
  11. Cream - Wrapping Paper
  12. telex - rock arond the clock tonight
  13. Booby Coon - Never get ahead
  14. yy snonos - cracking codes
  15. Kid Koala - Bonus Materials on the set of Fender Bender
  16. Man Man - Man who Make You Sick
  17. protman - 125whrrd_20070601
  18. Beck - Tunder Peel
  19. Spike Jones And His Cuty Slickers - The tennessee waltz
  20. William s Burroghs - place of dead

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