Chunk!es - Bonus Level 2000 Time is getting short once more and you know what that means. A sudden decrease in the quality of the posts.

Now now.. . follow me here into this backroom for I've a shady secret to share - see here, I only have time to do so much. We both know how that is.  I want to maximize the music I share not create a thickness of links and tangents, digressions, and filler. Things that provide my identity - that personal touch to the selection - must take a back seat now.

But it is a fine line - this detachment puts me within range of that absentee dj which factory radio craps out. Certainly nothing I'd like to have in my life. But harsh times call for harsh hash biscuits with a side of resignation gravy (a little light please - the doctor, you know, says I need to watch my diet). This loss of voice is a problem I acknowledge and will work against - but some slippage is bound to occur.

So here I'll post with the notion that this could be done better, ought to be done better, by time and life are short and the main motive is, as it always has been, to kick out the jams.

  1. People Like Us - Music of Your Own
  2. Future Wives - Dark Side of the Man
  3. eMiL Jensen - Ghana mot Italien
  4. Flaming Lips - God's A Wheeler Dealer
  5. Chocolate Watch Band - Let's Talk About Girls
  6. The Mark Four - I'm Leaving
  7. Rufus Thomas Jr - Tiger Man (King of the Jungle)
  8. Donovan - Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)
  9. Pendulum - Girl in the Fire
  10. Tullycraft - Our Days in Kansas
  11. Volumen - Battle for Chromozon
  12. Rocket From The Crypt - Middle
  13. au P'tit Bonheur - Padam (Piaf)
  14. Janis Joplin - Easy Once You Know How
  15. Ariane - Moffatt Montreal
  16. Ruth Brown - This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’
  17. Mighty Joe Young - Ain't Nobody Home
  18. Balloon Farm - Question of Temperature
  19. Velvet Underground - White Light / White Heat
  20. Tinariwen - Cler Achel
  21. Tarwater - 70 Rupees to Paradise
  22. Nervous Norvus - Transfusion
  23. Eddy Cochrane - 20 Flight Rock
  24. Frank Zappa - I'm Not Satisfied

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Backing Tracks:
Portishead - Requiem for Anna (un jour comme un autre - Anna)
Psapp - My Fair Lady
Pyramids - Brain Monster
Miles Davis - I Don't Wanna Be Kissed (Medely)
Soul Station - This I Dig of You

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To the Front! Brevity this day my loyal readers. A busted keyboard and little to prattle on about means that original text is at a premium and I shan't bother with the niceties.

So welcome to 2008 and enjoy two hours of some selected tracks. Like a very special after school special I hope that we can all learn a very important lesson from what just happened. And so, drugs are bad (or at least expensive), you don't need friends like that, and, of course, time is precious. Oh so precious - I wouldn't read this verbiage I spew grab the tracks and go do something for christ's sake.

Lets get started.

1) Sargasso Trio - Heels on Fire
Just about perfect. And this is the stand out track of the ol' cast.

2) The Field - Fall From A Height (Remix)
Tied and Tickled Trio - Aelita 1
The much ballyhooed Swedes in rough mix with the post jazz of the trio.

3) B.C. Camplight - Soy Tonto!
A masterful piece of eclecticity by a man I can really identify with.

4) Lisa Portelli - A Mon Meuble
I don't know French but I know what I like.

5 ) Chromeo - Fancy Footwork
The best electro-pop funk educated 2 step duo since the 80's.

6) Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma
And their back for a second track. Less Paul Simon more lerft field.

7) The Magnetic Fields - Three-Way
The opening track on their new album is this stellar piece of heavy drenched erotic propulsuion.

8) Enon - Mirror on You 
(site not epileptic safe) Need more noise and this time with lyrics? Another opening track.

9) The Shermans - Dumbhead
Let's bring it down with this jangle pop series of insults.

10) David Vandervelde - Nothin’ No
And let's bring in the fuzz with some psychedelic retrospective on the pressing interests of love.

11) The Whitsundays - Sorry James
Let us know put that to the task of age.

12) Dr. Dog - Ain’t It Strange
To close this set let's get a bit of Beatles-esque revival. Oh that is nice - a balm on the frazzled soul it is.

13) Tunng - Bullets
Is it a narrative, a survivalist trope on the dangers of forgetting and trying? A rumination on loss and life? A spectacular folksie sing along? yes

14) Steve Dawson - Fun Machine One
Get up and jig now. An open plain and ample night clothe this track and bring the guitar a quality of lyrical fire.

15) Miss Li - I’m Sorry, He’s Mine
"And it started like love should. I tole him from my best friend." Doesn't get any straighter than that.

16) Patrick and Eugene - Postcard From Summerisle
Oh that is nice piece of weird right there. Electronica can't do no wrong.

17) Midnight Juggernauts -
Dragonette's I Get Around (Remix)
A solid bass bin kick is elemental to any good groove. The vocal samples with additional reworking takes the head bop and hand dance into pure pop infection territory.

18) DJ Logic feat. Miri Ben-Ari
A very ambient track of Logic working with the instrumental hip hop violinist Ben-Ari.

19) Mandragora - La Cumparsita (Tango Christ Superstar)
A re-working (orgaicmash-up, jazz riff, etc) of the Cumparsita with Jesus Christ Superstar's bassline. Encore!

20) Hungry Marching Band - Gde Si Bre
This lively outfit just did a show that I missed. My greatest regret of the year so far. Coincidentally how cool is the album name: "Portable Soundtracks for Temporary Utopias"?

21) Lou Reed - Perfect Day
Mr. Reed just keeps getting better and by the gods of if this track hasn't aged half as well as the rest than the geometrical growth of goodness shall soon outstrip the entire catalog of crooning whelps of the present day. Saccharine pop bullshit and all.

22) Kerkko Koskinen - Sparkling Arsenic
A whirlwind orchestral set of the ex-Ultra Bra-ist with the Umo Jazz Orchestra. Sounds like Yoko Kanno with a spy movie OST.

23) Mariee Sioux - Wizard Flurry Home
Haunting and hurt - chills all around. But the warm instrumentation and rhythmic lyricism saves it from being a melancholic dirge or sap fest all to common in these tropes.

24) Mekons - Dickie, Chalky and Nobby
oh I needed this.

25) George Bush - Imagine

26) Grails - Silk rd
And this PDX track to give me a little room to breath before I go claustrophobic shit for brains insane on the closed in breathing that I feel when I think of the next 366 days.

27) Emir Kusturica & No Smoking Orchestra - Who killed the D.J.
Alas the song is too solid for the fog of memory to be contained in only by the original release and has spawned from the first the denizens of strange continents interjoined by oddity and inspiration.

28) MC5 - Kick out the Jams
Just what I needed to get the old blood sloshing around these old collapsed and bruised tubes to half aspirated ventricles and world weary capillaries. Join me now for the head long rush into what is bound to be a spectacular year.

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Backing tracks:
Band Of Horses - Is there a ghost
Be Mine (Ocelot Mthrfckrs Remix)
Pratique - Death for Blushing Rogue
mini mix nine
Digitalism  - Idealism
Xiu Xiu - I Do What I Want When I Want
Blur - Country House

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