ddNTP - Songs for June As always and ever it is my great joy to snatch from the hands of time the moment of life unmeasured.

This month has been fairly erratic - I've gotten a position as a fancy lab assistant at school which, I humbly must admit, I doubt I am qualified for. Of course there are many things I'm not qualified for which I do anyways, or which people pay me to do.

It really is a great thing when people believe we live in a meritocracy and the playing field is uneven. I blame the liberals for the former and the conservatives for the latter, just so you know my stance on these things. The situation makes it so that for each inequality you can leverage in your favor the more open people are to thinking you the rightful holder to that which by error, accident, hook and crook you've been able to obtain.

All this leads up to the notion that by attaining something I'm unqualified for I've actually shown how qualified I am. Which makes me feel remarkably good about myself while also putting me in a position where I recognize the pointlessness of my situation.

On that note, let's listen to some music.

Twilight Hotel - Viva La Vinyl
Ralph Gean - star trekkin' rock n' roll cowboy
Kate & Anna Mcgarrigle - sugar baby
Gorillasuit - Everybody at the beach
Hal Blaine - Trippin' Out (June)
Bull Moose Jackson - Big Ten Inch Record
Nylon Rythm Machine - Been through so much together
Islands - 08 Volcanoes
Luigi and Antonio Russolo - Corale
Arrah and the Ferns- Skylark
Nellie McKay - Identity Theft
Conor Oberst - 12 I Don't Want To Die In The Hospital
American Breed - partridge weiners spot
The Seeds - mr. farmer
Noonday Underground - boy like a timebomb
April Aloisio - Duid Deed
Faith no More - something for the girl with everything (with sparks)
Ernest Ranglin - Memories of Baber Mack
Laibach - NSK
Salty Pirates - Black minds and white lies
Jorge ben - amor de carnaval
Ennoi Morricone - L'estasi Dell'oro (The Ecstasy Of Gold)
Cinematic Titanic - Piece of Eights
Los Campesinos You Me Dancing
COIN-OP - Karl killed Nicholas
Scientific Cricket - barbarashop cricket
Crystal Castles - Alice Practice
Flaming Lips - One Shot
Archie Shepp - Scag
Mice Parade - Guitars for plants
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