Ramlbin Man - Songs for October Ramblin' Man....  Happy Birthday.

Listening to music makes me happy in some ways. Look, here I am listening to ... .. . good lord: Bauhaus of all things.... and I'm not in a bad mood. I actually remember Seattle '99, a studio with 5 friends. One of whom, Tom (mother' stills owes me for the phone bill) shooting coke and listening to this proto-industrial rumble. Good Times.

If music was invented today they'd make it illegal. Music is an altered state in the same way that a deep conversation is mind fuck. I hear the Special's "Ghost Town" and I remember that roadtrip where I totally faked fanhood cause I hoped to get laid.

How much of my current list is based off that premise? Shit, I may not be the best with the ladies, but all of them have turned me on to music which is in-arguably essential. The Pixies, The Talking Heads, Paul Oakenfold, Neutral Milk Hotel .. . I should make a list of the the sounds I got turned on to and who did it too me. Honestly, it would be a mixed bag, I should shelve that for a bit I guess.

I'm pretty mixed up about all this stuff actually. Torn between celebrating and crying have I been reduced to that?  I actually started to deal with deep buried emotional pain earlier this week, I might be getting to the point of maturity where I can spout masturbatory monologues of how life done me wrong and not actually be sarcastic anymore.

Ah shit! Another round! Round the sun - open the bottle and let us listen to this music that I like ... . .

I may never be Lester Bangs, I may yet be E. O. Wilson though. Fuck this life is getting on without me. I better lower that bar; I may never be myself but at least I won't be my dad.
Danbert Nobacon - Nixon is my dentist
I got my Obama shirt in the mail today. I do believe it is an omen. Got the Hope?
Hank Williams III - Pills I Took
This was suggested by a certain "Mike Dunn". no no not the track - which is my own twisted sensibilty but the artist. Google on that man and I do hope you see me.
BUKE & GASS - Rum for You (Edit)
No thanks I'll have the wine.
They Might Be Giants - The Shadow Government
Got their show at the Le Puisson Rouge. Man brings tears to my eyes.
Cult of Sue Todd - Burn Tampa
THE STAND OUT track - seriously not only do I find this in my heavy rotation but I also find myself absolutely floored over my own kick ass obscurity.
Charlie Haden - Song Of The United Front
Now this cat is cutting country tracks now a days and that is fine for what it's worth. But he cut his teeth with the Liberation Music Orchestra and that is bonus in my book.
Erin McKeown - Blackbirds
Also a suggestion from Mike - now who would have thought that in my yearly return to Missoula the only hombre with an updated playlist of suggestions is a Freak Folk fan?
Honest I didn't plan this.
Caesars - Jerk It Out
Of no bearing to this track, which is oversaturated 60's beach blanket bingo revivalism and nothing more, I must say that while in Missoula I had the chance to play a Dungeons and Dragons game with a group of Elementary Schoolers (let us just ball park the age as an average of 7) ...
Carla Bruni - Those Dancing Days Are Gone
Now that was exhausting and stupifiyng, good kids but they have the attention span of the cable news cycle. Now in returning to Brooklyn I may actually have the chance to play some 3.5 D&D with some local collegiate geeks.
Feist - 1, 2, 3, 4
If it happens it will be tough cause I know how distractions can do this to me where I lose focus on the important things and then wham 5 years later I'm wondering why I have a degree in Computer Science.
Howard Hello - Television
Which gets me thinking ... just how many CIS kids are where they are because of porn? I'm not saying that I wound up with this because of a brain wired in a pubescant formulation of priorities.. . . I'm just wondering. . . I don't see why it need be about me, right?
Jeffery Lewis - The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane
Well sure ... yes yes that is the other half of the equation about how I got here, yes.
Koufax - AnyMomentNow
See the important thing to remember is that is can all turn around right? That is why I've been working hard and going to school. To make this existence not merely about my mistakes but about my successes.
The LK - Private Life of a Cat
I really think that is all I have to say about this - I mean music is important to me and to my context as a person but this is getting ridiculous I'm just wasting time and space writing down my string of consciousness figuring out the set list.
Mickey Hart, Zakir Hussain, Sikiru Adepoju & Giovanni Hidalgo- Dances With Wood
Alright alright alright - this is about the music then not about me or some greater 'truth' about myself. Coincedentally this sounds like trance made via organic instruments.... hmmm.
Isobell Campbell and Mark Lanegan - Ramblin Man
Now do you see what a fine mess this is? I was supposed to be all somber when I was introducing this song. it is supposed to be a reflective consideration of my own compulsion to flee the emotional turmoils of my life -and how they are bound up in other people. How I both want to please
BPA - Toejam
them so they don't leave me and also run from them so that I don't have to be responsible for them.
Legendary Pink Dots - Torchsong
but really it is just a song, and it doesn't mean anything .. . and I'm just feeling messed up because of midterms and work and how my mom is doing ... she sasy that the physical therapy is coming along pretty ell and she may qualify to retire early. Which is kind of like happiness right?
Pernice Brothers - Discover A Lovelier You
But, actually, things are good. I mean sure they could be better, but that is always the case. If you take a large enough sample of the universe you find out that there is nothing permanent nor certain - and yet we still, by chance, exist. . .
Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
And along with us are other chances and people and purposes. And sometimes you find yourself in college and sometimes you find yourself selling your plasma to the Portland blood bank to make rent.
The Be Good Tanyas-The Littlest Birds
Is anything a surprise? Have I finally quit being crazy? Was all the fun I had when young just a fluke of chemicals and not actually an appreciation of
Brooklyn Rider - Crosstown
the world as it really is? Yeah, actually I can pretty much believe that to be the case. I'd like to think that it is entertaining to third parties if I leave out the details that happened in between.
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead
Certainly it wasn't all just studio apartements and drugs? No. It was the kafkaesque moments of being escourted out of Amazon.com because after two weeks of coming to work and getting paid they realized I wasn't in their HR system.
The Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll
It was being fired from KFC for building a snowman, on off hours, in their parking lot ...
The Dandy Warhols - Easy
though admiteddly when it got smashed by that SUV and I threw the disembodied head at the windshield and it turned out to be the regional manager I couldn't particularly blame the store manager for his decision. Really, imagine his position.
Ezra Furman - We Should Fight
But that is what makes it all the more astonishing! Things have changed - I've changed! This summer I was the lab assistant to a immersive molecular biology course . .. 
The Slits - Ping Pong Affair
except it was at a community college.
Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go
Is this it a string of anecdotes and misremembered memories? Didn't I use to have greater dreams? Do I taste the vomit of my body rebelling or is it the bile of my soul dying?
The Clash - Capital Air with Ginsberg
Is that enough self important omphalous gazing or what? Do I have to have god damn soliquiy with cabeza here to get a MacArthur?
Wynton Marsalis Septet-Juba And A O'Brown Squaw
This music list is as authentically an accurate representation of my self as one can expect in our modern age. Or at least can be expected from me.

image from: Berkely Breathed, "Opus" - hey I'm sure you get this all the time Mr. Breathed, but I really was influenced by your stuff when I was young and I've found it to be a well spring of wisdom throughout my life.

note to future self, you once lived with a girl, and every morning you woke up to find flowers at the foot of the bed. each of you thought the other had put them there. It turned out to be the cat though.

POSTSCRIPT: The birthday day itself was absolutely incredible featuring Central Park, Thai Food, Tequila shoots and a Mathematical based tattoo from Greenwich village, a walk in on Banksy's Pet Store, a dine and dash of margaritas and churros, a creepy deep house experience at club LOVE, and then the two hour train ride. Top it all off with a roll out of bed and go to morning Sunday class moment.

Thanks for everything Babe.

I guess I was just having a stupid moment there taking life seriously.

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