Heavy Holidays What does it mean that in the weeks leading up to this that I fell into a deep attraction for the heavy ridden droned out sounds of the modern psychedelics? A faint whiff of better times and stronger hallucinogens - an escapist temptation edging in on the clean cut work a day world I've been consumed by? Maybe or maybe not.
Maybe "Junkies Runnin Dry" would have been a better track to open with. But no matter (and no drugs) I open with my neighbors whom are recorded here as the We Three Queens in a recording booth in Indonesia - ahh they are the best neighbors really. And a damn better way to open this than OpIvy (no disrespect, mon amor) - you know how it is.
As for the rest of these tracks and the rest of my life - a well here I admit that this is a monthly diary and the music is the food I feed on to live through it. Heavy times means heavy music, and so: Dad had surgery - he made it and is in better shape, though I haven't talked to him. My mom had one surgery for her leg and is getting the cancerous kidney removed on the 29th - the day after my sisters' birthday. Ana got another raise, got a 800 on the GRE, and has done a lot of hard work trying to mend the separate bits of life - at work, outside of work - together. I got to meet Joshua, who is cool. Her grandmother broke her hip, but is recovering. I got laid off, but yeah whatever, I only worked there for three years and got replaced by the boss's brother - so no hard feelings. Cam got laid off, he was the last non-foreman on the worksite a higher compliment to his industriousness there can not be - but even at that Montana's economy sucks too much. A new thing lives today by virtue of my will and others research grants. The world spins round.
So it goes.
To everyone everywhere I wish it could be better but I'm hanging round even if it never improves.
We Three Queens - Go Tell It On The Mountain
Butthole Surfers - Sweet Loaf
Man Man - Hurly Burly
White Shit's Shoobaryna's Final Signal (a collapse)
Francois de Roubaix - L'Homme Orchestre - Generique
Deerhunter - Spring Hall Convert
The Botticellis - Awaiting On You All
Time and Space Machine - More Cowbell
Jim Morrison - The World on Fire
Electralane - Spartakiade
When Strangers Meet - The Silk Road Project - Mido Mountain
Gak Sato - Hip Wagging Foot Shuffling (Amon Tobin Remix)
Moondog - Lament 1 (Bird's Lament)
Dan Deacon - Woof Woof
Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat - May the Warrior Be True
Family of God - Follow the Lights
Image from Over Compensating:

Follow the Lights People
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It's Everyday The busyness is everyday. Not even enough time to do this justice.

Hilarious the idea that this is a diary to help me remember these days - but that the days are so packed that I can't make time to remember them.

Anyways. Music is a constant - hell yes.

nomeansno- Everyday I Start to Ooze
Metatron - 10 Psychedelic Culture
The Time and Space Machine - The Joys of Living Un-hung Up
Blind Boys of Alabama - Run on for a Long Time
Capitol K - City
Al Caiola - Experiment In Terror
Bobby Bare Jr. - Stay In Texas
Fugazi -Waiting Room
Marc Shearer - Magma on My Mind
Blood Red Shoes - Its Getting Boring By the Sea
Matias Aguayo - Rollerskate (album version)
Doves - Kingdom of Rust (Prins Thomas Discomiks Instrumental)
Learn the Songs of Phil Ochs - That's What I Want to Hear
Pet Politics - When I Get Old
Sea and Cake - a man who never sees a pretty girl that he doesn't love her a little

thanks to Ana
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August - Care Package August already? - I am surprised but yes apparently I missed July. huh.

Finished classes for summer - so yeah this was Physics and a film and fiction class. Happily I have good things to report from the conclusion of that as my GPA continues its trend unabated.

Sorrows in breaking as this month saw the leaving of:
Hannah from downstairs, is off to other Brooklyn 'hoods
Mollie, another import by way of Portland, is leaving to Princeton - we're all quite proud of her and, also, ashamed of ourselves.
Tim Krieder, of incomparable artist behind The Pain (see illustration), is walking away from stripping to take up a columinst job at the Times. Respectable stuff and lordy but I feel it.

So times are at a turning point, right? This month is heaving on the tracks of Lux and Ivy's from WFMU. Lux passed on not too long ago and this list was compiled by fans of his band The Cramps. The total is about 11 albums of selected tracks and they've been on heavy rotation here this summer. So ... here we go:

1. Candy Claws - Don't Turn Around
2. Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer*
3. Blues Rockers - Calling All Cows*
4. Lightnin Slim - Its Mighty Crazy*
5. Shinichi Osawa - Love & Peace
6. Bosstones - Mope-Itty Moope*
7. The Symbols - Do the Zombie*
8. Mcfadden and Dor - Noisy Village*
9. David Bowie - Oh You Pretty Things
10. Doctor Ross - The Boogie Disease*
11. John Buck and his Blazers - Forbidden City*
12. The Big Pink – Velvet (Gang Gan Dance Remix)
13. Sheriff and the Revels - Shombolar*
14. Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightnin'*
15. Storey sisters - Bad Motorcycle*
16. Robert Mitchum - Ballad of Thunder Road*
17. Can - Turtles Have Short Legs
18. Roy Brown - Butcher Pete - Part 1*
19. Roy Brown - Butcher Pete - Part 2*

* Tracks are from Albums 1-3
Image From: The Pain
Comic I'm Currently Up to My Tits in: Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol

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The Tragic Sense of Life in Men And Nations Title from Unamuno.

Happy June - and what a summer! Record rain fall has preserved my mind from migranes and hallucinations of divinity. Summer classes have preserved my embalmed, pickled, and thoroughly petrified extracurricular activities. And yet, wondrously, only one week to go and then I am done with Spanish, which is a thing I never really liked - but admittedly it is a bit of fun even if you don't like it.

You see, and this isn't just me here, talking in a foreign language does things to your mind. I've been a language user for years and have always been bowled over from what a good chat can do to me - but another language . . . is more like an out of body experience of the mind than a hallucination of the tongue.

To embrace it I would like to share my new favorite Spanish idiom (narrowly beating out the phrase, "The Devil is the devil because he is old") - in espanol:
Pensar en la inmortalidad del cangrejo
that is ... as the cartoon lovingly illustrates:

Thinking about the immortality of crabs.

Generationals - When They Fight They Fight
Hey Penny - Cop Car (demo)
cazwell - Money Back
Get Back Quinozzi - Carpet Madness (demo)
Cheveu-Lola -langusta
Das Racist & Wallpaper. - Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Wallpaper. Remix)
Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse - Little Girl (Julian Casablancas)
Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha-  Orgasmatron (Motorhead)
Illinois - Shes So Blonde
SilverJews - SanFrancisco BC
The House of Apples and Eyeballs - Psychic Swelling
Regina Spektor - Machine
YACHT- Psychic City
Jimmie Rodgers - TB Blues
Vaqueros Paganos - Asesinos

Image from: Wikipedia's Entry on "Thinking About the Immortality of Crabs" Artist: Greg Williams
Online Comic I'm Currently Reading: Templar, Arizona
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Busyness And Birthdays A belated month - but only because of the harried pace of life. And while I would love nothing more than to dedicate my self (again) to the twin frivolties of 'fun' and 'communication of ones emotional state through artistic means' which drive this haphazard ship of woebegotten delights into the ragged rocks of alliterative allusions and malaproped metaphors.

All hands on deck our cavorting has run out of spare time.

So as a brief summary too congrats to Ana on her promotion and Molly on getting into her Doctoral program. Happy Birthday Craig and Ana. And lastly yay me. I did things too:

Short and Ugly Comic: shifter-magazine.com/shifter13.pdf
Quick and Brutal Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQmdQPy_3yg

So that was then - also on a small not the format is going down from 80 min shows to a brief 50 min. this is mainly due to space and time considerations

Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song
Women - Black Rice (Green Go remix)
Krazy Baldhead - The End ft. Beat Assailant
Bruce Springsteen - Erie Canal
Lisps - Documents
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Feel The Drip
Elliot Smith - Twilight
Passion Pit - Little Secret (Nouveau!)
Cat Power - Love and Communication
Le-Face - Salvador Dali
Vagabondopera Kabarista - Farewell
Honeycut - Shadows
Curious Hands - Birthday Song For Ana (Ed.  thanks guys!)
Lynne Richards with the Jimmy Etta Orchestra - Hydrogen Nitrogen Potassium

Image From: Tori Miki

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Says Simon's - Saints and Demons

Says Simon I been face to face with a Serpant, Demon and a Saint, think it is what it aint... Aint that right baby face?, cutie pie?, good lookin'?, twinkle in your Daddy's eye?

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This Old Hobo Is a Go-Go Another month and things are still happening - downturns or no, lay offs or not, things proceed to decay at a pace unprecedented. To our vestigial ape descended brain parts this is another insult thrown by the modern world. We are overcome with despair at times by not what is happening, which is still too fast and recent to comprehend, but on what has just happened. So shuttered from the immediate and blinkered to the future we have to cast about for a path with the blind ineptitude of dumb stones rolling down hills. Anxiety, nervousness, fear and dread, ever present but also on the rise - marking higher on the measure of my own inner metric the the rising tide of ill happenings far beyond my ken or control. There is no ennui among destitute - since there is just too much which remains to be done.

Also Ana's birthday is this month - so there is that too. We're thinking of a party in the park with an anti-scavenger hunt.

Also, Sket and the Hobo - a project blog for me and Ana (and a compliment to the still undisclosed Autoshop project) has gone "live" with the completion of a poorly illustrated and woefully written 7 pager, soon to be published, maybe - by an online magazine. Or not. Who knows. So here are Hobo themed songs (three really) to celebrate.

Hobo Jug Band <- hobo song
The Beginning Of The End - Funky Nassau, Pt. II
The Who - the Kids are Alright
Benjy Ferree -Fear
The Standells  - Medication
The Holy Modal Rounders - Give The Fiddler A Dram
The Fugs - I Saw The
Southeast Engine - Black Gold
Death - Politicians
The Long Blondes - Once And Never Again
Soko - I'll Kill Her
TMBG - (She was a) Hotel Detective in the Future
Dan Deacon - Snookered
Casey and Brian - Rumble in the Jungle
The Moving Sidewalks - Set Me Free (Feat. Billy Gibbons)
Link Wray and the Raymen - Baby What You Want Me To Do
Les Ambassadeurs Internationales - Mousso Gnaleden
The Frames - Lay Me Down
The Raincoats - Fairytale In The Supermarket
Papercuts - Future Primitive
Girls - Hellhole Rat Race
Deertick - These Old Shoes <-hobo song
Rt. 78W Outlaws - Too Much Tequila
Ame - Rej (Sonar Kollektiv Orchester cover)

image from:
Darwin from Mikero - also as a tee-shirt
Bellisop - Philosopher for Hire (shifter-magazine.com)

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Songs For February - Protein Electrophoresis Valentines Day Look I'll keep this brief as I've found little succor from expounding on this site to any length.
Instead let me divulge my recent doings - for diary purposes:
Got a 7 pager posted on Shifter Magazine about Bellisop. Not the best art I've ever made but hey.
Made me a composting bin. Ahh yeah I be mulch like a mother' now.
Semester 2 is GO!
After visiting Florida I now get to crash [on] the slopes of Vermont. Oh these wacky "doing things" thing is nuyts.

Also - got this here musical interlude:

Camisra - let me show you <snippet>
Sgt Pepper_s Lonely Hearts Club Band _Streetlab mix_
Larkin Grim - How To Catch A Lizard
Man Man-Easy Eats Or Dirty Doctor Galapagos
Lucky Dragons - Jean's Theme
Leadbelly-C.C. Rider
Owl Brain Atlas - Doktor Tongues
LCD Soundsystem-New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
Camper van Beethoven - Eye of Fatima
High places - From Stardust to Sentience
Ezrra Furman - Not Recognized-The Stakes are High
Company - <Snippet>
Firewater - Hey Clown
Kasey Chambers And Shane Nicholson - Jackson Hole
Mike Monday - Through the Keyhole
unknown - snippet
SoulWax Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band - A Fifth of Beethoven (Hidden Cat’s “Based on the Soulwax” Edit)
Otis Redding - Pain In My Heart
M.Ward - Rave On
Dani Deahland Mike Gillenwater - TheSoundOfDisco
Wavves - So Bored
Of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like A Promethea
Samara Lubelski - Taste the Candy
Royskopp - Happy Up Here
Port O'Brien - Fisherman's Son
Muck and the Mires - Hypnotic
Deerhunter - Saved By Old Times
Emperor Machine - Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised
George Harrison - I'd Like to Be a Pirate

Image from: The incontestable excellence of B. Patrick, Akimbo
In memory of:
Joseph M. Williams (1933-2008) who wrote The Phenomenology of Error which I found to be clear headed and rational a scare trait in composition studies. That he purposefully included 100 errors in it was both smart and funny.
"Real readers reading real texts don't respond to error as grammarians want them to. Nor, in fact, do the grrammarians."
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Brief Interlude - Songs for January Another year - but this one seems to have more promise right?

It certainly seems that way. So lets keep our fingers crossed and kick it off by listening to my new favorite song that, according to Colin Larkin and a 1998 BBC poll is the worst album ever.

  1. Screaming Lord Sutch and the Heavy Friends - Flashing Lights
  2. Jimi Tenor - Bacon Alive
  3. Yo La Tango
  4. Afuche - Umm Champ Chemp
  5. Tradewinds - Mind Exscursion
  6. Do Make Say Think - Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
  7. Unknown Artist - Unknown
  8. Jackie Lee - Happy Vacation
  9. Peggy Sue and the Pictures - Once We Were Strangers
  10. Bill Cosby - Funky North Philadelphia
  11. Ratatat - Tropicana
  12. Lattie Moore - Pull Down the Blinds
  13. Wurzels - Rock DJ & Pushnoy - Satisfaction (Thanks to RadioClash!)
  14. Tower of Power - What is Hip
  15. The Ramones - Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio
  16. Linda Gail Lewis - Ain't Nothing Shakin
  17. The Whitest Boy Alive - Island
  18. Hoagy Lands - Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand
  19. Takeshi Terauchi & the Bluejeans - So Ren Pushi (? Maybe ?)
  20. Puppini Sisters - Crazy In Love (The Real Tuesday Weld Remix)
  21. Fiery Furnaces - Here Comes The Summer
  22. Unknown Artist - Mama Loochie
  23. Detroit Cobras - I Wanna Holler But The Town's Too Small
  24. Quiet Village - Circus of Horror

Image from: A Softer World
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