Busyness And Birthdays A belated month - but only because of the harried pace of life. And while I would love nothing more than to dedicate my self (again) to the twin frivolties of 'fun' and 'communication of ones emotional state through artistic means' which drive this haphazard ship of woebegotten delights into the ragged rocks of alliterative allusions and malaproped metaphors.

All hands on deck our cavorting has run out of spare time.

So as a brief summary too congrats to Ana on her promotion and Molly on getting into her Doctoral program. Happy Birthday Craig and Ana. And lastly yay me. I did things too:

Short and Ugly Comic: shifter-magazine.com/shifter13.pdf
Quick and Brutal Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQmdQPy_3yg

So that was then - also on a small not the format is going down from 80 min shows to a brief 50 min. this is mainly due to space and time considerations

Led Zepplin - Immigrant Song
Women - Black Rice (Green Go remix)
Krazy Baldhead - The End ft. Beat Assailant
Bruce Springsteen - Erie Canal
Lisps - Documents
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Feel The Drip
Elliot Smith - Twilight
Passion Pit - Little Secret (Nouveau!)
Cat Power - Love and Communication
Le-Face - Salvador Dali
Vagabondopera Kabarista - Farewell
Honeycut - Shadows
Curious Hands - Birthday Song For Ana (Ed.  thanks guys!)
Lynne Richards with the Jimmy Etta Orchestra - Hydrogen Nitrogen Potassium

Image From: Tori Miki

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