August - Care Package August already? - I am surprised but yes apparently I missed July. huh.

Finished classes for summer - so yeah this was Physics and a film and fiction class. Happily I have good things to report from the conclusion of that as my GPA continues its trend unabated.

Sorrows in breaking as this month saw the leaving of:
Hannah from downstairs, is off to other Brooklyn 'hoods
Mollie, another import by way of Portland, is leaving to Princeton - we're all quite proud of her and, also, ashamed of ourselves.
Tim Krieder, of incomparable artist behind The Pain (see illustration), is walking away from stripping to take up a columinst job at the Times. Respectable stuff and lordy but I feel it.

So times are at a turning point, right? This month is heaving on the tracks of Lux and Ivy's from WFMU. Lux passed on not too long ago and this list was compiled by fans of his band The Cramps. The total is about 11 albums of selected tracks and they've been on heavy rotation here this summer. So ... here we go:

1. Candy Claws - Don't Turn Around
2. Jack Nitzsche - The Lonely Surfer*
3. Blues Rockers - Calling All Cows*
4. Lightnin Slim - Its Mighty Crazy*
5. Shinichi Osawa - Love & Peace
6. Bosstones - Mope-Itty Moope*
7. The Symbols - Do the Zombie*
8. Mcfadden and Dor - Noisy Village*
9. David Bowie - Oh You Pretty Things
10. Doctor Ross - The Boogie Disease*
11. John Buck and his Blazers - Forbidden City*
12. The Big Pink – Velvet (Gang Gan Dance Remix)
13. Sheriff and the Revels - Shombolar*
14. Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightnin'*
15. Storey sisters - Bad Motorcycle*
16. Robert Mitchum - Ballad of Thunder Road*
17. Can - Turtles Have Short Legs
18. Roy Brown - Butcher Pete - Part 1*
19. Roy Brown - Butcher Pete - Part 2*

* Tracks are from Albums 1-3
Image From: The Pain
Comic I'm Currently Up to My Tits in: Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol

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