It's Everyday The busyness is everyday. Not even enough time to do this justice.

Hilarious the idea that this is a diary to help me remember these days - but that the days are so packed that I can't make time to remember them.

Anyways. Music is a constant - hell yes.

nomeansno- Everyday I Start to Ooze
Metatron - 10 Psychedelic Culture
The Time and Space Machine - The Joys of Living Un-hung Up
Blind Boys of Alabama - Run on for a Long Time
Capitol K - City
Al Caiola - Experiment In Terror
Bobby Bare Jr. - Stay In Texas
Fugazi -Waiting Room
Marc Shearer - Magma on My Mind
Blood Red Shoes - Its Getting Boring By the Sea
Matias Aguayo - Rollerskate (album version)
Doves - Kingdom of Rust (Prins Thomas Discomiks Instrumental)
Learn the Songs of Phil Ochs - That's What I Want to Hear
Pet Politics - When I Get Old
Sea and Cake - a man who never sees a pretty girl that he doesn't love her a little

thanks to Ana
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