Heavy Holidays What does it mean that in the weeks leading up to this that I fell into a deep attraction for the heavy ridden droned out sounds of the modern psychedelics? A faint whiff of better times and stronger hallucinogens - an escapist temptation edging in on the clean cut work a day world I've been consumed by? Maybe or maybe not.
Maybe "Junkies Runnin Dry" would have been a better track to open with. But no matter (and no drugs) I open with my neighbors whom are recorded here as the We Three Queens in a recording booth in Indonesia - ahh they are the best neighbors really. And a damn better way to open this than OpIvy (no disrespect, mon amor) - you know how it is.
As for the rest of these tracks and the rest of my life - a well here I admit that this is a monthly diary and the music is the food I feed on to live through it. Heavy times means heavy music, and so: Dad had surgery - he made it and is in better shape, though I haven't talked to him. My mom had one surgery for her leg and is getting the cancerous kidney removed on the 29th - the day after my sisters' birthday. Ana got another raise, got a 800 on the GRE, and has done a lot of hard work trying to mend the separate bits of life - at work, outside of work - together. I got to meet Joshua, who is cool. Her grandmother broke her hip, but is recovering. I got laid off, but yeah whatever, I only worked there for three years and got replaced by the boss's brother - so no hard feelings. Cam got laid off, he was the last non-foreman on the worksite a higher compliment to his industriousness there can not be - but even at that Montana's economy sucks too much. A new thing lives today by virtue of my will and others research grants. The world spins round.
So it goes.
To everyone everywhere I wish it could be better but I'm hanging round even if it never improves.
We Three Queens - Go Tell It On The Mountain
Butthole Surfers - Sweet Loaf
Man Man - Hurly Burly
White Shit's Shoobaryna's Final Signal (a collapse)
Francois de Roubaix - L'Homme Orchestre - Generique
Deerhunter - Spring Hall Convert
The Botticellis - Awaiting On You All
Time and Space Machine - More Cowbell
Jim Morrison - The World on Fire
Electralane - Spartakiade
When Strangers Meet - The Silk Road Project - Mido Mountain
Gak Sato - Hip Wagging Foot Shuffling (Amon Tobin Remix)
Moondog - Lament 1 (Bird's Lament)
Dan Deacon - Woof Woof
Zac Hryciak and the Jungle Beat - May the Warrior Be True
Family of God - Follow the Lights
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Follow the Lights People
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