The Many Versions of Serendipity

I had a dream the other night that I was taken over by some drive which sent me to the hinterlands of the pennisula and into those thick moist brambles of the pacific northwest - this thing in my head was a cancer and an infection. Like the Tasmanian Devils, right? But anyways I had brain cancer and the monster I was hunting out in those patagnian boodocks was it also cancer or real - a thing like that hallucination of a diseased mind only this was flesh and what if the cancer wasn't a cancer but an organism, a bacteria laying down pipe in the brain like an antenna to the broadcasts of it's own obscure gods.

1. Rae Spoon - Come on Forest Fire Burn the Disco Down

2. Ancient Astronauts - Everybody

3. Useless Eaters - Information Freak

4. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home

5. Ocote Soul Sounds - Coconut Rock Deluxe

6. Bill Callahan - Eid Ma Clack Shaw

7. Hey Panny - Cop Car Demo

8. Orquestra - Afro-Brasileira - India

9. frYars - happY

10. Lost Boy - taste butter

11. The Almighty Defenders - All My Loving

12. Astronote - Weerdo (Rmx)

13. Noze - Drums

14. Helvetia - Old New Bicycle

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