Anoraking To Finals

Almost the holidays (and do I have a gift for you this year) and I may just barely make it. But the chances look good - one last push, right. I remember something about the light brigade at moments like these.

But the music! Got to love the music! It might be the worlds only saving grace 3 times out of 10.

Right anyways, so I missed last month, so this month is a bit of what I've been listening to for both.

The stand out tracks, too many to name, check out the opener by Anita Tijoux - it was going to be my birthday track but whatever. The Smiles make you feel good about the mugging and your lost wages. And the blessed return of Holy Fuck with the Tounces inspired sound track Red Lights. King Khan finally gets some air time - I don't know how I missed that scene. King Charles brings the fuzzed out love, Jeff Spec lays out some fantastic old skool against the Most Sampled Man in HipHop the epynoumous drummer for the funky James Brown in "Clyde Stubblefeild". And the Braids bring the orchestral twee pop - and the stand out modern compositions track from Hauschka, "Alexanderplatz" minimals its way to the blown out rusted tub thumping of Kidkanevil (with helps from the Bonobo) as our closer.

01. Anita Tijoux - 1977
02. The Smiles - Cala Cola
03. David Vertesi -  All Night, All Night, All Night
04. Holy Fuck - Red Lights
05. King Khan & The Shrines - Land of the Freak
06. MI + AMORE – Wise Blood
07. King Charles - Love Lust
08. Jeff Spec - Clyde Stubblefield
09. STRT SRNS – Wise Blood
10. Terry Ohms - Red Wine on White Pants
11. Broken Bells The - High-Road
12. Braids - Lemonade
13. Hauschka - Alexanderplatz
14. Kidkanevil - Ketto Revisited ft Bonobo

Image: From Cat and Girl - I wanted to reimagine a whole strip moved from the humanities to the sciences but am still working out the ramifications of it all. But it is also as a small signifier of my own expanse into the science minded bloggosphere where I am abetting my love of music with my other love - pragmatic evaluations of experimental observations

What I'm Reading Now: Getting What You Came For by Robert L. Peters (some fine advice there, highly recommended)


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