The Savages on the Moon

I wonder what would have happened if space was a tangible frontier. In that small sliver of time when there was an American Frontier we had the myth at arms length and the proximity compelled anyone and everyone to consider its' potential. Was the immediacy of the frontier the compulsion, a niggling sense of the other side, ever constant in the periphery of one's vision?Would our history of space exploration have been different if we had an Oregon Trail to Mars, if it could have been about space colonization?

If you imagine the frontier as a sponge which absorbs the excess and luckless then it is no surprise that high entry costs have prevented the expansion of mankind. It is the hardup, the deviant, the desperate, and the dreamers who live and die out there because they can't even manage just living here in polite company. Half these songs are about getting out there, the other half are about freaking out. 

This has little bearing on things, except that I desire to escape - and space seems like the last best place. Let me take a step back and think for a second on this - right, so apparently since last I posted some things have transpired. I am enrolled for grad school for this fall in a biology program, it is "not easy" I have been told. I am finishing up one month left. A few weeks really and then finals. This can not happen soon enough - not only have I become exhausted at the labor of it I have also become tired of pretending to care. It would have been diffierent if I had a class (besides Advanced Biochemistry) which was relvant to me. So it goes. 



1. Empire of the Sun - We Are the People 

2. Beautiful People - Get Your Mind Together 

3. YACHT- Dystopia 

4. The Savages - Gone To The Moon 

5. Buchanan Brothers - When You See Those Flying Saucers

6. Dave Edmunds - Playing With the Queen of Hearts 

7. The Black Keys - Howlin' For You

8. NewVillager - Rich Doors 

9. Shuggie Otis - Happy House

10. No Monster Club - Wish Me Well 

11. Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armeni

12. Marnie Stern - Patterns of a Diamond Ceiling

13. Explosions In the Sky - Trembling Hands


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