So.. .

I graduated. And then took a few weeks to relax and pack up and move (not in that order) - goodbye Brooklyn, goodbye Ditmas, goodbye undergrad, goodbye BC, goodbye lab mates and knowing what I'm doing.

Hello Pittsburgh, hello Carnegie, hello folks I don't know, hello a slower life, a safer town, a slice of hope, a machine to kill fascists.

Lastly, my adopted grandfather (and volunteer geneologist) has gone on to the other side. He is remembered fondly and in terms not suited to this genre of delivery. But his passing is noted and is, itself, passed over in silence.

  1. King Creosote - Bootprints | I've featrued them before here and this is another standout track of theirs, really good energy combined with a slick parsed down delivery, makes this into a toe tapping tune worthy of running from the cops over ala some trainspotting montage.
  2. Bell X1 - The Great Defector | This has been kicking around my que for a bit. I love the psuedo-Talking Heads open delivery and heart on the sleeve self confession over matters mundane. Too bad the album doesn't match the single.
  3. Black Pus - Juggernaut | Heavy man, real f'n heavy.
  4. Francisca Valenzuela - Quiero Verte Mas | Catchy tune with nice guggle bum pop hooks. 
  5. Frazey Ford - Blue Streak Mama | It takes a real solid piece to slow it down and still keep you going, inbetween the vocalist's low key delivery and the backburner walking rhythm this songs has got it going on.
  6. M. Ward - Flaming Heart | Oldie but goodie
  7. Blackbird Blackbird - Give You Everything | Nothing says summer like oversaturated keyboards with afro-pop jangle melodies and empty, ambitionless lyrics. Very early-esque MGMT.
  8. Black Joe Lewis & the Honey Bears - Humpin' | I'd actually meant to include Joe Lewis in another post but had to skip over it, this track got shunted in because of the low down funk it brings is just too much to pass up.
  9. 1,2,3 - Going Away Party | Song title releavance plus locale relocation - oh yes, I went there.
  10. Barclay James Harvest - Taking Some Time On | I really, really got into this track from BJH's 1970 debut. The psych'd out lyrics (For those who feel inclined / to talk about their mind) combined with the extended jam with roiling drum swells (unironic cowbell!) and swirling guitar (the jam happens mid song and as a closer, those damn hippies) add up to a reason to put on paisely.
  11. Jan & Dean - Heart And Soul | A solid pop gem from '61 with ascerbic undercurrents - dig the flat delivery on the chorus (much too thrilling). The song actually seems to pull out all the stops in the hook department featuring more change ups than an early era TMBG tune.
  12. Peter Wolf Crier - Crutch & Cane | What is this song about? Zanzibar? Freedom from hang-ups? Catchy as hell though.
  13. Charlie Mars - Listen to the Darkside | On a side note me and the babe and Nick (from pgh) caught Super8 at the theatre. Babe caught on to the Goonies/ET/Cloverfield mashup before any of us knew that was a thing. I think the zombie movie inside the movie is supposed to represent how Spielberg's early work has trapped him, turning himself into the movie which would not die. It is meta plus good, but you knew that already, right?
  14. Balmorhea - Clamor | You know what else happened? I got a drafting table off craigslist (of course) any way this fellow Steve Geist, nice kid, he's got it for sale for $40 so I go over and he's got a MoCCA poster with Craig Thompson's work on it - we chat about that a bit. Steve is gradu-macated from CMU and is off to Austin (stomping grounds of Balmorhea) to design UI. I am proud to have such a prestigious lineage for a draftign table. Take care out there man and have some fun.

Images from: Unknown (saw it on Chive but cropped it for more awesome)

Regards: Lewis Johnson

Reading: The Influencing Machine: Brooke Gladstone on the Media (A four and a half out of five stars here, people.)

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