Itara Besigeya (The Other Summer)

If this summer has taught me anything it is that good friends are like physical objects that can be picked up at a later time in life, a time after you put them down to begin with of course, and also that they undergo changes in time, such as may be expected for an object coextensive with one's self. That is they exist in both space and time, and in a manner where, even if you do not observe them directly, they continue to persist.

  1. Sweatshop Union - Oh My
  2. Holy Fuck - SHT MTN
  3. Wire - Outdoor Miner (Long Version)
  4. Dick Justice - Cocaine
  5. Ty Segall - Caesar
  6. Admiral Fallow - Squealing Pigs
  7. April Smith - Colors
  8. Mekons - Trouble Down South
  9. Patrick Sky - Under All Flags
  10. Agent Ribbons - I'm Alright
  11. Liquid Liquid - Bellhead
  12. Wavves - Convertible Ballon
  13. Slim Harpo - The Hippy Song
  14. Beat Connection - Silver Screen
  15. Dom - Bochicha
  16. Keoki - Majick (Uberzone Remix)

Image From: Azumanga Daioh Currently Reading: The Scar by China Meiville Lastly: Thanks and well wishes to all my friends and family who so warmly reinvited me back into their lives this summer.

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