Soul Limbo

Someone once said- and it was later related to me - that the Books are the choir for Crystal Dragon Jesus. I got into the Unitarian Universalists this month and looking back I see that deep seated ignosticism stretching way, way back. I also started (and kickstarted) re-reading Eclipse Phase sourcebooks. And thinking about things from that other perspective.

Its actually been a really good month (or month +, as the case may be). I got a reminder that I'm older and outside but that everyone is anyways. It's not like everything makes sense now - more like, maybe, it doesn't need to. Was I dying of thirst or was the very world pulling a stone cold coup d'état?

1. The Books - A True Story of True Love

2. Bonobo - Walk in the Sky

3. Quantic feat. Alice Russell - Road To Islay

4. Rocco Katastrophe - Saturn's Back

5. DJ Nu-Mark - [Untitled Track] (Off of Broken Sunlight LP)

6.Booker T & the MG's - Soul Limbo

7. Motor City Drum Ensemble - All My Life

8. Kendrick Lamar - Dying of Thirst

#! I'm finally ready for what's next

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