She Moves

I'm still playing catch up with the things that fell by the way side this summer - including friends and family and duties and work ... I'm even catching up on making a list for those things that were here for a moment and gone before I could act on them. Which is a much longer list than I'd hoped.

Anyways around it - I got to two conferences this summer and did functionally well enough to make me feel like an actual scientist - GODDAMN! I also got to get back to see my folks and friends in Missoula, which was a very good treat indeed. I'd missed my friends Guy and Mike in my visit, which is why previous paragraph has something of a sad timbre.

A higher note was also struck - above and beyond all the rest. I got to have an adventerous tour through Glacier Park with Kate - which was a novelty for us both as, somehow, neither of us had managed to get to that corner of the world just yet.

There's other things too - I should write on the meditations of revisiting Seattle and pnodering the trajectory of one's life ... but those are words for other days - my time tonight is short because I'm due for a visitor soon. Look out there - to the highways .... she moves.

  1. She Moves - Alle Farben, Graham Candy
  2. Baby - Devendra Banhart
  3. Make Me Yours - Bettye Swann
  4. Music Takes Me Up - Mr. Scruff, Alice Russell
  5. Angelos Kyriou - Larry Gus
  6. Palaces of Montezuma - Grinderman
  7. Memories - Waldeck
  8. Laid - James
  9. Come When You Call - TV Girl
  10. Even If I'm Loud It Doesn't Mean I'm Talking To You - Tove Stryke
  11. Traum - CRO
  12. My Friend Has a Swimming Pool - Mausi
  13. Weak Become Heroes - The Streets
  14. You Make Me - Avicii
  15. C-Thru - Lemonade, Glasser
  16. Watch the Water Hit the Rocks (feat. Sydney Jay) - Jams
  17. Another Love (Zwette Edit) - Tom Odell
  18. Dusty Flourescent/Wooden.. - Talkdemonic
  19. Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix) - Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz
  20. Factories - Winter Gloves
  21. Low Man - Alberta Cross
  22. The Chauffeur - The Hidden Cameras, Snowblink
  23. Phantom - Chester Watson
  24. Baby Blue - Martina Topley Bird
  25. Lost - Leo Stannard
  26. Five Hours - Deorro
  27. Fobidden Fruit (Original Mix) - Klangwald
  28. En Memoria (feat. Tune-Yards) - Tune-Yards 


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Kate on The Roost

Part Two of the Ditmas in Sitka radio special. This time Kate is the featured guest on The Roost with host Tracie. Matters of import are discussed, such as the Ditmas House, the chances that Tracie will meet members of the House when she visits, a public announcement occurs.

  1. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance
  2. Breezeblocks - Alt J
  3. Unlucky Skin - Shakey Graves
  4. Shuggie - Foxygen
  5. Interlude I - The House
  6. Generation Fun - Tik Tok Laboratories
  7. Unknown - Noah Harley & Maggie Carson
  8. Nightlights - Shark Shark
  9. I Want to be Relieved - Spirit Family Reunion
  10. Interlude II - Shout out
  11. Noah's Ark - Coco Rosie
  12. Fight For Everyone - Leisure Society
  13. Little Cup - Tao & Mirah
  14. Hook and Ladder - Vetiver
  15. Interlude III - Kate Reads the Weather
  16. Brrrlak!- Zap Mama

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