Says Simon's - Saints and Demons

Says Simon I been face to face with a Serpant, Demon and a Saint, think it is what it aint... Aint that right baby face?, cutie pie?, good lookin'?, twinkle in your Daddy's eye?

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Altogether Now Hey everyone - it has been too long yes?

Surely it has but so it goes.

This one goes out to the madness of the city, the full time school, the real job, the paid tutor position, the honors project, the 1 month roommate (lots of respect to you bud), the co-worker who went west and went missing, the armory show i caught, the 10,000 shows I missed, the brief light of our lives wasted away on frivolous noise. And, of course my, babe.

To put it all in a pot and boiling it all down we find ... what do we find?

In no particular order (well a little I did try)

Horse Latitudes_sounds of the canyons
00 - 12-moby - slipping away - 2005
The E.L.F.  - cockroaches
02 satellite
07 Walking On Clouds
12 Europop
12 Wavy Gravy
Cosmosis - 09 - Down At The Crossroads
8PM @ Deep Sounds episode 031
Andain - Beautiful Things 
_Megan_DJ Tiesto feat. Jan
OctoProject_Blackmoth Super Rainbow-Psychic Swelling
Enigma - Essence
Bananarama - Look on the floor
Banco de Gaia - Obsidian
HEARTSRevolution  -  CYOA
The LK - Private Life of a Cat
Bon Iver - 06 Creature Fear
Family fodder film_music
Bent - Always
cafe del mar vol 4 - chicane - offshore ambient mix
Clark - Break-In
Dj Doboy - The Vocal Edition Volume 25
Dan Deacon - Big Big Big Big Big
dj tiesto - suburban train
DJ Turbine - Drifting Towards Daylight
Paul Oakenfold _Diving Face
gigi dagostino - ill fly wi
What Have You Done For Me Lately (Heavyfeets Get Stupid On The Dancefloor Dub)
kansai - remember this night (chilled mix)
Headstrong Feat Tiff Lacey - Show Me The Love (Judge Jules Edit)
Odessi - Over again (Original club mix)
White Williams - New Violence
orbital - halcyon on and on
Paul Oakenfold -
paul oakenfold - password
paul oakenfold - purple
eric prydz - vinyl - call on me
Paul Oakenfold - Swordfish
Way Out West - Muthafucka (Hernan Cattaneo Mix)
Perpetual Feat Fisher - Innocent Manvel Ter (Pogosyan Remix)
Way Out West - Mindcircus _
royksopp - remind me
Royksopp - What Else Is There (thin_white_duke_mix)
Michael Woods - Solex (dogzilla vs michael woods rmx)
Signalrunners - Corrupted (Original Mix)
Sky Falls Down
Styx - Mr Roboto
The Prince of Piano - In My Dream
Tom Grant - 2-30 AM

image courtesy of a certain babes flickr account:
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Cd Swap This is more about the Contrast Podcast Cd Swap then Valentines Day . When the Final Selection is made by Andrew from Circles of Concrete  -- I'll update the page an throw a link to the other contributers selections . Until then enjoy - and ask yourself which would I pick?

Mojo Nixon - Rockin' Religion
Led Zepplin - Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
The Pixies - Subbacultcha
Village Stomper - washington square
The Bonzo Dog Band - Humanoid Boogie
Diesler - Cotton Wool
Badly Drawn Boy - Bewilderbeast
Ralph Gean - Kill for a Cigarette
Tiga - Far From Home
Huggy Bear - Herjazz
Atari Teenage Riot - Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
Fatback Band - Got to Learn How to Dance
Future Kings of Nowhere - Ten Simple Murders
Strip Squad - Pervert Expert
Beat the Devil - Plea Bargain
Bitch and Animal - Best Cock on the Block
Dj Food & DK - Square Off - Mirror in the Bathroom
Professor Longhair - Big Chief
The Bees - No One Better Than You
KRS one - The Bridge is Over
Man or Astroman - Evert 1 Pipkin
Shocking Blue - Ink Pot
B.B. King - I Like To Live The Love
Murray Attaway - Allegory

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( a sticker I made just for the CD Swap Congratulation Andrew on getting the Sticker!)
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Chunk!es - Bonus Level 2000 Time is getting short once more and you know what that means. A sudden decrease in the quality of the posts.

Now now.. . follow me here into this backroom for I've a shady secret to share - see here, I only have time to do so much. We both know how that is.  I want to maximize the music I share not create a thickness of links and tangents, digressions, and filler. Things that provide my identity - that personal touch to the selection - must take a back seat now.

But it is a fine line - this detachment puts me within range of that absentee dj which factory radio craps out. Certainly nothing I'd like to have in my life. But harsh times call for harsh hash biscuits with a side of resignation gravy (a little light please - the doctor, you know, says I need to watch my diet). This loss of voice is a problem I acknowledge and will work against - but some slippage is bound to occur.

So here I'll post with the notion that this could be done better, ought to be done better, by time and life are short and the main motive is, as it always has been, to kick out the jams.

  1. People Like Us - Music of Your Own
  2. Future Wives - Dark Side of the Man
  3. eMiL Jensen - Ghana mot Italien
  4. Flaming Lips - God's A Wheeler Dealer
  5. Chocolate Watch Band - Let's Talk About Girls
  6. The Mark Four - I'm Leaving
  7. Rufus Thomas Jr - Tiger Man (King of the Jungle)
  8. Donovan - Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)
  9. Pendulum - Girl in the Fire
  10. Tullycraft - Our Days in Kansas
  11. Volumen - Battle for Chromozon
  12. Rocket From The Crypt - Middle
  13. au P'tit Bonheur - Padam (Piaf)
  14. Janis Joplin - Easy Once You Know How
  15. Ariane - Moffatt Montreal
  16. Ruth Brown - This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’
  17. Mighty Joe Young - Ain't Nobody Home
  18. Balloon Farm - Question of Temperature
  19. Velvet Underground - White Light / White Heat
  20. Tinariwen - Cler Achel
  21. Tarwater - 70 Rupees to Paradise
  22. Nervous Norvus - Transfusion
  23. Eddy Cochrane - 20 Flight Rock
  24. Frank Zappa - I'm Not Satisfied

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Backing Tracks:
Portishead - Requiem for Anna (un jour comme un autre - Anna)
Psapp - My Fair Lady
Pyramids - Brain Monster
Miles Davis - I Don't Wanna Be Kissed (Medely)
Soul Station - This I Dig of You

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