oh god now what happens...

Daft punk - Something About Us
The Indelicates- Julia, We Don't Live In The '60s
The Modern Jazz Quartet - For Someone I Love (Live)
The Jim Carroll Band - People Who Died
Brendan Benson And The Wellfed Boys - Alternative To Love
Bishop Allen - Things Are What You Make Of Them
Monty Python - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

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The Weeklies Edition for October It's my birthday so the post needs no introduction blather.

1. The Feelies - Big Cheese
2. Uberzone - Satisfaction
3. Supermayer - The Art of Letting Go
4. Animal Collective - Peacebone
5. Jens Lekman - Drive In Bingo
6. Dave Grusin - Gasoline Alley
7. Cherrystones - Crawl Back To Mine
8. Jamie Lidell - Multiply
9. Roosevelt Franklin - Red Pepper pt. 1
10. Tom Brosseau - Committed to Memory
11. Reverend Horton Heat - Psychobilly Freak Out
12. Shack Shakers - Swampblood
13. The National - Fake Empire
14. Six Organs of Admittance - Hazy SF
15. Psapp - King Kong
16. Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler
17. Madvillian - Accordion
18. T Bone Burnett - I'm Going On A Long Journey Never To Return

Image From:
Backing Tracks:
Fujiya & Miyagi - Collarbone
Kelpe Yippee Space
Tom Tyler - Drinking Tea From an Empty Cup
Papercuts - John Brown
Digitalism - Zdarlight
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The Weeklies For September - Still Too Much To Do, To Do It Right

Ahhh - September when the air is cool and New York is less violently antithetical to human existence. To ring in the Calculus course and the Brooklyn Book Festival I bring you another mildly amusing number of songs that I heard in recent car commercials and funeral processions. Am I doing any of this right yet?

No. I still make to many mistakes.

1. The Fugs - Skin Flowers

A long and semi-distinguished career has brought the Fugs a small amount of fame. Their Final CD compilation even got voted on highly by Rolling Stone for Greatest Album. The just had a reunion tour this year and are working towards releasing a DVD of it via CdBaby.

site | buy

2. Portishead - Stranger (Live)

The infamous live a Roseland show I believe.

site | buy

3. The Hives - I Hate to Say I Told You So

Not to often to I post straight up pop but the energy on this track (a sort of over produced punk) fit my mood too well to let it go.

site | buy

4. The Fiery Furnaces - Navy Nurse

New album 'Widow City' finds the old gang in bed with delerious amounts of heavy sounds. An altogether larger departure from previous tones than the infamous (and heart warming) signing with Grandma album. Highly recommended for the variety of ways it compels you to invest in a bass amp.

site | buy (available October 2007)

5. They Might Be Giants - First Kiss

Well the FF track preceding this was just so damn heavy I had to lighten the groove some how so this is the obligatory palate reset track. TMBG also came out with a new album and I've every intent to make a smart purchase of it the moment I get the hookers under my thumb again.

site | buy

6. Acid Casuals - Wa Da Da

Nothing says a good time for all like a music collective. And these guys are that and a massive clooective it is - and welsh too boot!

site | buy

7. Devendra Banhart - Long Haired Child

The real stand out track of freak folk on this podcast. I was delighted to hear it the first time I stumbled upon it and was doubly excited to find he's putting out a new album here on the 26th.

site | buy

8. Echu Minga - Pueblo Nuevo

A sister on nonesuch records alongside superstars Buena Vista Social Club Echu takes a track and reworks it to an understated dj haze. Well I liked it a lot.

site | buy

9. The Replacements - I Will Dare

The preeminent punk band on a straight forward track here.

site | buy

10. Brazilian Girls - All We Have

A more mellow offering than what their known for, this track is for the thoughtful moment before we dive into the aural catastroph of the next track.

site | buy

11. Polysics - New Wave Jacket

Someone brought 'technicolor pogo punk' and it was loud but still good.

site | buy

12. TullyCraft - Fall 4 U

Not one of my favorite TullyCraft songs (check the grammophone for 'Our Times in Kansas'). But they've got another album coming out in October so I'll show the so-saids the whatfor by then. Be sure to check back in sometime.

site | buy

13. Mahala Rai Banda - Romano Dance

What a damn miracle find! I do hope that there is some enjoyment in the various headphones when this gets the listen to. Dig the Bucharest Ghetto Gypsies.

site | buy

14. Sugababes - Red Dress (Caged Baby Remix)

A bit of the electro remix can revitalize even the mainest of pop songs on this it does double the work turning the piece into a solid work dance floor propaganda.

site | buy

15. Man Man - Push The Eagles Stomach

Man Man here with a second song (I did - if I do recall put the other under the Weird Road Trip - the most despised podcast I have here, tune into it and find out what you're missing). This one; even less intelligble. 

site | buy

16. Wolf Parade - You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son

The British Colombia's indies with a moving tune about the extinction of hedgehogs in the British Isles.

site | buy

17. Ok Go - Invincible

A stupendous lack of exercise machines! Yet the haircuts are brilliant!

site | buy

18. Grassella Oliphant - Ain't that peculiar

Fancy and underrated mid '60s jazz funk brimming with the busted stuttering that breakbeats will one day embrace. How is it that this is unknown?

site | buy

19. Tipper - California Rolls

Tipper is a smart piece of IDM by British Nu Breaker Dave Tipper. Mostly eclectic sometimes elegant - the pop-ish inflections make the access easy and the chill out warmer and more inviting than some other of the similar sort (nothing against you Amon Tobin, but really).

 site | buy

Backing Tracks:
Alexander Robotnick - Dance Boy Dance
Yoshida Brothers - Storm
Eric Dolphy - Out To Lunch
Ernest Ranglin - Undecided

Image From  CrackSkullBob

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Weeklies 24 - Songs for July Hello everybody.

Ahh the good times don't last long, not just yet recovered from a summer session of pre-calc (I got me an A, but the calluses betray my efforts for the pains it made of me) and already I find myself again in another class. English this time and good for it.

First day out the gate and I've got four poems by Frost to analyze (and no, not a one of them is the eponymous "Two Tramps in Mud Time"). Nevermind I've never done it before - it seems that is the point to this learning endeavor.

Also word has come down that a movement of my home to another house is in order. So while I'll be moving about I may, or not, have time to do anything podcast wise.

Please be nice and patient with all this. I promise the slapdash haberdashery of these tiny collections will someday revert to the quality curio shop it once so proudly was.

Till then; trucker speed and whores!

Takako Minekawa - Fantastic Cat
Forro In The Dark - I Wish (David Byrne)
Dead Milkmen - Methodist Coloring Book
Dj Jester - Marwa (off of Filipino Fist)
Negatek - Hole in My Head (unreleased demo)
Jackie Mittoo - Nature Boy
Vic Thrill - Circus of Enlightenment
Raking Bomb's -  Adaptor
Fireballs of Freedom - March of the FOF
Arnaud Rodrigues - Murituri
Ronnie Ronalde - The Yodeling Whistler
Binary Finary - 1998 (From Paul Oakenfold's Tranceport)
Paul Van Dyk - Words (For Love) (From Paul Oakenfold's Tranceport)
Ludovic Beier (accordéon) & Angelo Debarre - Paris Plage X
The Books - Be Good to Them Always
The Fall - Faust Banana
The Gongs - The Dinosaur
Stark Reality - Rocket Ship
Dj Jester - Marwa (from Filipino Fist)
Patricia Kass - Black Coffee
Roger Miller - The Moon is High (and so am I)
Agent Simple - Make a Right

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Summer at Light Speed Summer is going by quick. I've got little to post but with a bit of music in the mix I hope you won't mind that too much.

1. Juno Reactor - Pistolero
2. Fluke - Absurd
3. Justice - Dance
4. Nicola Conte - Jet Sounds
6. Gionata - Niente di Giovane Dietro Una Droga
7. Amon Tobin - Always
8. Four Tet - No More Mosquitoes
9. Dansbanan
10. Aquasky - Shadow Breaks
11. Batdarrell - Danza
12. Erlend Oye - Every Party
13. Baka Beyond - Rendezvous
14. Pinataland - Velocity
15. Prefuse 73 & the Books - Pagina Siete

Image from: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/35/124275318_4f32d6faa3.jpg
Backing Track: Tatrai Tibor-Blues, Pierre Bastien - Eggs Air Seas Dust Hill, Medaphors - Place Your Bet, Zombies Ate My Neighbors Neighburger

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Weeklies 19 - Crunchy Like a Drum Buddy Hey everybody,
My names Pieter and I've got a horrible crush on the random noise of our musical landscape.

1. Quintronics - Drum Buddy Intro (Reversed and Reverbed & Kick Opener)
"Electrical energy, when closely examined, is in fact more similar in its complexity to a plant or an animal form than it is to the mechanical devices or computer machines with which it is usually associated. It is not necessarily more complex, but equally microcosmically [sp] complex." - Drum Buddy Island

2. Herbert - Moving Like a Train
Herbert is one of the rare agitprop artists in the underground who is beyond convention, this though is a perfectly straightforward piece of soul - of such quality I get bubbly by the second half's panoramic heights.

3. Henrick Schwarz - You Rock, I Rock, We Rock
Henrick had a much raved about album last year, DJ Kicks, which was by all means OK. This is a snippet of a live set he played in the promotion of that release.

4. Charles Leonard - Funky Driver on a Funky Bus
Unfortunately I could find very little information about this artist, which isn't to say that he's unknown but I think that his story is untold. What I can find seems to hint at a storied history that is familiar to one person at least.

This song features the vocals of an actual bus driver, W.C. Stone. I'm not sure if that is the real name as it might be a bit of word play around the idea of shit. No disrespect intended - just ambling thoughts.

< I talk too much. The volume of my speech may lead one to suspect I'm an idiot >

5. Mavis Staples - On My Way
Long time soul and gospel singer gives us a moving album for our modern world. There is no time imaginable, when meaningful music powerfully spoken is not important to our essential nature as social animals.

Liner notes claim the album was Anti-Produced by the Ry Cooder, anti-production my friends, fall in love with it.

6. Life in a Blender - Dead Get Down
Life in a Blender is well worth the effort of tracking down and independently verifying, in terms of quality, their varied output. Hmm. They're from Brooklyn!

7. Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God
Yeah, you've heard this before. I just have to share it before it gets totally played out. Thanks to the "Hits in the Car" for turning me on to it. Unfortunately I call them chefs on the voice bit, yep - sorry.

8. Fabulous Entourage - Theme Song
Huh.. ..they're from New York too.. .. hmmm.
To kick off the accidental study in New York Music;
"New York City rockers The Fabulous Entourage serve up an irrepressible blend of throbbing ... "

9. Keb' Mo - Kind Hearted Woman
Accidental New York Review takes a back seat for the California blues man whose being putting out disc after disc of hard luck licks since the 80's.

10. Matt & Kim - Verbs Before Nouns
Catastrophe New York Showcase continues - and they're from Brooklyn too. These two are awesome. Seriously I wish I had half the joy of life these two have.

11. DAT Politics - Viper Eyes
Not from New York - but across the pond and another reason to love France. This is like Matt & Kim, if they replaced the Casio with an industrial strength sampler. Simply wonderful.

12. Hefner - Hymn for the Cigarettes
A Peelie band from the late 90's to the turn of the century. These guys are routinely underrated even by the obscurist aficionados (like me) who troll the Peel selections for the rare sounds.

13. Thieves Like Us - Drugs in my Body
The impartial declaration of New Yorker Artist due to Habitation, doth define them as members of the City. Yep more New York! Well, they came from Berlin and they are claiming to move to France soon. So that is Ok, they live here right now.

14. Lady Bug Transistor - Here Comes the Rain
The incremental catalog of bands that are from around here: Lady Bug is from the Brooklyn too - this is the soft mellow song on this weeks podcast. Enjoy your temporary respite.

15. Soophie Nun Squad - Donkey Call
The Little Rock based Punk Group recently called it quits - I don't know how big a following they had from their town, but I want them to know that I really appreciated their talents and that they will be missed.

16. Cocorosie - Noah's Ark
The kooky combination of two girls; one from Fort Dodge, Iowa, while the other hails from the Big Island, Hawaii are placed into a crazy Brooklyn art collective. See what happens when they stop acting nice and start acting like artists. Yes; Brooklyn is in New York.

Backing tracks:
Image credits:
Drum Buddy Index Page - http://www.drumbuddy.com/
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Weeklies 17 - Mashup Night Collapse I flaked on the 2ManyDJ's show and all I got to show for it is this wide ranging and reeling falling over selection of Mashups, Bastard Pop, Bootlegs, and plunderphonical audio expositions.

I now have a mike and nothing worthwhile to say, as evidenced in this weeks podcast.

1. Pirate Sound System - Selektah Ringtone
What a good idea. Mashup ringtones. Not my ringtone, but I'm sure there is someone who really appreciates this.
2. 2ManyDj's - Radio Soulwax Montage
A compressed mix with too many sources to cite. 2ManyDJs, the superstars of the modern mashup
3. DNA feat. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner
Yeah, it's been a while since I heard this one. Kind of tough to track down a copy. But thanks goes out to the never forgetful internet for making this possible.
4. Sherpa - Tecnologic Pop
A not bad piece with a solid usage of Daft Punk - not inspiring but sentimental.
5. Unknown - Caitlin
Even though I lost the artist name who did this, which usually means disqualification I had to include it for the looped TMBG horn section.
6. Wisp - Turquoise Tinged Pennies
Not a mashup but the near cousin turntablism and so gorgeous it had to be included.
7. Go Home Productions - Flaming Mary Can Out (Run) Prince
The Run D.M.C. action on this track is thrilling. Go Home has some solid productions and currently have an hour show up that they did with the BBC. Well worth a look.
8. Dj Paul VPeaches vs. Gary Glitter - Didn't Know The Lips Wanna Be Her
Any excuse to play a Peaches track is good enough for me.
9. Jackson and his Computer Band - Teen Beat Ocean
Not a mashup but the near uncle IDM - while Jackson Computer may not be as brilliant as some other IDM artists. They've got a good way with sample extraction.
10. Dj BC - Einstein on the Beast
DJ BC, of Beastles fame, here gets the sound from way out with help from Phillip Glass.
11. The Avalanches - I am a Cuckoo
I am horribly enamored with the long time producing but rarely publishing Aussie band The Avalanches. And why because nearly two years ago I saw this video and fell in love: video
12. Jan Turkenburg and Chenard Walcker - 42 "De Sirenes"
A nice piece of found sound from to productive plunderphonic disciples. While the 52 weeks project may not have made every track perfect, like this one is, the sonic journey is worth the while of the curious.
13. Hamburglars - Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value
Awesome plundering to be found on the high seas of corporate training videos.
14. Thin - Stoopid, Dreemer Nightmare
Mike Curtis put out a couple internet release pieces before leaving the scene. Blue Face being an all around wonderful example of his ability.
15. Yuhzimi - Top of The Pops
A small section from a rather awkward compilation of mashups. This snippet is golden.
16. Osymyso - Not Quite Fool
Osymyso of anti-art school notoriety brings a nearly spartan vocal section to a rolling boil of British stiff upper lip-ishness.
17. Negativland - Gimme The Mermaid
The grand daddys of the sampledeliaca world, this is the audio section of their recent anti-infringement mashup video.
18. kARSTEN pFLUM - Bflonk 03
And a lovely little number to take us out on the podcast closer.

Image from Catalyst Dances - Heat and Life

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Weeklies 15 - The Birthday Side

Ana's birthday has come and gone - a more festive time out than she'd thought it would be (still I was hoping for more but as these things go I am always more optimistic than is reasonable).

The night began with a re-visit to the Tea Lounge in Park Slope, a gathering and launch off point for the various parties who I had hoped would congregate there before setting off to trip the light retrotastic at the Culture Club.

Such was not to be the case - as ominously a Fleetwood Mac CD (Greatest Hits, I do believe) had gotten stuck in an infinite loop and everyone was subjected to two hours of breathless early 80's pap. Due to time constraints Fleetwood Mac will not be represented in this podcast. When complaints were lodged with the staff the music quickly got shuffled around to the likes of Modest Mouse - here freely intrepreted in a nice piece by World Famous Audio Hacker.

The highlight of the first phase of the night was the presentation of the video compilation done by our friends back in Portland. A lot of good memories and sad nostalgia got built up and released by this singularly awesome reminiscence. This kernal of solid awesome is represented here by our friends doing a birthday ballad to Ana, a fine little track that is a bit more coherent than anything I've ever done.

The fun continued with a surprise visit from super-student Tomohiro. Luckily enough he is a conspicous character, and was quickly besieged by the family of English teachers and their various lessons of puppy and "hanging in there". Tomo is here represented by Hifana a not to be missed breakbeat group that I have featured before. It was due to Tomo that I myself was introduced to their fiery tempo of heavy breaks. Be sure to check out their incredible video over here.

When we finally did set out it, wasn't to any high-falutin' Manhattan culture hole, but a half-block down to the Union Hall! A Brooklyn Birthday entirely contained in the space of a football field. Upon entry to the Home of the Park Slope Famous Bocci Ball Courts, we got a the first taste of the retro back pedalling that is a bar playing the Clash's Rock the Casbah. Here to keep the feeling alive I've replaced the original with the mildly modified Rythm Scholars version.

The downstairs dance floor was awash with the solid dance tracks of the obscure, which unfortunately I could not find representatives for, such as a track from the Mo'Wax label I couldn't place but know I've heard before, a track from Hot Butter, and many more. Great Fun was had by all and is here represented Blondie's "Heart of Glass", The Beastie Boys "So Whatcha Want", a clip from Grant Stetski, and Belle and Sebastian's "We are the Sleepyheads". Incredibley of those four songs - three were played on the dance floor but the one that was not is actually the most dance dance song of them all. To clarify, yes I shook it like I made it to the intermitentment beats of Belle and Sebastian.

Rounding this all out is a bit of primal scream therapy from Aa the tribal electro punk outfit from (drum roll) Brooklyn. Nothing like a soul shattering mournful yelp to express the rightful existential quagmire that are birthdays.

Thanks for having another year on Earth with me Babe - we'll try our best to keep this all together. Thanks also to all the well wishers, visitors, guests, dancers, and contributers who helped make it a good night out.

1. World Famous Audio Hacker - Dashboard 2.0 Retouch2
2. Snikative - Gettin High on Yer Birthday Day
3. Hifana - Wamono PV
4. Rhythm Scholar - Rock The Casbah (Boogie Bombs Remix)
5. Blondie - Heart Of Glass
6. Beastie Boys - So What'cha Want
7. Grant Stetski - Bonzai Breaks 2006
8. Belle and Sebastain - We are the Sleepyheads
9. Aa - Thirteen


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Weeklies 13 - The Other Birthday Side It's been one of those weekends that make NYC seem like a great place to live. Not that it isn't usually - but honestly it's not (more or less). I guess New York is OK.

It all kicks off as a birthday party for a friend. We go out to a place called Le Souk (East side above Houston) a tidy little restaurant with a tiny little dance floor. I'll cut to the chase, on this; thanks to the friend for the birthday party and thanks to all the friends who could make it. I had fun despite the venue. My recommendation to any potential customers - don't go. The DJs sucked, dropping beats, dead air, and trainwrecking when ever they played more than one record at a time. The staff were courteous fuck jobs. Three words, one expletive: red velvet fucking rope. Additionally, unbelievably, a table could only be had if you bought a bottle - a bottle of Absolute costs $200 here. The music started off as Mediterranean Inflected House, then dropped it's pretenses and was just House. Sadly, the DJs were not even able to play House without trainwrecking.

Fun is fun and it got late, we headed home and on the train back I saw an indie kid with the Polmo Polpo vinyl "Like Hearts Swelling".

Day two found us at the Metropolitan Museum of Art playing a scavenger hunt for clues to reveal the murderer of the curator. I highly suggest this as fun for the people who like fun. So much fun that I must play TMBG. We didn't win but we did get the MC to say "Slick Nipples" to the gathered crowd.

Leaving there we're off to the Lower East Side for Indian food. Getting misdirected with the best of intentions, I get to walk by the store front shop of the best revolution in radio EVR! Sadly, I was the only one in the group who knew, loved, and cared.

Arriving at the substitute destination - (I will find the name and info later) -  the place is six kinds of awesome. Hallucinogenic interior decor, cramped to beat the band, and cheap honest food. And my babe got the birthday treatment by the house with a single candle, mango ice cream, crazy bhangra goa happy birthday song and a light show involving flicking the light switch on and off. (The entirety of the birthday part lasted thirty seconds at most - but will be a lifetime's worth of memories.) Eating out? I recommend this place, five stars. Try to find the Glorious Gold Godzilla hanging from the ceiling.

That night we watch "A Scanner Darkly" and are reminded of our tenuous grasp of reality. A funny sad movie - an honest depiction of life as I know it.

Sunday morning rolls along and I get a call from old-skooler Shawn, down and out and automobile mobile in LA. Going for the long haul he's getting back into school and graciously grants me two tracks for podcast.

Sunday, and we got to go shopping for the professional attire for future potential interviews for certain wayward girls. Is Century21 really a soul sucking commercial monstrosity. Oh yes it is. Nothing makes me yearn for a DIY "up against the wall motherfucker" revolution like shopping in Manhattan.

Then we're off to the tutor session at the Barnes and Noble - represented here by the likes of Arcade Fire's No Cars Go, because ever since the Neon Bible came out B&N have been piping in the Fire over the speakers. Inexplicable indie mega hit takes the muzak air waves, B&N cashes in on hip and the world goes around the sun one more time.

Wrapping it all up (I've got to get to work and soon). I leave you with the seminal track of Amon Tobin's - Shawns submission on this one. Mind fucking blowing and I'll never forget the first time I heard it way back when in the Rockin Rudy's of Missoula. Thanks Shawn for the blast from the past.

  1. Le Suck's Mediterranean Inflected House - AnkrJdhv - China Town
  2. Le Suck's House - Peppermint Bone - Beat Conductor
  3. Hipster on Train - Polmo Polpo - Requiem For a Fox
  4. Slick Nipples the Met Detectives - They Might Be Giants - (She was a) Hotel Detective
  5. East Village Radio (Sandy Acres) - Bobby Gentry - Fancy
  6. The Good Food - Dj Baba G - Holy Prophet What Are You
  7. The Good Movie - A Scanner Darkly - Darkly Mix
  8. Shawn's Submission #1 - Bright Black Morning Light - Everybody Daylight
  9. Death To Century21 - Who Boys - Revolution Uber Alles
  10. B&N Muzak Spectacular - Arcade Fire - No Cars Go (Live in Berlin)
  11. Shawn's Submission #2 - Amon Tobin - 4 Ton Mantis

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The Weeklies 11 - Left Overs I've discovered that there might be more music I listen to that I want to post then I can. This week showed that while I was using the monthlies as a main drop off of good tracks not all those tracks could meet the mood that the monthlies was originally created for - hence the weeklies. But the weeklies were originally intended to be brief 15 minute episodes that could, by enterprising individuals be combined into a hour long show at the end of the month. The largess when moved from the monthlies has made the weeklie post swell to a once per month proportion. But I like to think that the slate is clean now and ready for a much more stripped down post next week. Is it possible? meh.

Thanks to contributers Craig, Leah and Jay.

me - Calcutta (by Aphrodite) - compressed remix
A lovely song but my adhd screams that it goes on to long. With all the twitch that I have can I even enjoy trance anymore?

Page France - Here's a Telephone
Excellent - thanks to Said the Gramophone for this

Arcade Fire - Neighborhood (Laika), Live @ White Sessions
Ana and I read a piece in the times that made the new album sound interesting - no I haven't heard it yet. I would have posted the original but why when this live one is so good.

Grant Green - Ain't It Funky Now
So Ana and I did make it out to the TeaLounge to catch some music. Before the band started the piped in house sound was mainly Modeski, Martin and Wood knock offs (or the actual MMW who knows anymore?) and then the first few bars of Ain't It Funky Now came over the speakers - 10 seconds before it got pulled so that the show could start. A shame really.

Talat - Hasidic Monk
Listening to what they had on their website made me think it was klezmer jazz and well worth a shot. But the show veered dangerously close to Miles' Bitches Brew level of fusion noodling - minus the originality of the concept of course. We split and I felt betrayed since, as some components of the show proved, they could have been a great combo of radical Hasidim and bop; instead of the aimless wandering that was the majority of their tact.

Danielson - Did I Step on Your Trumpet?
Sexy swingy and fun - who hasn't posted this yet?

Antibalas - Obanlae
An large orchestral Afropop group right here in Brooklyn? New album coming out and I'm sure there will be a riotous cd release party.

The Victorian English Gentlemens Club - Ban the Gin
Maybe the loudest song posted yet - very snot-punk crossed with the indie folk scene. A solid combination.

Frank Freeman - Security
Frank is a friend going back to the g.o.d.s in PDX - The member of many oft renamed bands this, I believe, is his solo piece. Submitted by correspondent Verb.

Eat Tapes - NOS
A mystery how I found this and where more information about who it is can be found. Sorry about that - these really are the left overs though.

Madness - Baggy Trousers
On loan from Pretending Life Is Like A Song who submitted it to the Contrast Podcast. A great piece that I had to borrow since it does not sound entirely like anything else.

Blackalicious - Side to Side
From the album The Craft correspondent Burrell takes this track of a party taken over by rather demanding women folk. Such are the dangers of the game my youthful rhyme spitting friends.

Pendulum - Fasten Your Seatbelt
Forgive me father I have sinned to a winsome bass kick. In all honesty I was seduced - innocently reading a myspace page of a raver when I was looking for last weeks tracks when this started up as the embedded page sounds - when next thing I know I'm bottomed out on the lower east side blowing the door man to get into a warehouse. But honestly I feel just awful about the whole thing now and only include it here to serve as a warning. To the kids.
To the kids who wouldn't sell to me 'cause they think I'm a cop - this a warning you little shits.

Palomar - Our Haunt
Brooklyn Indie band tours southwest and release a new album this month. Brooklyn Indie band won't play a show in New York till their all done touring in the south. Ergo; NYC gets the south's sloppy seconds from home-town hipsters. Alliteration.

Freiwillige Selbstokontrolle - I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch (John Peel Session)
Coincidentally I will have more about this next week for I have been INSPIRED.

Beck - Hollow Log
Rounding it all out I realized that of the two things i haven't listened to lately that I actually bought the albums for when albums were physical things you could buy was Beck's One Foot in the Grave and Violent Femmes first album. The Femmes got to go into the monthly and Beck gets the weekly - every one is happy except for me who still feels let down that both these bands quickly left the sounds they defined in the early era of their careers.

me - Jay vs. Soft Circle "Whirl"
It may not be good but it doesn't have to be. I made it. Vocals are from contributer Jay

Photo Credit: FGA
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Week 10 - Rave Collapse Night Almost went out to a birthday party, almost went out to a live show at a coffee house, almost went out to the EarFarm gig, and almost went out to a rave.

Ana has never gone - so this mix is for her. She still hasn't gone because, as implied above, the almost was the closest realization of the thought to reality. Instead we stayed home and talked all night long. Better than all the other options, if you ask me.

But still there is a rhythm inside me that yearns to be expressed in motion and groove on the close perimeter of the bassbin on the dance floor. And so here's the mix.

Careful with the speakers on this, some of the levels aren't even so keep aware. Oh, and if you don't like dance music, yeah sorry and pity on you.

Track listings:
  1. 0:00 - 2:59 : Brooklyn Bounce - Bring it Back (svenson gielen rmx)
  2. 2:56 - 6:56 : Adam Freeland - Live at One Live
  3. 6:40 - 9:44 : Nic Fanciulli - Essential Mix Live from Club
  4. 9:02 - 12:37 : Meat Katie - Rotten Dot Com
  5. 12:24 - 13:16 : Diplo - Percolator
  6. 13:30 - 14:20 : Baby Anne - Freaks Groove
  7. 14:12 - 15:12 : Electric Skychurch - Dun Dun
  8. 14:44 - 15:14 : Peven Everett
  9. 15:04 - 16:04 : DJ Icey - Hardway's Working
  10. 15:58 - 17:20 : 000000000001- Sex Disco Sleaze
  11. 16:32 - 18:48 : Lord of Bass - Hardstyle Mix
  12. 18:16 - 19:18 : DJ Icey - Hardway's Working
  13. 19:04 - 20:32 : The Euroboyz/DJ Amaya - You Get Me
  14. 19:44 - 21:01 : The Flaming Lips - A Machine in India
  15. 20:32 - 24:22 : Trance Wave - Mystic Paradise
  16. 24:00 - 25:18 : DJ Dan - Do What You Feel
  17. 24:48 - 27:22 : Unknown - Unknown
  18. 26:52 - 29:13 : Plump DJs - Weighed Down
  19. 28:46 - 35:22 : DJ Baba G - Ali Mola

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Week 09 - Out for Cuban Food Journal Entry: Week09
We're going out to dinner with Ana's folks. Get on the A - whoosh out of Brooklyn .  We get to this little Cuban place in the village and are treated to a hearty eat and drink session as we hear about the modern dance ballet of Carmen.

Packing up and heading out into the cold - we are aimed towards the bar Fat Black Pussy Cat. While shooting some pool we've got a multimedia experience courtesy of one of those wide screen LCD bastard intrusion devices bars are so found of now a days. Besides a lot of music I could have lived without I did get to see the video for the Scissor Sister's "I Don't Want to Dance" which is incredibly good and may I suggest YouTubing that particular piece.

I take a break and head to the men's room where I find a delightful little CD hanging out waiting for me to help myself. Hail modern distribution techniques! While there are only 3 of 6 tracks that aren't scratched to oblivion, I find at least one of them tolerable and think it significant that I have not thrown it away yet.

Across the street from the juke joint we're at is the Blue Note - I take a peak in and see that it is Ahmad Jamal playing tonight. I swoon but it is not meant to be, we walk on.

Seeing the trendy masses yearning to recreate authenticity (but this time with less anguish) at various clubs and bars Ana nearly goes into berserker kill mode over the tragedy of recapturing the village's spirit by capitalist means. Before the slouching towards Bethlehem begins we load up on the A and head back home.

Good Night Brooklyn

  1.  Leaving Brooklyn: Luz Mob - The Selecter
  2. Cuban Food: Cubanismo - Cuborleans
  3. Video Killed the Night Out: Scissor Sisters - I Don't Want to Dance
  4. I Found it on a Urinal: iBeat - Strangest Dream
  5. The Blue Note has Long Lines: Ahmad Jamal - Misdeamoner
  6. The Myth of The Village: Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues
  7. Back Home in Bed-Stuy: Will Stratton - Night Will Come
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