Trains To Boston

Into every life...

I was once trying describe the reasons that a person, in an abject state, may use to hold on to life. By which I mean those little things that become important in the dark of night, that compel in the moment of pain, that consume and focus the mind away from despair.

There are some that are obvious, to surmount pain you make an itemized list, the next entry, the one after that. You focus on the immediate struggle not the impossible goal. When I started to describe tasking one's self to survive the winter by focusing on seeing one last spring I started to cry.

  1. Hard Believer - Fink
  2. The Depths - Frankie Rose
  3. Before the Words - My Brightest Diamond
  4. Daughters - Wild Beasts
  5. Way with Silence - Vogue Dots
  6. The Windfall (Maddlisnky Remix) - Hidden Orchestra
  7. Prayer in C - Lilly Wood and the Prick
  8. Beatcity - Still Corners
  9. Love is to Die - Warpaint
  10. Love on Division - Alagoas
  11. All of Us - Painted Palms
  12. Simple Creatures - Botany
  13. Ain't Me - Armand Margjeka
  14. Perpetually - Daedelus
  15. Magic Step - Sam Prekop
  16. Cut the Reins - Tommy Guerrero
  17. High Road - Cults
  18. Wait for the Summer - Yessayer
  19. Where is all the Money Going - Cody Chesnutt
  20. Sleep in the Park - Solange
  21. Coming Home - Leon Bridges
  22. Bye Bye - Destroyer
  23. Friends - Solomun
  24. Dance of the Diaper Fairy - Per Störby Jutbring

image: Not Ditmas Park, But Real Close

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