Weeklies 19 - Crunchy Like a Drum Buddy Hey everybody,
My names Pieter and I've got a horrible crush on the random noise of our musical landscape.

1. Quintronics - Drum Buddy Intro (Reversed and Reverbed & Kick Opener)
"Electrical energy, when closely examined, is in fact more similar in its complexity to a plant or an animal form than it is to the mechanical devices or computer machines with which it is usually associated. It is not necessarily more complex, but equally microcosmically [sp] complex." - Drum Buddy Island

2. Herbert - Moving Like a Train
Herbert is one of the rare agitprop artists in the underground who is beyond convention, this though is a perfectly straightforward piece of soul - of such quality I get bubbly by the second half's panoramic heights.

3. Henrick Schwarz - You Rock, I Rock, We Rock
Henrick had a much raved about album last year, DJ Kicks, which was by all means OK. This is a snippet of a live set he played in the promotion of that release.

4. Charles Leonard - Funky Driver on a Funky Bus
Unfortunately I could find very little information about this artist, which isn't to say that he's unknown but I think that his story is untold. What I can find seems to hint at a storied history that is familiar to one person at least.

This song features the vocals of an actual bus driver, W.C. Stone. I'm not sure if that is the real name as it might be a bit of word play around the idea of shit. No disrespect intended - just ambling thoughts.

< I talk too much. The volume of my speech may lead one to suspect I'm an idiot >

5. Mavis Staples - On My Way
Long time soul and gospel singer gives us a moving album for our modern world. There is no time imaginable, when meaningful music powerfully spoken is not important to our essential nature as social animals.

Liner notes claim the album was Anti-Produced by the Ry Cooder, anti-production my friends, fall in love with it.

6. Life in a Blender - Dead Get Down
Life in a Blender is well worth the effort of tracking down and independently verifying, in terms of quality, their varied output. Hmm. They're from Brooklyn!

7. Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God
Yeah, you've heard this before. I just have to share it before it gets totally played out. Thanks to the "Hits in the Car" for turning me on to it. Unfortunately I call them chefs on the voice bit, yep - sorry.

8. Fabulous Entourage - Theme Song
Huh.. ..they're from New York too.. .. hmmm.
To kick off the accidental study in New York Music;
"New York City rockers The Fabulous Entourage serve up an irrepressible blend of throbbing ... "

9. Keb' Mo - Kind Hearted Woman
Accidental New York Review takes a back seat for the California blues man whose being putting out disc after disc of hard luck licks since the 80's.

10. Matt & Kim - Verbs Before Nouns
Catastrophe New York Showcase continues - and they're from Brooklyn too. These two are awesome. Seriously I wish I had half the joy of life these two have.

11. DAT Politics - Viper Eyes
Not from New York - but across the pond and another reason to love France. This is like Matt & Kim, if they replaced the Casio with an industrial strength sampler. Simply wonderful.

12. Hefner - Hymn for the Cigarettes
A Peelie band from the late 90's to the turn of the century. These guys are routinely underrated even by the obscurist aficionados (like me) who troll the Peel selections for the rare sounds.

13. Thieves Like Us - Drugs in my Body
The impartial declaration of New Yorker Artist due to Habitation, doth define them as members of the City. Yep more New York! Well, they came from Berlin and they are claiming to move to France soon. So that is Ok, they live here right now.

14. Lady Bug Transistor - Here Comes the Rain
The incremental catalog of bands that are from around here: Lady Bug is from the Brooklyn too - this is the soft mellow song on this weeks podcast. Enjoy your temporary respite.

15. Soophie Nun Squad - Donkey Call
The Little Rock based Punk Group recently called it quits - I don't know how big a following they had from their town, but I want them to know that I really appreciated their talents and that they will be missed.

16. Cocorosie - Noah's Ark
The kooky combination of two girls; one from Fort Dodge, Iowa, while the other hails from the Big Island, Hawaii are placed into a crazy Brooklyn art collective. See what happens when they stop acting nice and start acting like artists. Yes; Brooklyn is in New York.

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